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Democrat homeless disaster killing San Francisco, Los Angeles, & Seattle (Shocking Videos)

Written By | Jun 29, 2019
Los Angeles, Seattle, Homeless, Portland, San Francisco, Democrat

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LOS ANGELES, CA: A rising wave of homelessness is growing and spreading in the major Democrat controlled cities on the Left Coast. Spreading disease, drug addiction, and social disorder in its wake. From Seattle to San Francisco to Los Angeles the quality of life is plummeting. Democrat municipal and state authorities seem oblivious, placing the rights of the homeless above their duty to their citizens, taxpayers, and public safety.

Los Angeles: Inundated with the homeless, everywhere

More than 60,000 homeless people by official count are living on the streets of Los Angeles. That doesn’t include the surrounding municipalities and cities in Orange County. Actual estimates are much higher, and the homeless seem to be everywhere.

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Not 1/4 mile in one direction from my house in Sherman Oaks there are a dozen homeless people living under the Woodman overpass of the 101 Freeway. Less than 1/2 a mile in the other direction at least 4 homeless people are living under the Fulton Street overpass.

This is in a tony upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles. Where the average home price is over a million dollars. Yet on a daily basis, there are dozens of homeless living nearby. In the bushes by the freeway. Sleeping in campers and cars. Gathered in groups under overpasses, and in remote public spaces.

Homeless in LA: Paradise Lost

In the nearby Sepulveda Dam basin, there are probably hundreds of homeless people and dozens of camps among the hundreds of acres of scrub and parkland. Of course, when it rained last January the Dam basin was flooded and the hundreds of homeless living in the woods were displaced. Now they are back. In spades.

Seattle journalist Eric Johnson of ABC affiliate KOMO-TV  shot this shocking footage as part of a series of documentary stories he has done. “Paradise Lost: Homelessness in Los Angeles” is only 6 1/2 minutes long, but is distressingly clear Komo-TV knows the problem.

Los Angeles: What is Democrat Eric Garcetti doing?

Downtown Los Angeles resembles a war zone. Literally thousands of homeless inhabit 55 square blocks of the city. A withering third world testament to modern day Democrat policies. Desecration of our public life due to overly activist judges and elected officials blind to the needs of their actual citizens and taxpayers.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti has shattered any hope for a national career with the hopeless morass that Los Angeles has become under his Mayoral administration. The complete failure of his homeless policies has led to an incipient recall effort. Not only has homelessness grown by thousands each year. The anemic response by Garcetti has gotten less effective as the problem has grown.

Homeless in LA: A breeding ground for typhus and drug abuse

Now downtown Los Angeles is a breeding ground for disease.  Typhus, tuberculosis, and any number of third world maladies that come from large encampments full of squalor. (Typhoid Fever, Typhus & Tuberculosis: Are L.A.’s Medieval Diseases Coming To Your City?)

Several city employees and police have been infected. (Los Angeles Police Officers Contract Typhoid Fever, Others Show Typhus-Like Symptoms)

The conditions aren’t just deplorable. They are a public health hazard of the first order. Feces and trash and needles are everywhere. As are the rats that feed on it all.

Drug use is public and ubiquitous. This doesn’t even begin to address the mental illness problems afflicting large numbers of the homeless. It is also without considering how many of the homeless in California may be here illegally.

“Seattle is dying” documentary makes a shocking case

TV Journalist Eric Johnson hosted an in-depth one hour documentary about the problem in Seattle which aired on ABC affiliate KOMO, appropriately named “Seattle is Dying”.  It depicted a city in collapse, surrounded by a deluge of homeless in the midst of every conceivable public space.

Squalor and municipal neglect on a scale that is hard to imagine. Democrat, and openly-lesbian, Mayor Jenny Durkin seems to be under the same illusions as Washington Governor Jay Inslee. Somehow they have forgotten their citizens and the duty of government to serve the interest of the public at large in favor of an extreme minority of people who are making life in these cities unlivable.

San Francisco: A collapse of Governance, decency, and order

In San Francisco, there is an open collapse of all decent norms. The public squalor isn’t just shocking. It is unconscionable. Legions of homeless defecting in the street. Needles are strewn throughout the city. A downtown that is unliveable.

The most expensive city in America is also the most degrading example of the loss of America. San Francisco was literally a Shining City on a Hill. Now its a squalid camp of drug addicts shooting up and defecating in the street.

Not exactly a poster boy for tourism. Or for the Democrat policies throughout California, and in Oregon and Washington that only exacerbate the problem.

Feces in the streets, all over the city

San Francisco Mayor London Breed seems paralyzed to actually do anything about the horrific third world conditions in her city. Where sections of South of Market are a virtual war zone?  The Tenderloin district was always bad, but now the squalor has spread throughout the city by the bay. (I Went On a Police Ride-Along in San Francisco’s Worst Neighborhood)

Barack Obama’s shadow government of coup plotters in exile

Union Square is an open toilet. Residents of the Pan Handle , which use to be a tony part of the city, have to walk in the street to step over the homeless camping on the sidewalks. The parks are unworkable. The stench of human feces is everywhere.

Los Angeles, Seattle, Homeless, Portland, San Francisco, Democrat

San Francisco Poop Map screenshot

The downward spiral is continuing unchecked and unabated. Governor Gavin Newsom seems pleased with what he has accomplished. Its like we are governed by Bolsheviks bent on destroying everything decent in order to wield their control over whats left.

Bolshevik Democrat policies leading the downward spiral

From the teaming homeless who live in the cliffs and caves of the Palisades of Santa Monica. To the hundreds who make their home in Griffith Park, home to the Hollywood sign. From Pacific Heights in San Francisco to the streets of Portland. From the squalor of Seattle to the typhus infected streets of downtown Los Angeles.

The homeless problem is not being addressed. Is being allowed to fester the way the undocumented invasion is being allowed to proliferate. Hence, the result is crime, disease, and pestilence is both abundant and growing.

Mayors Eric Garcetti, London Breed, and Jenny Durkin betray their city and their citizens when they allow the decimation of civilized order.  Governor Gavin Newsome and Jay Inslee could stop worrying about climate change for just a minute and address the stinking cesspool their states are rapidly becoming.

The death of the Golden State

Nonetheless, they turn a blind eye to the damage being done. The money wasted. The lip service paid to the majority, the people who are literally watching their neighborhoods crumble. Literally watching the problem fester and bloom. Before their very eyes.

From Seattle to San Diego. San Francisco to Los Angeles. From Portland to Sacramento. Democrat policies are undermining the very fabric of the state of California. And residents are turning against the homeless.

I used to live in Sherman Oaks. Now it looks like I’m living in the East Village of New York City in the early 1980s. It’s looking like the third world around here. Consequently, it is more than highly disturbing. It is a daily reality.

Moreover, it makes Los Angeles feel more like Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo than the shining city of the Golden State.


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