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The death of Facebook: The censorship of Conservative thought

Written By | Nov 3, 2018
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WASHINGTON, DC: For what is at least the 12th time this year Facebook has prevented me from sharing articles I wrote to Facebook groups I belong to. I just received notice that, after sharing my previous column,  It’s Still the Economy, Stupid: Why Republicans will win on Tuesday, that I would be prevented from sharing any more posts to any groups until, you guessed it, Tuesday, November 6th, Election Day.

Facebook, L.J. Keith, CensorshipCoincidence?  I think not. Literally, at least 12 times this year alone, not including last year and the year before, Facebook has blocked my ability to share articles I wrote on Facebook groups that I belong to. Consider that just for a moment.

It’s Still the Economy, Stupid: Why Republicans will win on Tuesday

East German, Stassi tactics worthy of the Chinese

What else can it be called but censorship, repression, and East German style Stassi tactics of suppression of conservative thought that would make Chinese Communists proud?  But this is America. Freedom of the press. Freedom of expression. Freedom of speech,  spoken or written.

But not on Facebook. Not with the tech giants, whose bias against conservatives is out of control. The consequences don’t extend to just me, in spite of the fact that I am the one being censored. It extends to all of us. It censors all of us.

Facebook censorship destroys all of our rights. It censors all of us.

It will lead to the death of Facebook. You cannot be the public square of America and the world and stand on the corner of that square with truncheons and beat hell out of the people whose speech you disagree with. I mean, you can, but you would be in East Berlin, or Moscow, or Caracas, Venezuela, or Havana, Cuba, or Managua, Nicaragua or Beijing, China.

Facebook censorship just before an election is wrong

This is censorship, plain and simple. The goal is to hide the Conservative message. Consider that 12 times this year alone Facebook has found it necessary to ban me from sharing my postings. Postings on conservative groups that I belong to. Groups of people who share a commonality of thought and political viewpoint.

Except there is a close election in 5 days. Very close. And Facebook is working very hard to affect the results. Banning me from sharing an article I wrote is just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook has engaged in this behavior again and again, across a wide range of conservative victims.

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Facebook using  a Chinese Communist social media score

Why does Facebook allow Pro- Trump, Tea Party or Conservative groups in the first place, particularly if they are going to repress the expression of free thought posted there? Is it just a honey trap, irresistible bait luring conservatives, drawing in the unsuspecting, and then labeling them with a scarlet C for being Conservative.

It could easily be surmised that the Social Media platform is engaging in the Chinese practice of social scoring. Meaning that being conservative, expressing conservative thoughts, or sharing conservative articles is offensive in their eyes.  Their behavior speaks for itself. It is endemic on the social media platform. It is clearly biased.

Facebook is, after all, like Google, an advertising platform.  From Investopedia  How Does Facebook Make Money?

Facebook made $40 billion in revenue in 2017 the bulk of which came from digital advertisements, which brought in $39.9 billion.

The question begging to be asked here is why does does Facebook want to alienate 50% of its user base?  Do they want to drive us out, and off their platform. If they were unbiased they wouldn’t engage in such obvious suppression of conservative viewpoints.

Intentionally suppressing conservative speech

But they do. Intentionally. Were my articles offensive? Look at them. Look at every article I have written this year. There is no offensive speech, or menacing language, or threatening behavior. They are reasoned expressions of well thought out beliefs, supported by lengthy discussion of specific facts using historical references.

Why would Facebook ban me from sharing these and other articles of mine, until after Election Day?  It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. They are actively repressing free speech. Actively shutting down conservatives. Actively suppressing thought they don’t agree with.

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Facebook and it’s East German approach to free speech

Its like being in Moscow in 1953, or East Berlin in 1956, Prague in 1968, or Venezuela today. But Facebook is not some communist sovereign state. It is a “Public Square” in America.

Facebook is a publisher. They do not create the content, but they are a conduit of vast amounts of communication. It has no business, or right, to suppress speech that is not offensive.

It has no right to prevent me from expressing my opinion, or prevent me from sharing articles that are not offensive, with groups who share my viewpoint that they allow on their site.

What is offensive about my articles is that Liberals do not agree with them. Are they suppressing liberal speech?  Of course not.  Posts that are simpatico with the liberal ideology are freely shared and promoted. It is only conservatives who are repeatedly subject to censorship.  In my case twelve times this year alone.

Facebook is the modern public square: they need to act like it

It’s like the KGB is watching.  Like the Stassi are listening in. But Facebook should be following the American values of free speech. They should be a neutral party. Why, other than with the intent to influence the 2018 Mid-Term election, would they care that I post to a Trump, or Tea Party, or Conservative group.  I guess the answer is obvious. They have an agenda.

Facebook has actively been repressing numerous pro-life groups. They have actively shut down Federal and State Republican candidates by removing or censoring their ads. It is a continual series of “accidental” errors against Conservatives and Republicans.

When caught in their censorship, the social media platform’s response is it was a mistake or an Algorithm error. They regret the mistake, over and over again. But why are all the “mistakes” against pro-life, pro-Trump, pro-Republican or pro-Conservative groups?  Every time.

These are not mistakes. This is deliberate policy. Make no mistake about it. The policy is an ongoing campaign to repress Conservative or Pro-Trump speech.

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Liberals hatefilled free-for-all allowed

Liberal hate speech thrives on Facebook. Liberals are never cut off, or repressed by the social media platform. Its not a coincidence. Its an obvious deliberate strategy.

Obviously, the “algorithm” Facebook is using is a hunter-killer satellite looking to shoot down Conservative content.

They won’t get away with it. Facebook needs to face the wrath of regulation. What was  to be the embrace of free speech on the internet has become the narrow politically correct dictates of the Zuckerberg repressive state.

What was the public square is under the thumb of the secret thought police. Every member of every Trump, Conservative or Tea Party group, every member, is a target. A data point in their social media profile, and Facebook is actively working to suppress them, just before an election.

Facebook: Un-Amercian, unapologetic, unquestionably biased

This is unAmerican. It is unseemly. It is just plain wrong.

If they are going to curate content then they are a publisher, subject to laws designed to protect a free and open press and the Constitution. They can no longer pretend that they are not. Regulation must come to Facebook.

Social Media platforms cannot be allowed to tilt the field of public discussion.  It is  the organic right of their users to express themselves freely. To censor and suppress that speech  with clear intent is despicable.

The articles posted were conservative, but not offensive. They were not strident. They are mainstream conservative discussions of the vital issues of the day. Shared on Facebook with like-minded groups.

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Facebook must face consequences for their behavior

I did not post to liberal groups.  There was no trolling or attempt to offend people who would not agree with me.  I do not engage in gaslighting innocents or seeking to create anxiety or public anger. These were reasonable expressions of conservative thought. And they have been openly and blatantly censored.

The consequences, if they do not change, will be massive. It will be the death of Facebook. People will abandon the platform, and have been.  A conservative social sharing space, MeWe is having success in pulling users in. Others will emerge.

Facebook’s behavior, increasing offensive, blatant, and obvious, will only hurt them, and bring much-needed Government scrutiny. It can’t come soon enough.

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I can’t share this article, but you can

What is most obvious, and upsetting,  about Facebook’s ongoing censorship is this latest ban is from today until Election Day. Every journalist, every columnist is now expected to use Social Media platforms to expand the reach of their work. Everyone from the NY Times to the Washington Post.

However, I am being prevented from doing what every other journalist and commentator in America does, as part of their job, to promote their work.  For the independent press, the ability to share stories via social media should be sacrosanct and fairly applied to Conservative and Liberal media.

If one form of political speech is to be censored or banned from a platform, while an opposing view is left intact then they are walking a very thin legal line. (Fourth Circuit reaffirms that the right to earn a living is protected by the Constitution)

When Facebook censors media and political commentors, like they did so publically with Diamond and Silk (‘Facebook censored our free speech!’ Trump supporters Diamond and Silk tell Congress), then the natural process of journalistic distribution is stopped dead in its tracks.

That is precisely the idea. That is exactly what they want, and what they are doing. My situation is, sadly, not unique. They will surely reap the whirlwind for their behavior.

Google is essential, but we don’t need Facebook

Google, who can be as repressive when it comes to Conservative content and its “rankings”, has become a necessary evil. We have come to rely on the tools they provide every day.  Google has become essential to our daily lives.

We don’t need Facebook. They can wither and die, and something, like will rise to replace them. A platform that is supposed to be unbiased cannot continue to use its position and power to suppress one side of the political argument. It isn’t fair.

The Secret Thought Police of Facebook should not be rewarded for their
“Stassi type East German Stalinist behavior.”

The free flow of ideas should be allowed. Facebook must stop engaging in the blatant suppression of free speech. Especially just before an election. It isn’t right. This is, after all, still America.

I can’t share this article on Facebook. You will have to do that for me.

L.J. Keith

LJ Keith is a non-partisan commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy and the American socio-political landscape with an eye toward examining the functional realities of the modern age, how they can be understood, and what context to view the changing face of life in America and its place in the world at large.