Defining Islam: Religion, political system or way of life?


CHARLOTTENC, April 17, 2014 – Question of the day, or perhaps the century, “Is Islam a religion?”

A specific religion is difficult to classify because there are so many variables in the individual belief systems. Both Hinduism and Buddhism, for example, are philosophical in nature.

In the simplest terms, Hindi ideals are the result of multiple concepts which have a common thread that ties them together.

Buddhism is also philosophical in nature allowing belief in God to be a choice.

What unites them, as well as Christianity and Judaism, is one significant factor and that is their individual  moral teachings, lessons and rituals which satisfy the natural hierarchy of a religion.

Islam was heavily influenced by Christianity and Judaism because it was the belief of the Prophet Muhammad’s in the 7th century that there was no core religion for the poor and ignorant of Mecca. Muhammad gradually became disenchanted with what he observed as greed and hypocrisy in his hometown, even though he was “friendly” with Christians and Jews in his formative years and borrowed many of his concepts from both religions.

The key lies in the Hijrah, which took place in the year 622 CE when the prophet and his small, but intensely loyal, band of followers migrated to Medina. That is regarded as the beginning of Islam. It is notable that when Muhammad turned his back on Mecca, it was no small decision. It was a major schism to renounce his tribal heritage in that day and time.

The other important aspect of Muhammad’s move was that Medina provided him with an army.

Debates frequently arise about Christ and Muhammad during comparisons of Christianity and Islam, but there is one response you almost never hear which clarifies a major difference between the two belief systems. Jesus made it clear throughout his teachings that his world was not a kingdom on earth. Islam. On the other hand, has one primary objective which is to dominate the world in which we live. That is a huge difference.

The definition between a cult and a religion becomes muddied because believers in a cult are, in their own rite, religious and, therefore, the ideas to which they adhere are actually a religion. What separates them is that in their formative stages their memberships are small and they have little power. In that sense, Islam in its earliest incarnation was, in fact, a cult, as was Christianity.

Islam, though extremely large and powerful today, does, however, retain many facets of a cult, which is primarily the result of its political nature. When classified as a religion, Islam enjoys tax exempt status in this country, which in essence means that American citizens are funding a belief system with a primary goal of destroying us.

Islam is a totalitarian system that regulates every aspect of life for its believers. Since the very beginning Islam has been rooted in hate, destruction and suppression.

The most significant defining factor that separates Islam from all other religions is critical to understanding its core beliefs and how to deal with them. Nearly every other major religion adheres to a simple concept we have all learned since childhood and that is the “Golden Rule” or some variation of the idea. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” has no such provision in Islam.

Political correctness fails to recognize these differences which is why there is a Texas Muslim Court and explains why Muslims are able to play both ends against the middle to achieve their objectives.

Islam is a way of life, but is it a religion? It’s a legitimate question and one worth examining.

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (  

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  • Don Ludwig

    So in essence the Manson group or any one of these twisted cults should be called a religion. With the forced marriages of minors and honor killings I have often thought the Muslim faith is not much different than those. Most other religions have their beliefs based on what is good for your fellow man, be it for just getting along with each other or some of the food taboos that were started for health reasons. I have never understood the use of Honor Killings or the forced marriages of underage children and how that can apply to religion.

  • Barry Penders

    No. Barbary Coast antics shows this. Saracen’s whether Choom gang leaders or not, need to be watched.

  • Ickym

    We lived in Paris in 1986 and we witnessed terrorism at its worse. Bombs were placed in the Metro, boms were thrown stores, synagods were blown up, the President of a major auto company was assinated, we were frished as we entered every store, and were blown out of bed one morning. Tanks were deployed on all major airports and the streets of all cities became controlled by the military. This could happen in America as there seems to be an infiltration of people with terrorist mentality. We need to listen for the warningn signs, and be prepared to head it off.

    • stev38rs3

      Indeed, “We need to listen for the warning signs, and be prepared to head it off.”Remember 9/11. Two thousand 98 something died in NY. Reports were made that the number of Muslims with Islam mentality were taking flying lessons in two or three states. That report, Muslims taking flying lessons got stuck someplace in the government system and booomm three airplane highjacked by Muslims killed almost 3,000 victims in NY and elsewhere.

    • elizabeth burgess

      Warning signs have been all around us. However, Obama has been in bed with terrorist since in the white house. Until we can get him out of OUR white house, we are subjected to his rules and regulations. I hope we can make it till then. He is really bringing us to our knees.

  • Peter Toth

    An interesting book to read is “Did Muhammad Exist?” by Robert Spencer. Interesting facts that have stood up to some serious scrutiny, and threats from the usual places.

  • Chris

    Jesus said it best “you are not of my Father , but your father the devil”

  • Khalid

    No one should blame any religion they should rathar blame them selfs bye not using there brain to find out the corect way of life

  • Khalid

    If you consider yourself an entelegent then be an entelegent don’t make yourself a fool

  • Abid Mujtaba

    Mr Taylor is a very experienced travel and tourism writer and an expert in this field. Add to that his award winning career in sports productions and anchoring shows. All very commendable. How does all his present invaluable knowledge and experience make him an expert of Comparative Religions? Has he read any primary sources of information on Islam, such as the Koran or its translation by any one of the recognised authorities like Marmaduke Pickthall, or Arthur John Arberry, etc? I request him to read one of them for clearing his misconceptions about Islam. I take it that he is a practising Christian and has read the Bible. But for his rudimentary understanding of Hinduism and Buddhism he should read up on these two too.
    Abid Mujtaba