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After November, damaged Democrats will have to re-invent their party

Written By | Oct 8, 2018
damaged Democrats

Extremist feminist demonstrator via YouTube video screen shot.

WASHINGTON. Despite the apparent enthusiasm the Democrats claim their members have going into this November’s elections, the Democratic Party is not in good shape. Our reference point is the Democratic Senators’ uniformly despicable behavior during the hearings on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to be the next Associate Justics on the U.S. Supreme Court. Considering the damage and the fallout caused by this shameful incident, the damaged Democrats will likely suffer poor results in next month’s election. Subsequently, the very survival of their party may be in jeopardy. That’s far from the big “Blue Wave” the party had been planning.

Historically, the US has maintained political equilibrium for the most part during much of its nearly 250-year existence.   That’s primarily because we generally endorse one party whose views tend to be right of center, and a second party whose views are left of center. Over time, so long as neither party moved too far off-center toward either extreme, forward progress could occur. But the pace could be painfully slow,  given the need to develop a broad consensus on complex but key issues.

Today the Democrats have moved far, far toward the radical Marxist left. It followed, then, that they also have employed despicable and extreme behavior and often violent tactics in an all-out effort to thwart the will of the American people.

The Democrats’ carefully pre-planned smear attack on Judge Kavanaugh

Regarding now-Associate Justice Kavanaugh, the Democrats vowed on day one to stop his nomination even before any hearings began. Just hours after President Trump nominated Kavanaugh, key Democrats vowed to “resist” as they have consistently done throughout their roughly two-year effort to nullify the results of Election 2016. There is always a civil way to resist and an alternative, uncivil way. The Dems, unsurprisingly, chose the low road. It’s been their customary approach since the dark days of the Obama presidency.

It is perhaps understandable from an ideological perspective that the Dems would not want another conservative on the Supreme Court. But they should have offered logical arguments that GOP senators could have at least considered. Had they done so, even a few essentially liberal Republican Senators like Maine’s Susan Collins, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, or Arizona’s Jeff Flake might have been persuaded to vote “No.”

But after countless days of hearings and hundreds of time-wasting questions, lectures and accusations, they realized that Kavanaugh’s nomination could likely not be stopped through logical argument. So Democrat Senators – particularly those seated on the Senate Judiciary Committee – mounted a terrible, pre-planned campaign against Judge Kavanaugh. It involved weak but carefully-withheld accusations designed to smear and discredit Kavanaugh and drag his name – and his family – through the deep mud of the Washington Swamp..

The Democrats strike the lowest of low blows.

We now know most of the story behind the Democrats’ shameless attack on the good name of Judge Kavanaugh. Apparently at the last minute, through the Democrats’ ranking Judiciary Committee member, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), they then encouraged a number of women to come forth to tell of their experiences with judge Kavanaugh. The first of these, Christine Ford, had apparently managed to communicate with Feinstein as early as July, when her over 30-year old sexual abuse complaint against a youthful Kavanaugh ended up on the senator’s desk. But instead of using normal senate channels and submitting this “evidence” to the committee as a whole, prior to its open deliberations, Feinstein hid these allegations. She then sprang them suddenly on Kavanaugh and her Republican colleagues after those hearings had concluded.

Although Kavanaugh said that he never had any sexual experiences with any girls while in high school or through much of college, these women made numerous unsubstantiated claims, none of which a subsequent FBI re-investigation could corroborate.

Each complainant claimed that Kavanaugh had sexually assault them more than 35 years ago. Even though there was absolutely no corroboration, the Democrats pressed ahead with their smear campaign, which seems to have been designed to force either Kavanaugh or President Trump to withdraw Kavanaugh’s nomination. In the end, truth prevailed and Kavanaugh’s nomination was confirmed in the Senate, largely along partisan lines.

What effect will the Democrats’ smear campaign and Soros-paid “protests” have on the November elections?

The Democrats’ despicable smear tactics and the raucous, violent “protests” and “demonstrations” carried out by Soros-paid political operatives are now a big negative for the Dems, despite earlier polling suggesting the contrary. The Democrats claim that the Kavanaugh confirmation will energize their voter base. Yet their ultimate failure to stop the Kavanaugh appointment will very likely produce the opposite result. Many Democrats have become extremely dejected by constantly losing. As a result, the voter suppression efforts the party has waged against Republicans is likely to backfire. Many dejected Democrat supporters will simply refuse to vote.

Democratic voters may feel that they are going to lose anyway. So, they reason what is the sense of voting? This will likely lead to another in the long list of losses for the Democrats.

Those losses began in 2010 when the Dems lost control of the House of Representatives by completely ingnoring the obvious will of the electorate, which opposed by a substantial margin the imposition of socialized medicine on the entire country known as “Obamacare.” The resulting voter backlash helped the GOP pick up a whopping 63 House seats in that Red Wave election, giving Republicans a lopsided majority in that house. It was the largest mid-term election loss by a sitting President’s party since 1938.

Although Obama won re-election to the Presidency in 2012, Democrat pary losses in Congress continued. In 2014, the Dems finally lost control of the Senate. In 2016, Democrats lost the presidency as well, to the unexpected non-political Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump. Since Trump’s election, the Dems have vowed to keep up their #Resistance to his presidency.

What happens next to the damaged Democrats in Election 2018?

Since even before Trump’s inauguration, the Democrats have lost every major policy decision since at least 2016. Save for the Republicans’ narrowly thwarted Obamacare repeal effort. That was killed in the Senate by the senseless single vote from a rabidly #NeverTrump GOP senator, the late John McCain.

But that was a Pyrhhic victory for the Dems at best. As for everything else, from the massive GOP tax cut to Trump’s relentless shredding of useless, counterproductive Obama Era “executive orders,” it’s been GOP winning all the way.

The damaged Democrats are likely to suffer more losses in 2018. Republicans are running on a record of an extremely strong economy, a more secure world and lower taxes for all Americans. The Dems are running to simply stop President Trump and impeach him – without cause – if they can. While the polls may indicate that Trump is not popular and has a low approval rating, the polls may not accurately reflect how Americans will vote. We saw how that turned out in 2016.

Don’t trust the polls, even though the Democrats do

The reason for polling inaccuracy is that most polls still use samples that are not representative of the current US population. Nearly all these polls assign too great a weight to Democratic voters. This is what happened in 2016 when the polls indicated there was virtually no way Trump could win the presidency.

In the upcoming mid-term elections, the GOP will very likely end up with 57 or 58 Senators and perhaps as many as 60. The GOP will maintain their majority in the House of Representatives, though they may hold less seats than they do currently. Subsequently, partisan Democrats, particularly on the out-of-touch coasts, will feel even more disgusted with their party.

Democrats are in serious danger of becoming the party of losers. Their blind insistence on pushing policies and expenditures that allegedly cure perceived social injustices instead of concentrating on policy issues that benefit the majority will continue to erode their base. The name-calling and the disdain for a President who has turned the economy around in less than two years after eight years of Obama stagnation will further erode that base.

It is doubtful that the current leaders of the damaged Democrats, blinded as they are by their increasingly Marxist ideology, will alter their priorities. If that is the case, the Democrat party will have to re-invent itself if it hopes to survive.

—Headline image: Enraged extremist feminist demonstrator via YouTube screen capture video montage.

Michael Busler

Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years.