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Dear Donna Brazile – it is time for you to go to hell, and stay there

Written By | Mar 9, 2020
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DELRAY BEACH, FL: Dear Donna Brazile – to repeat your words to RNC Chair Rona McDaniel, please, just go to hell.  Get off Fox News, head downward and then stay there.  Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, let the world understand why it is necessary to take an approach with you my mother would not approve of.

In all transparency, Ms. Brazile, I have met you in person several times. You have always been gracious and friendly even knowing I was a Republican. My experience being that you are as pleasant and kind as anyone. You told me personally about how much you admired the late Barbara Jordan, but also how former Senator Trent Lott saved your family after Hurricane Katrina.

In-person, you are lovely. When you are in front of a television camera, every ounce of decency drains from your body.

The Russians are not what is dividing us. You are. It is long past time that you and other Democrats start putting country before party and ideology.

Democrats and Donna Brazile dividing Americans along ideological lines

You keep claiming to be “a good Christian woman,” but so is RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. As a Jewish person myself, I have no idea what constitutes Christian doctrine. What I will speculate is that Jesus would not tell an opponent to go to hell.  Despite the fact that I just did.

So what triggered your latest emotional anti-Conservative, anti-Trump Super Tuesday rant on Fox News?  Republican National Committee Chairwoman McDaniel saying the DNC rigged the 2016 Democrat nomination against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

You became enraged,  saying this accusation was false and that McDaniel crossed a red line. Brazile repeatedly telling McDaniel to “go to hell” for claiming the Democratic primary will be “rigged” against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in 2020.

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It all began when America’s Newsroom anchor Sandra Smith asked Brazile to react to McDaniel’s comments:

“It does depend on how big a lead that Sanders takes out of California is,” the GOP chair said. “If he picks up a huge proportion of delegates. I don’t see anybody getting out soon. It is leading towards a brokered convention, which will be rigged against Bernie if those superdelegates have their way on that second vote.”

Brazile immediately became indignant over McDaniel offering up her take on the Democratic race, calling on her and other Republicans to “stay the hell out of our race,” adding that she’s “sick and tired” of Republicans telling her about the Democrats’ process.

“First of all, they don’t have a process,” Brazile declared. “They are canceling primaries. They have winner-take-all. They don’t have the kind of democracy that we see on the Democratic side.”
“For people to use Russian talking points to sow division among Americans is stupid,” she continued. “So Ronna, go to hell! This is not about—go to hell! I’m tired of it.”

Donna Brazile, please do not say you apologized to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

In your non-apology apology column, you use the political weasel word “regret.” That is as meaningless as saying “if I offended anyone.” It is not the same as the unequivocal “I apologize.”

Now let us move away from your style and on to the substance of your comments.  Ms. Brazile, there is one problem with your explanation.

McDaniel told the truth. Rigging attempts did happen. You were part of that. I have no idea if your behavior was a criminal violation of the law, but it was absolutely a violation of party rules.

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Given that Democrats tend to make up rules as they go along, that is not my concern. If you want to rig your party’s nomination, go ahead. Lashing out at others for pointing out it happened is not the answer.

Just ask Bill Clinton, who kept insisting “I did not have sex with that woman.”  Better yet, ask Lance Armstrong. Loud rage is not equivalent to truth.

If you were truly the victim of a false smear, you would sue. Go ahead. Sue me and – or McDaniel. Sue everyone in sight who sullies your good name. Obtain vindication in a court of law. You will never do this because you would then be subjected to discovery.

As Hillary Clinton is only now finding out, discovery and cross-examination in a deposition is not fun when you are actually guilty. If you are innocent, bring it on. Put up or shut up. However, since you are guilty, just shut up.

Ms. Brazile, your behavior toward McDaniel is not an isolated incident as much as your modus operandi

Let us count the ways your ideology became rage. You were Al Gore’s campaign manager in 2000 running most vicious ad in the history of presidential politics. You invoked James Byrd, a black man in Texas who was brutally murdered by lynching by three white supremacists. Two of the three murderers were given the death penalty and have since been executed. The third man was sentenced to life in prison. Justice was done. (Texas Executes White Supremacist for 1998 Dragging Death of James Byrd Jr.)

Yet winning the 2000 election was more important to you than the truth.

You claimed that if Texas Governor George W. Bush were elected president, there would be many more James Byrd lynchings. You took a policy dispute over hate crimes legislation and launched a deeply personal attack of the worst kind against Bush, who by the way also happens to be a deeply devout Christian.

Why is it that devout Christians like Bush and McDaniel never launch these kinds of attacks, but you do?

Whatever your reason, it has nothing to do with Christianity. Long before Pete Buttigieg began using his Christian faith to attack others, you were an expert on the subject.

Most importantly, your entire justification for your behavior is based on at best an honest mistake and at worst a complete and total lie. In case of emergency, break glass, which means invoking the Russians.

“The bottom line is this: Russian operatives are actively working to undermine the integrity of our elections, to undermine the faith Americans put in those elections, and our faith in democracy itself.”

Wrong. The Russians did not make Hillary Clinton a terrible candidate who racked up popular votes in New York and California while ignoring Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania. She knew what the rules were. Ah yes, that word rules rears its ugly inconvenient truthy head again.

The Russians engaged in social media hijinks worthy of bored drunken frat boys on a Saturday night. Millions of Americans are not even on social media. Proof? American Billionaires Mike Bloomberg and Tom Styer both attempted to use money – barrels of money, over three-quarters of a billion dollars between them – to influence the Democrat primaries.  They were not sneaky about it, as you accuse the Russians of being.  They were right out there – on all the liberal media networks with their ads and interviews.  And yet, neither of them got a single delegate of note. 

“I know Hillary Clinton is a lying criminal, but I was going to vote for her anyway until the Russians told me not to do so.”

Do you know who said that Donna? Nobody! Not one voter anywhere, ever.

You and your fellow Democrats keep blaming the Russians, but you never answer one basic question. What did the Russians actually do? You have no idea. The plot was so secret that even the Russians do not know what they did.

Ms. Brazile, do you really believe Donald Trump, a man who has never had an unexpressed thought, was behind a secret Russian plot?  What part of President Trump’s life screams secrecy?

Russia is Democrats therapy dog. It keeps you from accepting how awful your 2016 candidate was. And now how awful your 2020 candidate is. Your statements about election interference would be accurate if you replaced “Russians” with “Democrats” and “Vladimir Putin” with “Donna Brazile.”

You tried to rig the 2016 nomination and are actively working on stopping Senator Sanders in 2020.

You are attempting to stop Sanders for sound reasons. Sanders would lose by a margin similar to the late George McGovern and Walter Mondale. You also properly understand what Bill Clinton and James Carville understood in 1992. Leftists who are honest about being leftists lose. You can be a leftist, but you have to hide it.

Senator Barack Obama was brilliant about this in 2008. He spoke like a moderate when he was nothing of the sort. Democrats learned in 1992 that the ends justify the means. If lying about everything you believe is necessary to win, do it. Win at all costs.

Obama WH corruption: Rampant pay to play by Clinton, Kerry, and Biden

Accuse others of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry. Apologize after the election, or in your case, never. Issue meaningless statements of regret and then move on to your next throat-slitting maneuver.

“My comments about Ronna McDaniel weren’t intended as a personal attack. I was attacking the unpatriotic talking points I hear from her and from so many on her side.”

Your comments were absolutely a personal attack. Calling her remarks unpatriotic would only be true if truthful statements are unpatriotic and lies are patriotic.

“I don’t regret the deep passion I feel that led me to speak about against McDaniel’s comments. That’s the important story, and why I am writing this piece.”

That is your attempt to justify and defend unjustifiable comments and indefensible behavior. Stop making excuses. stop doubling and tripling down. Lance Armstrong even won court judgments against those who criticized him. However, and eventually, the truth came out. You can scream to the heavens that you and Jussie Smollett are innocent victims, but neither of you is James Byrd. Neither of you is Rosa Parks. You are not innocent, and you are not victims.

You are perpetrators of events that could cause a race war that should make the Coronavirus seem like child’s play. I doubt Jesus would approve of a race war. Black communities do not want a race war.  White communities do not want a race war.  Democrats want a race war between black and white communities – without realizing that far less divides us than all that brings us together – jobs, economy, opportunity, and love of our families. 

“We must be able to disagree with each other and speak up for what is right because if we don’t the world will get a lot more hellish for all of us.”

We must be able to disagree in a civilized manner and Ms. Brazile, you crossed that line. Please stop with the phony non-apology justification columns followed by more bad behavior. If you want a more civilized dialogue, look in the mirror.

I want to end this on a positive note. I actually do not want you to go to hell. Jews actually do not believe in hell. We believe in heaven, but not hell.

What I want is for you to be the same person on television as you are in real life when the cameras are off. I like that person. My conservative friends are shocked when I tell them how pleasant, funny and gracious you are in real life. Given your television conduct, their skepticism is understandable.

The truth will set you free, Ms. Brazile. Admit that you wanted Hillary over Bernie because you want to win and you believe a moderate candidate has a better chance in the fall than a hard leftist.  You’re a pragmatist, not an ideologue. Admit that you want Joe Biden over Bernie for the same reason.

Admit that you are trying to stop Sanders because you are trying to save your party. Most Americans would find you sensible.

Admit that this whole Russia thing was a way of masking over Democrats losing an election they were gift-wrapped to win.

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Admit that being called out on what you did is what had you losing your cool.

Offer McDaniel a real sincere apology without any qualifiers, mitigators, or justifiers.

Then please, for the love of the God that Jews and Christians come from, please stop letting the fame of the camera bring out the worst in you. Be the person on television that you are in real life. Stop the gutter politics. Stop claiming that your political opponents or their voters are motivated by bigotry.

Win on policy. Shake hands after a win or a loss. Do not blame foreign invaders for a loss. Take personal responsibility. Accept the election results, win or lose.

One day we will both meet our maker, and I pray we both do enough to get to heaven. I am already preparing my life defense since I have my share of transgressions to atone for. We all do.

Good luck, tone it down, be passionate without being venomous, and may you and McDaniel one day have a peaceful “Ronna and Donna” gumbo summit.

Rumor has it your gumbo is as good as it gets.



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