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Publix Disgrace: Millennial David “Boss” Hogg invades my local supermarket

Written By | May 29, 2018
David "Boss" Hogg

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CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. The other day, busy Millennial gun-control activist David “Boss” Hogg led “die-in” demonstrations at Parkland and Coral Springs’ Publix supermarkets in South Florida. The petulant high-schooler is upset the supermarket chain gives political contributions to candidates as the price of doing business.

Publix disobedience
David "Boss" Hogg leads anti-2nd Amendment demo.

Gun-control activist David Hogg leads “die-in” at a South Florida Publix supermarket. CBS4 Miami screen grab.

But as luck would have it, one of these pols is Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam. He also happens to be a recipient of campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Florida gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam. screen grab.

“Anyone who supports an NRA sellout is an NRA sellout,” tweeted Hogg. “That is why I am calling on everyone to stop shopping at Publix until they pull their endorsement of Putnam publicity.”

Publix staged its very own die-in by acceding to Boss Hogg’s demands.

A Trumpian response to Boss Hogg and his Millennial floor dwellers

While the national media is clearly enamored of Boss Hogg and his teenage team of anti-NRA players, some locals weren’t all that impressed.

“Biggest herd of sheep I’ve seen in Florida,” a Sun Sentinel reporter overheard a Publix shopper utter.

Publix managers allowed the die-in players to lay on the floor provided they did not block paying customers from accessing store aisles.

But Trump supporters came to the events to taunt the teenage layabouts.

“Trump, Trump, Trump!” they chanted and, “NRA, NRA, NRA!”

However, they missed a golden opportunity by not chanting,

“Play dead, roll over, fetch.”

Recent polls show Putnam leading his Democratic opponent by 2 or 4 points. Hogg and his friends can only boost his lead.

Millennials, a mean bunch

While many waste time attempting to answer the emotionalism of Parkland’s adolescents with reasoned arguments regarding the right to bear arms (HERE), it is better to point out the peculiarities of Boss Hogg’s video game-playing Millennial generation.

Alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz appears at his court arraignment. CBS News screen grab.

It was 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a former Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student, who allegedly shot and killed 17 at his alma mater. According to Psychiatry Online, teenage mass shooters

“… are found to have been preoccupied with feelings of social persecution and fantasies of revenge against their perceived tormentors. Some appear to be driven by strong feelings of revenge born of social alienation or perceived injustice.”

In other words, Boss Hogg’s generation are a cruel bunch, estranging some of their peers, thus fueling feelings of paranoia, resentment and rage.

Instead of playing dead on the floor at mommy’s supermarket, it would be better for Millennials like Boss Hogg’s entourage to take stock of their behavior toward one another and ask, “How can I be a better human being?”

Millennials: Bringing their brand of mean to a college campus near you

College students shout down a speaker. CBS News screen grab.

In fact, cruelty in the high school environment has followed these Millennial misfits to the university campus. A study by the Brookings Institution finds 44 percent of college students do not believe “the First Amendment protects ‘hate speech.’”

Hate speech, as we all know, is simply speech these students don’t like.

When asked if shouting down speakers with whom you disagree is acceptable, 51 percent of college Millennials said “yes.” Over all, 19 percent said it was acceptable to use violence, with 30 percent of males preferring fisticuffs to reasoned debate.

According to Brookings:

“While percentages in the high teens and 20s are ‘low’ relative to what they could be, it’s important to remember that this question is asking about acceptability of committing violence in order to silence speech. Any number significantly above zero is concerning. The gender difference in the responses is also notable.”

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ANTIFA violent protests in Berkley, California. Fox News screen grab.

As American pamphleteer Thomas Paine wrote:

“The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand, arms, like law, discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property.”

Millennial rage and alienation, coupled with their corresponding shift toward authoritarianism, are why the Second Amendment is needed even more today than it was in Paine’s time.

So, spoiled South Florida Millennials, grow up and get off the floor. I have shopping to do at my local Coral Springs Publix.


Top Image: Gun-control activist David Hogg leads “die-in” at a South Florida Publix supermarket.
CBS4 Miami screen grab.


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