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Democrat savagery toward Kavanaugh ensures their defeat in November

Written By | Sep 29, 2018

WASHINGTON: The savage partisan Democrat attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh will have profound effects on the 2018 Midterm elections, but not the one the Democrat party was hoping for. By engaging in the most offensive tactics imaginable, by openly smearing one of the most qualified men to ever seek a seat on the Supreme Court, Democrats are ensuring their electoral defeat in the fall.

Democrats smear Kavanaugh: Lynch mob saddles up

Kavanaugh confirmation, and Democrat consequences

By the time Kavanaugh is confirmed, and he will be confirmed, it will be Oct 9th. Four weeks before the midterm election. Democrats have ensured that the election will be fought over the Supreme Court. That is the exact same issue that got Donald Trump elected in 2016.

Democrats will reap the whirlwind for how they have handled the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. The brutality of their attempts to destroy Judge Kavanaugh. The turning of due process on its head. The offensive disregard for the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments to the Constitution.

Democrat Hypocrisy – Abusers Clinton, Ellison, Carper, and Kennedy.

The hypocrisy of the party of rapist Bill Clinton, abuser Congressman and Democrat Party co-chair Keith Ellison, and wife beater Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) attacking Kavanaugh over accusations from 36 years ago that cannot be verified, while ignoring the behavior of abusers in their midst, is stunning.

All this in the shadow of the murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne, Ted Kennedy, who began the degradation of the confirmation process with the destruction of Judge Bork, and the lynching of Clarence Thomas.

The quavering voice of Blasey Ford and the railroading of Brett Kavanaugh

Democrat savaging of Kavanaugh is unprecedented

But the savaging of Brett Kavanaugh is unprecedented. The level of simply evil transgressions against a fair democratic process was off the charts. The willingness of Democrat senators to completely destroy Judge Kavanaugh and his family, with smear and innuendo, and not a scintilla of corroboration or actual evidence, was striking.

The depravity on display by Sheldon Whitehouse, Cory Booker, Mazie Hirono, and Willie Brown paramour Kamala Harris was abhorrent. Dianne Feinstein has definitively played the role of the most unethical, dishonest person in America.

Dianne Feinstein: Liar, leaker, and smear leader in chief

For her to deny that she or her aides leaked Dr. Ford’s letter is not credible. She set Dr. Ford up with her Democrat activist lawyers. Feinstein coordinated this entire smear campaign sitting on the letter for almost two months. Instead, she could have worked with Grassley in allowing a confidential process to take place, according to committee procedures.

She betrayed Dr. Ford and plunged America into this embarrassing morass of depraved, unfounded accusations.

They know all of this. They don’t care. Their job was to search and destroy, smear and assassinate. The truth be damned. Ethics be damned.

Kavanaugh Hearings: Morality Concerns, or Bearing False Witness?

Thank God for Senator Lyndsey Graham

The feeling of most Americans can be summed up by the emotionally charged outburst by Senator Lyndsey Graham in defending Judge Kavanaugh.

Senator Graham was speaking for at least 65% of the country when he spoke these impassioned words. The affect of these hearings will linger long after the 2018 elections. The shame of the Democrat party will be indelible.

Independents and turned off by Democrat tactics

The result this fall will be enormous. First of all, polling has shown that Independents are appalled by how the hearings were conducted. Democrats think their tactics will turn out their base. Their base isn’t big enough to win this election.

Independents and the 35% of Americans who decide elections found the process to be unfair, and were willing to give Judge Kavanaugh the benefit of the doubt. Smear tactics may work with rabid Democrat voters, but they turn off the rest of America.

Nobody knows the behavior of women better than other women.

Including women. No one is more aware of the potential for despicable behavior from some women more than other women. Women are not a monolith. They have fathers and husbands, and sons and brothers. Women know unfairness when they see it.

Women know smear tactics when they see it. Even when it is from another woman. Women know other women can lie. Women aren’t blind.

Dianne Feinstein, victimizing another woman, Christine Ford, in the pursuit of injustice and innuendo will not go unnoticed.

Moreover, by making the Supreme Court the central issue of the election, the Democrat Party is firing up the Republican base. Donald Trump won the Presidency largely because of the Supreme Court.

Senate Republicans bungle Kavanaugh hearings: what else is new?

The Lynching of Brett Kavanaugh: a fresh wound in the body politic

The immediate memory of the lynching of Brett Kavanaugh will be a fresh wound in the mind of the body politic. You are kidding yourself if you think it won’t have an impact.

It is not just Republicans who are repelled by the viciousness of Democrat attacks. I cannot count the number of conversations I have had in the last two weeks with normal Americans, non-partisan Americans, who say they are disgusted by Democrat tactics. They abhor the campaign of character assassination and smears Democrats have launched against Judge Kavanaugh.

What is actually likely to happen is a swift FBI report, by Monday or Tuesday, a series of Senate votes this week, thanks to the firm hand of Mitch McConnell, and final passage of Judge Kavanaugh by next weekend.

There is no doubt that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.
The Democrat fallout and 2018 electoral disaster

And then what. How do Democrats defend their conduct? When the FBI comes back with nothing that is not already known, and Judge Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court, what do Democrats tell George Soros? (What Role Is George Soros Playing in Anti-Kavanaugh Protests?)

What do they tell their Pussy hatted die hards? Or say to to the screaming Soros funded stormtrooper “activists” in the elevator who transformed Jeff Flake into a bowl of jelly?

The left will be highly demoralized when Kavanaugh ascends the bench. The rest of the country will be incensed that we were put through this sleazy embarrassment for the Senate and our country.

Bruce Ohr: Mueller Inquisition is Peter Strzok’s “Insurance Policy”

Bring on the Midterms

Trump supporters are apoplectic at how this has all played out, and are enraged at Democrat smear tactics. Their anger and frustration is palpable and energizing.

In midterm elections blacks, Hispanics and young people do not turn out as they will for a presidential election.  Conversely, turnout for older, more conservative Americans increases. That is why the Tea Party was so successful in 2010 and 2014.

The 2016 election saw the country turn to Donald Trump in desperation to avoid a Hillary Clinton presidency.

The Supreme Court was central to Trump’s victory.

All that Democrat savagery ensures is the enragement of Trump supporters. The stakes for the country could not be higher, or more apparent. The constant unending Democrat obstruction, attack, and smear tactics is more than wearing thin on the electorate.

Election Day results: a Republican victory

Joe Mansion of West Virginia, Heidi Heitkamp  of North Dakota, and Jon Tester of Montana are in trouble. Bill Nelson in Florida, Bob Menendez in NewJersey and Claire McCaskill in Missouri are all in tight races and are extremely vulnerable. Republicans Dean Heller in Nevada, Martha McSally in Arizona, and Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee are all poised for victory.

The essential question is how the Kavanaugh fiasco affects the electorate. Democrats clearly think they can expand their base turnout, even though they are alienating independents. But the Democrat base, however enthusiastic, simply will not turn out for the midterms the way Soros and Tom Steyer activists groups hope.

Andrew McCabe Grand Jury looking at FISA abuse

For Democrats, irreparable damage has been done

The damage they have done is far greater than the support they have created. The negative effect on the perception of most of the electorate is overwhelming. The Jeff Flake/Jeff Coons FBI compromise was simply cover for Democrats facing unmitigated defeat.

The reality is, once the FBI report comes back, Mansion and Heitkamp are sure to vote for Kavanaugh as they did for Gorsuch. Collins, Murkowski and Flake just want the cover of an FBI report to allow them to cast their votes yes.

Kavanaugh will pass the Senate 52 – 48.

Kavanaugh will be on the Supreme Court in two weeks, but the damage to the Democrat Party will last for generations. Americans believe in a sense of fairness. There was nothing about this process that was fair.

Professor Ford: a victim of Feinstein, Democrat activists, Soros, and hubris

Professor Ford, wrapped in the coccoon of Democrat activists and Soros funded hate groups, is as much a victim as Judge Kavanaugh, only with a lot more complicity. Her story has too many holes, too many inconsistencies. (The Case Against the Kavanaugh Allegations).

How did she get home, some 5 to 8 miles at age 15? Why did she leave her friend Leland Keyser at the party? If her best friend was at the party, why would Keyser not remember the party, or Kavanaugh being at a party with her and Christine?

Why are there so many inconsistencies between her therapy notes, her letter to Diane Feinstein, and her testimony? Why didn’t she turn over her therapy notes?

What kind of girl was she in high school. Why is her yearbook, which is far raunchier than Kavanaugh’s, and way more so than one would expect for a prestigious girls school, not being looked at closely?

Why did she say the trigger to her remembering her repressed episode was during her home renovation for a second front door in 2012? Photos and records indicate she had the second front door installed in 2011, and possibly as early as 2008. And in her testimony, she says the second door is for use by the students and interns they host.

Tucker Carlson’s A Ship of Fools: A timely tome for today’s political temp

The Democrat Party will reap the whirlwind this November

So many questions and so few answers. So little interest from Democrats in truth, fairness, due process, or the rule of law. Why are Democrats so willing to condemn Kavanaugh based on unsubstantiated accusations? That is rhetorical.  We know why.

Control over the Supreme Court. Roe vs Wade.

Judge Kavanaugh and his family will forever carry the scars of the last few weeks. But Justice Kavanaugh can take some consolation that he will be on the Supreme Court.

Democrats have overreached on an epic scale. And it will backlash on them. Big time. They have besmirched any sense of decency and fairness. They have shown themselves to be Bolsheviks, bomb throwers, and anarchists. And not qualified to lead a pack of donkeys.

Trump voters to turn out at Presidential levels

Trump voters will turn out in near Presidential levels in November as a result. Independents are expressing disgust at Democrat tactics. No amount of appealing to their increasingly withering ultra left base will be able to save them from the coming debacle.

In 2018 Republicans will win six to eight Senate seats, and retain control of the house.

On Election Day expect more tears from Martha Radisch at ABC, and bewildered “journalists” on CNN and MSNBC will need a crutch to keep their jaws from hitting the floor.

Democrat smear tactics have been so over the top, they will never recover from the debacle. The American people will reject character assassination, McCarthyism, and unrepentant Democrat extremism.

Brett Kavanaugh can take some relief in the fact that he will have galvanized a historic turnout in support of President Trump. And that he will soon be Justice Kavanaugh.

However, his ascension to the Supreme Court will be cold comfort as he and his daughters say their prayers before they go to bed.

Maybe his 10-year-old can pray for our country and every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary committee. They need it. Because there is no place in hell they should be able to hide from the consequences of their despicable behavior.

The American people will teach them that lesson, decisively, in exactly five weeks.





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