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The Democrats attempt to assassinate Judge Kavanaugh

Written By | Sep 25, 2018
Judge Kavanaugh, Assassinate

COLORADO SPRINGS: As the country watches in horror and disgust, Democrats attempt to assassinate Judge Kavanaugh.  They are fighting for the political assassination of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. After days of testimony in the Senate, review of a stunning amount of documentation, and just days before the scheduled committee vote, Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduces a new allegation. An allegation that she held onto for months. The claims of Christine Ford are seen to be so thin as to be unbelievable.  another accuser comes forward with another equally unsubstantiated story.

Judge Kavanaugh, a most qualified Jurist

Everyone agrees that Judge Kavanaugh is highly qualified and has led an exemplary adult life. What he may or may not have done 30-35 years ago as a high school and college student is as irrelevant as they are unlikely to have happened. Everyone knows this. Even Senator Feinstein and Senator Mazie Hirono, a Democrat of Hawaii.

To assassinate Judge Kavanaugh – what is going on here?

Democrats are clearly playing for time. They hope to delay confirmation until after the November elections when they assume they will win control of Congress. Playing the War on Women card, among other things, worked in 2012 to energize their base. They have been working for two years to keep the rage level of their supporters at a fever pitch.

Do they consider the cost to the country? Or is it win at any cost? And why are they so afraid of Judge Kavanaugh getting on the Court?

When you consider his judicial philosophy, the Democrat reasoning becomes clear.

These politics of judicial assassination were first tried on Robert Bork. Unfortunately, it worked. It was tried again with Clarence Thomas. That time it did not. ,  These two jurists and Brett Kavanaugh have one big thing in common.

They are originalists. This means they believe in the Constitution as it is written. As it was intended by those who wrote it.

They believe in the rule of law.

Democrats, it should be clear by now, have nothing but contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law. The Progressives among them believe that it is a “living document” that can be interpreted any way the wind blows. The more radical among them believe that it is a flawed document that should be done away with entirely.

When it comes election time, or in confirmation hearings, they will deny this of course. But it is true nevertheless, as these proceedings prove.

Will this damage the Senate’s reputation as a deliberative body? Will this further politicize the nomination and appointment of Supreme Court justices? It doesn’t matter because in their view it’s all illegitimate anyway.

Democrats demand to win, no matter the cost – even to assassinate Judge Kavanaugh

The only thing that matters is that they win, no matter the cost, so that they can continue the fundamental transformation of the country, temporarily interrupted by the election of Donald Trump.

For them, the ends do indeed justify any means necessary.

For those of us who support the founding principles of this country—liberty, the rule of law and equality under the law, among other values—the opposite is true. A fair and just process is as important as the result.

Those who would destroy our system of government must never again be given power. Those who make false accusations must be held to account.

Judge Kavanaugh must be confirmed and the Democrats must be handed a humiliating defeat n November.

We owe the Constitution and those who have defended it for more than two centuries nothing less.


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Al Maurer

Al Maurer is a political scientist and founder of The Voice of Liberty. He writes on topics of limited government and individual rights.