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Democrat legislative agenda: Out of touch with America’s values

Written By | Mar 1, 2019
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WASHINGTON: The new Congress is fully back in the legislative swing. Unfortunately, it appears the most radical wing of the Democratic Party is driving the parties agenda.

Issues that would not be touched by the Democrats just a few years ago are now front and center.

Over the last week, the Price of Business radio show has received emails from members of Congress discussing the Democrats agenda and how it is driving the narrative. Some of these were by Republicans who were expressing alarm over the agenda. Others were from Democrats who seem to think it is business as usual.

However, a cursory look at the news stories on the Congressional agenda shows the situation is anything but typical.

Democrat Socialist policies are the opposite of what Made America Great

The Times USA reports100 Plus Democrats Sign On Bill that Would Wipe Our Private Health Insurance in Only Two Years.” Democrats have been beating the drum loudly for “Medicare for all.”

Unfortunately, many members of Congress have bought into it.

The message is clear and the language of “Medicare for all” is a pure, socialistic, agenda.

Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX) says:

“Congress can’t even keep its doors open, now Democrats want to put Washington in absolute control of your personal health care? When Americans see Democrats’ true, frightening government takeover of health care – banning good health care plans at work, jeopardizing Medicare for seniors, and doubling everyone’s taxes – voters will reject it. Republicans stand committed to working together to improve the broken status quo and lower health care costs for families and small businesses. However, centralizing control in D.C. and continuing to limit access and choice for patients is an awfully bad starting point for Democrats.”

It is ironic that the Democrats would pursue such a radical course on Health Care

This health care policy is a far bigger takeover than Obamacare. Of course, that legislation led to banner years for Republicans both in 2010 and 2016, picking up many seats (and the White House) as Republicans used it as a referendum issue.

The Democrats’ pursuit of this even more radical legislation shows the continuing disconnect between Democrats and the general population. It is the exact kind of issue the Republicans would dream of the Democrats promoting.

Democrat push on Gun Control

Another bill by the Democratic caucus is a serious push at gun control. It is next to impossible to find a pool that doesn’t have at least forty percent of the voters opposed to even considering such a measure. Many polls have over 50 percent opposition.

USA Daily Chronicles reports that this week

“House Democrats began a major gun grab effort that certainly lacks the Constitutional muster to make it through the Judicial system. House Republicans made a vigorous but unsuccessful effort to stop the bill — destined to die in the Senate or be vetoed if it goes to the President.”

In spite of imminent failure, the bill will likely set the stage for Democrats running for President in 2020.

USA Daily Chronicles also notes:

“There are many logical explanations that the media and progressives in politics do not want to address. What is interesting is the sheer number of people in these spree killing stories that suffer from mental health issues and take medicines with warnings of ‘leading to suicidal thoughts’ or ‘violence.’

Mental health specialist Dr. Linda Lagemann notes that

‘the vast majority of these assailants, are on these type of drugs and their use should be reexamined. She also noted that the vast majority of these drugs were developed in 1990. It is important to note they were not on these drugs because of suicidal or violent tendencies, but these issues developed because of these medications, she argues.”

The article continues, “Lt. Col. David Grossman, the best selling author and leading authority on ‘Killogy’” notes the

“The rise of incredibly realistic and violent video games since the 1990s, has created whole generations that are desensitized about killing. Think about the rise of these games and the growth in this type of violence. Evidence indicates there is a direct link between the rise of these games and these killings (particularly by young people in schools, who are the majority of such perpetrators).”

Choosing two of the most divisive of issues as their centerpiece legislation early in this Congress might make an excellent agenda for running for mayor of San Francisco. However, it will do little to attract enough voters to win a national election.

If this is a harbinger of things to come, the Democrats are in serious trouble.

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