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Sky News Australia tells truth about Biden’s mental decline

Written By | Feb 21, 2021
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Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaking with supporters at a phone bank at his presidential campaign office in Des Moines, Iowa.  Image by Gage Skidmore for  /

WASHINGTON, DC: Sky News Australia has eviscerated the American news media for its docile fawning coverage of Joe Biden. And America’s medias blatant disregard for what it calls Biden’s “obvious” mental decline. In a stunning rebuke on the state of truth and the news media in America, the anchor went on to call the American media “poisonous” in the abdication of its responsibility to be fair and honest.

The partisan state of media coverage is not just disabling legitimate democracy in America. It is readily apparent to our allies around the globe. As well as our enemies. “It’s like they are running a Biden protection racket,” says the anchor.

While Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett run affairs from behind the scenes. With Kamala Harris taking calls from foreign leaders. While Biden had no activities last weekend. None.

Except playing Mario Kart with his granddaughter.

Watch the Sky News Report to see how they see America’s leader:

“Never before has the leader of the free world been so mentally impaired”

That it takes an Australian network to tell the truth about Joe Biden says everything you need to know about American politics today. Vicious polarization by Corporate Media and Big Tech without regard to fairness, truth, or reason.

A rabidly partisan leftist media ignoring truth on a regular basis in order to push a political narrative.

Fauci funded Wuhan lab “gain of function” research to create COVID 19

There was the Russia Hoax. The Ukrainian impeachment farce. A media war against HCQ. The entire authoritarian dystopia of COVID Lockdown 2020. The glowing coverage of Black Lives Matter and the ANTIFA riots that left American cities in ruins.

The wildly pathetic Presidential debate commission.

Big tech censorship of the Hunter Biden story influenced election 2020. All while censoring Donald Trump and the conservative message.

Democrat’s media attacking any attempt to question glaring irregularities in the election.

There were vicious Radio Rwanda-style attacks on conservatives throughout the post-election process. The media never investigated the multiple credible voter fraud issues providing wholly dishonest coverage of the events of January 6th. (The proof of the 2020 Election fraud is easy to see in the numbers)

It was a free pass for Nancy Pelosi, who left the Capital deliberately unguarded, organizing a false flag to discredit Trump and Trump supporters. (The reporting of deaths at the Jan. 6th Capitol riot are classic fake news)

A second impeachment farce closed out the Trump presidency. However, the vilification of Republicans as domestic terrorists continues. There are open calls for censorship and domestic spying on a wide scale by Bolshevik Democrats with no regard for constitutional liberties.

American media resembles North Korea’s press. It is a free press no longer free.  Or fair.

The Main Stream Media is dishonest and the people know it.

The public is sick of the media’s glaring lies and disinformation. Anderson Cooper and the “dumpster fire” of a town hall with Biden underscored how the media is giving Biden a free pass. And resulted in much mocking of CNN and Biden.

However, even after the release of the laptop contents and the many levels of dishonest actions, there are still no questions about Hunter Biden or his family corruption. No questions about why he and Susan Rice used the intelligence agencies to sabotage, spy on, and destroy the Trump Presidency.

When it comes to Biden, CNN is the media equivalent of the puppy bowl.

Biden’s puppet government puts America at risk of being a Chinese vassal state

The same people who lied to you about Donald Trump being a Russian Spy are the same people telling you there was no election fraud. Or that Republicans and Trump supporters are domestic terrorists.

The same network that deliberately misled you for years now expects you to trust them.

That it takes Australian Sky News to tell the truth about America and Joe Biden’s dementia is pathetic.

That it means having to go to the BBC, or France 24, or Al Jazeera to find out what is happening in the world is sad.  It is little wonder Americans are losing all faith in their country. Their government is corrupt. Their media is corrupt.

The Senate just conducted a Stalinist show trial of a former President. The current President has obvious dementia, but no one in the media will ask about or even acknowledge it.

A broken system that refuses to be honest

Instead, we have Radio Rwanda on CNN and MSNBC making sure racism is the most important item on the American agenda. Not jobs, or equality, or justice, or economic competence.

All Racism all the time. Along with a hefty dose of McCarthyite vilification of all Trump supporters and Republicans as white supremacist domestic terrorists.

There is no actual media left in America, as Australian Sky News pointed out. It has been replaced by a propaganda machine for leftist Democrat autocrats and Silicon Valley billionaires. This is a threat to American values and individual liberties that is clear from abroad.

China sees what is happening. Russia is laughing their asses off. Joe Biden, the leader of the free world, is compromised by dementia. He is a puppet President. A tool of the deep state forces, Obamagate coup plotters, and billionaire oligarchs that now control our country. While the Corporate media and Big Tech eviscerate what used to be considered a free society.

It’s a tragedy.

We ignore the sad state of the American media and how it makes us appear in the world at our peril.


Rick Johnson