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The Democrat Lollipop Guild: Schiff, Nadler & Swalwell over the rainbow

Written By | Mar 29, 2019

Schiff, Nadler and Salwell – The Democrats Lollipop Guile by CDN

WASHINGTON: The Democrat led House of Representatives is like the Land of OZ.  Looks are deceiving and what is truth is lies, and lies are truth. The want the Ruby Slippers that will allow them to tap three time and return to the Oval Office.

By dbking – originally posted to Flickr as Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, Wizard of Oz 1938, CC BY 2.0,

Watching House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff (D) defend his lies would be amusing if not for the harm he keeps causing.

Schiff’s inability to admit that as chair of the House Intelligence committee he was not privy, as he led CNN, MSNBC and other media outlets to believe, to the damning proof that President Trump is a treasonous, Russian operative. It was all a lie, and he knew it.

He is a delusional as the Wicked Witch of the West demanding that President Trump give up his elected office.

The little man, eyes darting, sitting on the upper level of the dias, demanding that the body politic respect him and his power.  He is not unlike the Great Oz’s doorman.  Standing there, stomping his foot and declaring that the Great Oz will reveal all when he wants to.

No Stopping Schiff

Schiff is among those Senate Democrats like Rashid “impeach the mother$*^!#rP Tlaib” and Maxine “Impeach, Impeach, Impeach” Waters that refuse to accept some basic truths:

Hillary Clinton paid for a fake dossier in an attempt to discredit Donald Trump. Former President Obama, with AG Loretta Lynch, weaponized the DOJ and FBI in order to further discredit President Trump. The entire nearly three year investigation ot only costing money but the soul of America was a hoax.  A dishonest attempt to manipulate our political system to their whim.

One has to wonder what they thought would happen if they were able to remove President Trump? That somehow V.P. Mike Pence would run away in fear, allowing Ms. Pelosi to take the Oval Office?

Rachel Maddow leads the Fake Media with tears

Despite Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying impeachment is not on the table until it is, you can still hear the hope in the voice of Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) that there is still, somewhere, somehow, a magic bullet that will befall the President.

Maddow will continue to send her evil flying monkey out, seeking confirmation, accurate or not, that will portray the President as a spy, a colluder, and very bad man.

If he gets his way, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) will put Barr on trial for saying the evidence was insufficient to establish Trump committed an “obstruction-of-justice” offense.  Nadler, Schiff and Rep. Eric Swalwell, the poster boy for clueless McCarthyite behavior.

Swalwell has been on a tear against the President.  Like Schiff, he continues to promote the “President is a pawn of Putin” lie.  Despite the Collusion Conclusion, Slawell’s website continues to post false information:

President Trump has also surrounded himself with people who do business with and are sympathetic to Russia. The New York Times reported that members of Trump’s 2016 campaign and other Trump associates had frequent contact with senior Russian intelligence officials throughout the campaign.  

Questioning Barr, Nadler will refer to a June 2018 memorandum written by Barr in their attacks.

While Nadler’s bucket is full of holes, he will claim that Barr was not qualified to determine the merits of the obstruction of justice offense. Because he wrote an intellectual legal memo. (Congressional Democrats question AG William Barr’s decision that Trump didn’t obstruct justice)

Barr’s conclusion is that the obstruction statute does not extend to charging President Trump. That the President telling then-FBI Director James Comey he hoped Comey could “let go” of the investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was not obstruction.

Nadler’s other obstruction hole is that the President, as is his prerogative, fired Comey in an effort to stop the investigation. No, Comey was fired under the suggestion of Rod Rosenstein and for being a lying, deceitful person.

Barr, Mueller and Washington – There’s No Place Like Home

Attorney General Barr’s views are well-known in Washington. His opinions as to President Trump being obstructionist are strong:

 “[b]ecause the obstruction claim is entirely dependent on first finding collusion, Mueller should not be permitted to interrogate the President about obstruction until has enough evidence to establish collusion,” when obstruction charges are independent from the matter under investigation.

Remarkably, Barr’s Collusion Conclusion reveals that  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein agrees with Barr’s decision. Meaning Barr’s argument is strong, or that Rosenstein reached the decision that no obstruction exists.

Of course, a Democratic House could reject those conclusions and impeach Trump for obstruction. Because we have the Democrat Lollipop Guild guiding us.

Jacquie Kubin

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