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Democrats giddy with the success of Bernie and Biden

Written By | Mar 6, 2020
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WASHINGTON: A year ago, Democrats were giddy with expectation. They were putting together the deepest, most diverse slate of candidates in the history of woke civilization. It included wise women and a non-threatening gay man. There were people of color, including an Asian American entrepreneur and a Cherokee law professor from Harvard.

There were even some white people: a hippie, a socialist, a Texas cover-boy, and a man who loves to touch women. The billionaires spending over 750 million to buy the election. (Bloomberg and Steyer spent more than three-quarters of a billion dollars on the 2020 race. Voters didn’t care.)

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NBC Democrat Debate banner

Many of the candidates were young and brilliant and photogenic, and any one of them could beat President Trump with one lobe of (insert preferred non-binary possessive pronoun) brain tied behind (insert preferred non-binary possessive pronoun) back.

In their view, Trump was damaged, corrupt and stupid, an old, white, cishet male headed for impeachment. Anyone of this diverse field of geniuses would devour him like so much chum in a debate.

Old and white are also diverse

By the beginning of this week, the Democrats field was cut from over 20 to just four. The youngest was 70, the oldest 78. The Democrats turned all that diversity into four old white people. And now there are two old white men, both older than President Trump. If either of them were to defeat Trump, he’d be the oldest president on record, 78 or 79 at his inauguration.

One of them won’t release his medical records, and the other won’t release that girl he’s petting.

Joe Biden: America’s creepy uncle, or victim of liberal hypocrisy?

Bernie Sanders thundered for transparency and honesty. After his heart attack in October, he promised to release his full medical records. Then he said it was taking time to gather the relevant information. Then he released a note from his doctor saying he was “fit”.

In February, Sanders withdrew his promise to release his records, saying,

“You can start releasing medical records, it never ends.”

His campaign spokesperson compared the demand for the records to “birtherism”. The campaign said, “the (doctor’s) letters are clear.”

Open and transparent?

He could allay concerns about his heart if he released a single number: He could simply release his “left ventricular ejection fraction”. That’s a number all heart attack patients are given. If it’s over 55, your heart is in normal good shape.

If it’s under 35, you have the expected shelf life of crab salad. Bernie is beginning to smell fishy.

Neither Bernie nor Joe Biden presents a dire debate threat to President Trump.

If Bernie gets too excited on stage, he’ll need to be resuscitated. Biden’s face is so rigid from botox that he can barely pronounce his own name.

Left, angry and spreading goodies for everyone, but not a Democrat

If Bernie presents a threat to anyone, it’s to the DNC. He’s not a Democrat, and neither are his supporters. In fact, they seem to hate Democrats almost as much as they hate Republicans.

More importantly, from the evidence of Super Tuesday, many of his young supporters don’t vote.

They thought, with the press and the DNC, that Biden was moribund. They already had him in his coffin. To their combined shock, the corpse jumped out of its coffin and went on the offense.

America the beautiful spared becoming a Liz Warren uglocracy

Bernie’s supporters screamed foul as if the DNC doctors had deliberately revived it just to spite them.

Those doctors weren’t responsible, but they were enormously relieved. Biden’s resurrection leaves them almost giddy with joy. Yes, they have two zombies campaigning for the nomination, but Biden is warm and empathetic and bears the mark of Obama, and he can save them from Bernie, who threatens to devour their party.

Biden, their resurrected savior

Bernie and Biden, Democrats, Bernie Sanders, Sanders, Joe Biden, BidenHow the Democrats went from “diversity” to two old white zombies is a story for a political scientist or a historian to tell.

This aging white male is happy that the Democrats have discovered that old white men are part of the diversity spectrum, but baffled that they’ve sicced two of them on Trump.

Even a party as impoverished of national talent as the Democrats should have been able to find someone better. How do you claim to stand for youth and new ideas and “diversity” and then end up with those two?

The Democratic establishment is coalescing around Biden. They hope he can defeat Trump, but it’s imperative that he defeat Sanders. The bar for success is much lower than it was. Sanders promises to go away if Biden gets a plurality of delegates. That will be success enough. The party will live to fight another election.

Jim Picht

James Picht is the Senior Editor for Communities Politics. He teaches economics and Russian at the Louisiana Scholars' College in Natchitoches, La. After earning his doctorate in economics, he spent several years doing economic development work in Moscow and the new independent states of the former Soviet Union for the U.S. government, the Asian Development Bank, and as a private contractor. He has also worked in Latin America, the former USSR and the Balkans as an educator, teaching courses in economics and law at universities in Ukraine and at finance ministries throughout the region. He has been writing at the Communities since 2009.