DeBlasio, Sulzberger and Sharpton “Burn this bitch down”

When Louis Head called for violence in Ferguson he was harshly criticized. DeBlasio, Sulzberger and Sharpton should also be held accountable

Di Blasio, Sharpton , Shulzberger - complicit in burning down NYC
Di Blasio, Sharpton , Shulzberger - complicit in burning down NYC

LOS ANGELES, December 22, 2014 — Justice has crossed the line into vengeance.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley murdered NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Mobs led by black leader Al Sharpton vowed to get justice against white police officers.

Neither of Brinsley’s victims were white.

Perhaps it is former Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson who should raise up his arms and say, “don’t shoot.” That phrase became popular by black activists even though Michael Brown never uttered those words.

Wilson killed Brown in self-defense.

A grand jury put evidence and facts over politics and emotions. There was justice, but no peace. Black activists including Sharpton turned criminal Brown into Rosa Parks and Sergeant Wilson into Bull Connor.

Rather than accept the rule of law, the Sharptonistas have decided to seek vigilante justice. Violent protesters have taken to the streets.

Their battle cry is,

“What do we want? Dead cops.

When do we want them?


These community organized protests and the pre-planned Ferguson intifada led to stores being burned and merchandise being stolen. Many of the destroyed businesses were owned by blacks. Agitators have targeted Walmart and capitalism itself.

For those wondering why Walmart may not wish to have a store in Ferguson or other inner cities, it could be the cost of fire insurance. Now the mob has murdered two police officers.

Despite being totally cleared by the grand jury, Wilson resigned his job after being told by his superior that his fellow officers were receiving death threats. That was still not enough for the Sharptonistas and their enablers in the liberal media.

Cops are currently under siege by well-organized mobs who know full well that President Obama, Attorney General Holder and Gotham Mayor DeBlasio are tacitly encouraging the anti-police violence. Officers Ramos and Liu were murdered on DeBlasio’s watch.

CNN has desperately tried to portray the anti-police protesters as peaceful, selectively editing footage to downplay the violence being committed. Many of the criminals destroying property and ruining lives were blacks.

They are not fighting for the right to vote or achieve equality. This is wanton destruction motivated by vengeance over past wrongs. Nothing has been able to satiate the bloodlust.

The New York Times took matters a step further by publishing Wilson’s home address. There is no news value to this information. The New York Times keeps the addresses of their own top personnel top secret.

People are angry. The threats against Wilson, his family, and his fellow officers around the nation are real. The violence is real. Ramos and Liu are the proof.

President Obama is not doing anything (we can see) to tamp down the flames, offering the same tired platitudes about how everybody needs to understand each other. Law abiding citizens do not need to understand criminals and terrorists.

They need their government to stop criminals and terrorists.

Eric Holder is exploring bringing federal charges against Wilson, while substituting his own personal views on race with the evidence in the grand jury room. When one dislikes the result of a test, it is easier to invalidate the results than learn from them.

Sharpton has fanned the flames to incendiary levels. He has gotten people killed before by stoking racial resentment until it exploded at innocent people. His attack on Jewish “diamond merchants” led to a black mob stabbing Chasidic Jew Yankel Rosenbaum, an apolitical young man dedicated to peace and his Old Testament studies.

Several days ago Levi Rosenblat was stabbed for the crime against humanity of studying Torah at 770 Synagogue in Brooklyn.

Sharpton riles up the mobs. He lights the match. The New York Times carries the flame to the location to be burned. The New York Times is not an entity. It is one man, Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger, Jr. Sulzberger is an avowed leftist who prides himself on afflicting evil corporate fat cats who endanger the public health. Now Sulzberger is the fat cat. His company has put a police officer’s life at risk in the same way he previously put American soldiers at risk overseas by revealing secret troop movements.

The mobs are out of control. The rioters are nothing more than community organizers taking things to the next natural, logical level. Declaring “no justice, no peace” is a call to vigilantism. Wilson is a target of the Sharptonistas and the Sulzbergerites, although any dead police officer will suffice.

The way to stop a mob is to stop it. The way to instill and enforce the rule of law is to instill and enforce it. The way to arrest agitation in its tracks it to arrest the agitators. This must go all the way to the top. Anti-capitalism leftists have singled out executives from food and beverage companies, drug manufacturers, and many other walks of life for targeting. Why should newspaper publishers and presidents of national agitation networks be any different?

Sharpton and Sulzberger should be arrested. There is no First Amendment right to foment violence, instigate riots, or engage in behavior so reckless that a reasonable person could see the violence coming miles away.

The murders of Ramos and Liu occurred because of the climate created by Sharpton and Sulzberger.

Sulzberger would not like it it if somebody burned down New York Times headquarters or his own personal house. Sharpton would prefer not to have his headquarters torched or his residence incinerated. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Those who wish not to have their own houses burn should not start racial prairie fires.

Sulzberger and Sharpton have armed security to protect them. Wilson has no protection from Sulzberger, Sharpton, or the hordes descending on his private location.

Sharpton and Sulzberger have been given every opportunity to tamp down their rhetoric and alter their actions. They both doubled down, with the New York Times insisting it was right to publish Wilson’s address and Sharpton leading more protests.

Sharpton and Sulzberger may need their private security more than ever. The backlash against them could be more ugly than they can possibly imagine. No decent person wants violence, but if copies of the New York Times start being burned nationwide, the police may be slow to respond. If the Times building is the site of a conflagration, do not expect police chiefs anywhere to weep. As for DeBlasio, he could face civil lawsuits for years to come. “Death by a thousand cuts” would be poetic justice for a man belonging to a leftist ideology that has used this very strategy to harass conservative political opponents from office.

If harm comes to Sharpton, Sulzberger and DeBlasio, the rest of us will not be around to speak up.

Nor should we. They are the indefensible ones. They set the tinder box in motion. If it consumes them, so be it.

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