Debate questions that moderators are terrified of asking Hillary Clinton

It is long past time for Hillary Clinton to answer real questions on policy issues along with the litany of scandals surrounding her.


BOSTON, September 22, 2016 — After several turbulent weeks on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton is down but certainly not out. She glided to the Democrat nomination because her primary opponents were scared to death of criticizing her. The liberal media is openly rooting for her and even justifying why they should abandon neutrality in her race against Republican nominee Donald Trump. .

On the rarest of occasions Clinton takes questions from the press, she filibusters with lengthy platitudes designed to run out the clock and prevent more questions.

It is long past time for Hillary Clinton to answer real questions on policy issues along with the litany of scandals surrounding her.

Hillary Clinton: The avatar of our weaponized government

With the first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump almost upon us, here are plenty of serious questions for Clinton Debate moderators would never dare ask her these questions, but they still must be asked.

Secretary Clinton:

  • You explicitly said that half of all Trump supporters were “baskets of deplorables.” How can you bring Americans together and unite this country when you despise between one-quarter and one-half of all Americans?
  • You have repeatedly referred to Trump as a racist and a bigot. Was he a bigot when you attended his wedding, or only after he became an obstacle to your path to the White House?
  • Where were you on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, when four Americans were being murdered in Benghazi, Libya?
    • Can you provide a log of your entire time that night?
  • Did you give the stand down order to those trying to rescue Americans in danger?
    • If you did not give the stand down order, do you know who did?
  • Why did you blame a You-Tube video for the uprising in Benghazi when you knew that the video had nothing to do with the situation?
    • What role if any did you play in having an innocent film-maker imprisoned?
    • If you had no role, who made the decision to falsely imprison somebody?
  • Even if one accepts your word at face value that no crimes were committed regarding Benghazi, how can you run on competence when people in your department were murdered on your watch?
    • How can your management skills be completely absolved of any blame in the deaths of those four Americans?
  • Gen. David Petraeus was punished for storing classified information in unsecure areas and disclosing classified information to an individual without the appropriate security clearance. Was his punishment too lenient, too harsh or just right?
  • You have blamed various difficulties in your life on a vast right-wing conspiracy. Can you name a single person associated with this conspiracy? Who specifically is targeting you?
  • Can you name a single world situation that improved during your tenure as secretary of state specifically because of anything you did?
  • On your watch, Vladimir Putin’s Russia gobbled up Crimea without consequences. Was your Russian reset a failure?
  • How can you be sure that hackers from Russia, China or other areas have not completely hacked your server?
    • How can you be positive that you did not put American national security at risk?
  • Your husband and President Obama both were president when the IRS was used as a weapon to subject political opponents for harassment. How can Americans trust that you will ensure a fair, non-partisan and independent IRS?
  • You claim that you have dedicated your entire life to fighting for certain causes. Can you name a single policy success?
  • In your four decades of public service, have you had one policy accomplishment and what was it?
  • The Clinton Global Foundation only spent 10 percent of its incoming funds on charitable causes. The rest was spent on overhead. How can the foundation be considered anything other than a slush fund?
  • Since you are proud of the work the foundation does, can you provide to the American public an itemized accounting of exactly what the foundation does?
  • Given your age, would you be willing to provide your entire unredacted medical records, as did Bob Dole and John McCain?
  • Why do you want to be president? What are your three main priorities?
  • Did you ever verbally attack political consultant Dick Morris using anti-Semitic language? Did you refer to one of his colleagues as a “Jew bastard?” Is Morris lying when he says you did?
  • You claim to be in favor of gay marriage but in the past cited your Christian faith in opposing gay marriage. Since you waited until 2013 to announce your support for gay marriage, is your support anything other than a cynical flip-flop for political expediency’s sake?
  • You still support your husband’s lowering of the capital gains tax from 28 percent to 20 percent but opposed President George W. Bush’s lowering it further to 15 percent. Do you believe that 20 percent is the perfect rate? If so, why?
    • How can you support a policy when a Democrat enacts it and oppose the very same policy when a Republican enacts it?
  • Should predominantly Muslim areas such as Detroit and Dearborn in Michigan be allowed to enact Sharia law at the local level?
  • The Iran deal you fought for has the American people overwhelmingly against it and calls for America to defend Iran if Israel strikes Iran. If Israel strikes Iran, would you honor America’s alliance with Israel or honor the Iran deal and defend Iran?
  • You fashion yourself a champion of women’s rights but stayed silent when conservative women such as Condoleeza Rice were attacked and when Ed Schultz and Bill Maher launched misogynistic tirades against conservative women. Given that you spoke up loudly when Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump made similar controversial remarks, how do you rebut the charge that your decision to speak up or stay silent is selective?
  • Why did you personally approve to have Huma Abedin receive multiple salaries in multiple jobs that are specifically not allowed due to concerns about potential conflicts of interest?
  • Reputable polls show that over 60 percent of American voters do not believe you are honest and trustworthy. Do you bear any responsibility at all for their view of you? What can you do differently to change their perception?
  • You cite your husband’s presidency on the trail. On his watch there was the first World Trade Center bombing, the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole.
    • Some of these acts went unpunished. Were these acts due to radical Islam?
    • Do you acknowledge the threat of radical Islam? How do you plan to deal with it?
    • Would you treat these and similar acts as a law enforcement matter where the perpetrators would be prosecuted in United States courts?
  • The Fort Hood shooter was cited by President Obama as having committed an act of “workplace violence.” Do you share that view? If not, what is the root cause of that shooting?
  • Will you allow waterboarding and other coercive interrogation methods or continue the Obama administration policy of rendering those methods illegal?
  • You have criticized the Koch Brothers as being a threat to democracy but stay silent on liberal billionaires such as Tom Steyer and George Soros. Is this a case of selective outrage?
  • Have the Koch brothers broken any laws? If not, why is it a threat to democracy for people to legally participate in the political process even if they are wealthy?
  • How can you be expected to effectively create jobs when you have never worked in the private sector and never created jobs?
  • You have derided the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush supply-side tax cuts as trickle-down economics. Given that JFK supported these very tax cuts and Nixon was against them, why would you choose to side with Nixon over JFK?
    • If you support JFK, how can you support a Democrat’s policy and then castigate Republicans for the very same policy?
  • Given that overall revenues rose all three times since 1960 that supply-side tax cuts were enacted, and revenues fell when a Republican president in George Herbert Walker Bush raised taxes, isn’t the evidence clear that supply-side tax cuts work?
  • You frequently refer to the great Clinton economy of the 1990s.
    • What exactly did your husband do to cause this great economy?
    • What were the policies?
    • Doesn’t the bulk of the credit go to the Internet boom, which had nothing to do with him?
    • If you both get credit for the Internet boom, shouldn’t you also get blame for the 2000 Internet bust?
  • Will you appoint a special prosecutor to investigate who ordered the Fast and Furious gunrunning program that killed over 200 innocent Mexicans and an American border guard?
  • You stated that Wall Street executives involved in the 2008 financial crisis should have gone to jail. Does that include former Goldman Sachs and MF Global CEO Jon Corzine? Can you name names of any specific CEOs who should have been jailed?
  • What were the three things in your life that you got the most wrong?
  • What were your three biggest mistakes?
  • What would you have done differently?
  • Bill Cosby has been accused by multiple women of sexually assaulting them but he has not been convicted of anything. Given that you have often referred to yourself as a feminist and a champion of women’s rights, why have you stayed silent on the allegations against Cosby?
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