Democrats, Comey and Russia all benefit Neil Gorsuch

Because Democrats are still chasing a mythical Russia scandal, they have wasted precious time and resources.


DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, March 21, 2017 — It was a tale of two congressional hearings. Democrats obsessed over the warm up, leaving them woefully unprepared for the main event.

In the morning, Democrats held hearings on Russia. For the uninitiated, the Russians engaged in a plot to affect the 2016 election that was so secretly brilliant that even the Russians themselves do not know what it was. Russian President Vladimir Putin should demand an investigation himself. It would be much easier for him to rig the 2020 American election if he can figure out what he did in 2016.

American voters have zero interest in the Russia story. The leftist media and fellow elitists in Hollywood and academia obsess over Russia for the same reason they obsessed over Al Gore’s 2000 loss to George W. Bush. Far too many liberals see conservatives as unenlightened dolts barely above the cro-magnon evolutionary stage.

When a brilliant liberal loses to a conservative neanderthal, there has to be foul play. The idea that the American electorate would actually vote for one of those gun-toting, knuckle-dragging baboons is too much for the New York Times wing of the Democrat Party to stomach.

Hammering Russia for a mythical plot keeps Democrats from having to cope with the fact that voters accepted Donald Trump and rejected Hillary Clinton. Rejecting her is a rejection of them, which is precisely what happened.

Because Democrats are still chasing a mythical Russia scandal, they have wasted precious time and resources. They ignored the fight that does matter. Their desperate zeal to impeach President Trump made them forget about the Supreme Court. Their inability to accept Trump for four or eight years has caused them to forget about the next 40 years.

Newest version of Army-McCarthy Hearings gets underway

Appeals Court Judge Neil Gorsuch is going to coast to a SCOTUS seat. Democrats fired all their Russian AK-47 bullets and are left trying to shoot down Gorsuch with Zell Miller’s “spitballs.”

It kills Democrats to admit it, but Gorsuch is the closes thing to the perfect man. Everyone who has ever known the man says he is the kindest, smartest, most thoughtful man they have ever met. Trying to turn the male version of Mother Theresa into Satan is difficult even with the best opposition research and preparation. It is impossible when precious time is spent chasing the Russian love child of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

Democrats know that Russia did something. They just do not know who did what, when they did it, or why. Except for means, opportunity, and the slightest sensible motive, Russia committed the perfect crime.

A logician would explain that if Putin had any serious evidence of misdeeds by Mrs. Clinton, he would hold on to that information to blackmail her. A sensible individual would understand that Putin benefits from the election of a compromised woman he has already rolled rather than a wildly unpredictable billionaire without a care in the world. It is difficult to blackmail a man who publicly expresses his thoughts about everything on the Howard Stern show. It is much easier to blackmail a woman obsessed with secrecy and plenty to hide.

Even though no sentient person can explain why Putin would want Trump in power, Democrats cannot accept losing to a man they consider seven levels below inferior. This has left them woefully out-manned in their battle to take on a Supreme Court nominee seven levels above superior.

Russia was about politics. Gorsuch is about policy. The failure of Democrats to understand the difference is why they keep getting their political clocks cleaned. They focus on climate change and transgendered bathrooms while Republicans put coal miners back to work and help businesses start hiring again.

Is America healthier with a swamp that is drained

Rather than learning from their errors as they did in 1992, Democrats are determined to drag Trump and Republicans down rather than lift themselves up. Democrats deep down at this moment know that their party in its current form stands for nothing except screaming, rioting and complaining. The basket cases have hijacked the party. Their opinion television pundits scream about tax returns from a decade ago that show Trump pays plenty of taxes.

Democrats will hang onto FBI Director James Comey backing up their claims. He has even less credibility than they do among the American people. Most Americans have no idea who he is, and a majority of those who do find him somewhere between insincere and irrelevant.

Republicans are far from loved, but Trump is smart enough to realize how toxic his worst critics are. Compared to most people, Gorsuch is as fine a man as it gets. Compared to congress, the media, and the elites, Gorsuch could be canonized before he gets confirmed.

If Republicans are smart, an even money proposition at best, they will stay silent and avoid asking Gorsuch a single substantive question. Gorsuch should do his best James Comey impersonation and politely say the phrase, “I can’t answer that” to virtually every question.

What can Democrats do? It is tough to skewer a man the Senate unanimously voted for a decade ago.

When the dust settles, the United States Supreme Court will welcome Justice Neil Gorsuch. Democrats can keep focusing on Russia. The rest of the nation will ignore their flattened bodies as the GOP steamroller keeps on keeping on the policy train.

As for why Democrats keep up this senseless political strategy, even James Comey knows they can’t answer that.

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