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Democrats could never deliver a COVID vaccine at such Warp Speed

Written By | Nov 19, 2020
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LOS ANGELES — Getting a vaccine normally takes three to five years. President Donald Trump got America a COVID vaccine in 8 months. Yes, he absolutely deserves credit. More importantly, there is no way former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, or any Democrat president today could have done it.

There are several reasons why a COVID vaccine would be years away had Democrats been in charge.

1) Democrats micro-manage everything.

They would have slowed the process by constantly sending in efficiency experts and compliance monitors. Trump got the hell out of the way and let the people who know how to do their jobs do them. Democrats worship academics who theorize about things at the expense of the professionals with real experience doing the actual work.

2) Democrats worship regulations.

They would have blocked anything that conflicted with either an existing regulation or more importantly, a regulation they think should have existed. Trump reversed many regulations and streamlined the process.

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3) Democrats love lawsuits.

Right now the employees of the drug manufacturers have significant protection against being sued personally. Lawsuits bankrupt people and drive them out of their professions. Democrats are currently trying to strip immunity from lawsuits from several industries.

Trump supports lawsuit protection as vital to letting people do their jobs. Lawsuits create a climate of fear, which stifles business growth. Companies spend millions of dollars on lawyers, which detracts from research and development.

4) Democrats love bureaucracy and paperwork.

They are the party of government. Government is the bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is paper-pushers pushing paperwork back and forth to create the appearance of actual activity. In reality, this stifles activity. Looking busy is not the same as getting things done.

Trump is not interested in paper-pushers filling out millions of forms in triplicate with only government-approved pens. He just wants the damn work to get done.

5) Democrats obsess over identity politics and diversity at all costs.

How many of the scientists are black? How many of them are gay? Democrats would demand minority hiring for the vaccine teams and issue fines against companies not complying. Every leftist interest group from BLM to the radical elements of the LGBTQ community would threaten to derail the process unless they are the ones receiving the money and glory.

The same people threatening to veto Biden’s cabinet choices are not going to become reasonable when it is time to govern. They are absolutists determined to make the perfect the enemy of the good.

6) Other left-wing policies and interest groups would slow if not stop the process.

Were animals being tested on to produce a vaccine? The animal rights lobby would go insane. Will the scientific steps taken to produce the vaccine cause climate change? Environmentalists are masters at bringing processes to a grinding halt with everything from feasibility studies to environmental impact hearings.

Never send a lawyer to do a businessman’s job. The private sector created COVID vaccines. Trump unleashed the private sector by shackling the government. Democrats unleash the government and shackle the private sector. Trump is a businessman.

All he wants is results. He is not a meddler or a micro-manager. He knows what he knows and knows what he does not know.

Democrats pretend to know everything about everything.

Their superior knowledge leads them to expect power and control over everything. The more government control, the worse the results. Trump slashed and burned everything in the way of the drug manufacturers. He gave them a free hand. That is how Operation Warp Speed got done.

Only a Republican president who understands business could have done this. The Democrat Party of eggheads writing postulates on a blackboard could never have gotten this done. To get things done, go with the people who support rather than hinder the people who actually do things. Then let the doers do. They will do it well when government gets out of the way and lets them.


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Eric Golub

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