The Desert Tortoise, Harry Reid: Why the BLM wants Cliven Bundy’s Ranch


WASHINGTON, April 12, 2014 —The Bundy family and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have reached a deal to end the week-long crisis, at least temporarily.

Bundy, a 67-year-old rancher whose family has operated a ranch since the 1870s, does not recognize federal ownership of the land where his cattle graze. Nevada, says Bundy, owns the property.

The federal government disagrees. In 1993, the government revoked Bundy’s grazing rights on the land after he stopped paying grazing fees. He also refused to comply with federal orders to remove cattle from the property, which the federal government says is home to federally-protected tortoise populations.

The government says Bundy has not paid fees for more than 20 years and that his willful refusal to comply with federal law is unfair to other ranchers in the area who do follow federal regulations.

Armed Bundy family leaders met with BLM officers in Mesquite on Saturday afternoon to discuss the fate of the Bundy’s cattle.  Armed US Federal Agents and hired cowboys began rounding up the cattle, sometimes  using helicopters, in order to seize Bundy’s 1,000 head of cattle, putting them into a holding area in order to auction them to pay alleged back fees they claim Bundy owes the Federal Government. Those fees are reported to be over $1,000,000.

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At issue is the decades long disagreement between the ranchers and the U.S. land managers over grazing rights on close to 600,000 acres of federal range and park lands in the Nevada desert. The BLM over sees some 18,000 permits and leases that give ranchers permission to allow livestock to graze on 158 million acres of federal land.

Cliven Bundy, who had been paying a grazing fee ($1.35 per cow-calf pair) in 1993, understandably ignored the government’s cancellation of his grazing lease and refused to remove his cattle from the Federal land.

The standoff this week has been twenty-years in the making. And it is about more than the Bundy Ranch near Bunkerville, NV.

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It is also about the Desert Tortoise that lives in the Nevada desert and solar power development by a Chinese corporation in Sen. Harry Reid’s Nevada.

In 2012 The Center for Biological Diversity notified the government that it was suing the federal government in order to protect the Mojave Desert tortoise.

“The federal government has been caving in to Cliven Bundy for years at the sacrifice of lands that are not only being destroyed for the tortoise but also for all the people of the United States who own it,” said Rob Mrowka, a senior scientist with the center.

The BLM’s official reason for the grab of cattle from Cliven Bundy is to to protect the endangered desert tortoise.

“A tortoise isn’t the reason why BLM is harassing a 67 year-old rancher; they want his land,” journalist Dana Loesch wrote. “The tortoise wasn’t of concern when [U.S. Senator] Harry Reid worked with BLM to literally change the boundaries of the tortoise’s habitat to accommodate the development of his top donor, Harvey Whittemore.”

“Reid is accused of using the new BLM chief as a puppet to control Nevada land (already over 84% of which is owned by the federal government) and pay back special interests,” she added. “BLM has proven that they’ve a situational concern for the desert tortoise as they’ve had no problem waiving their rules concerning wind or solar power development. Clearly these developments have vastly affected a tortoise habitat more than a century-old, quasi-homesteading grazing area.”

“If only Cliven Bundy were a big Reid donor.”

The desert tortoise is on the endangered species list and Defenders of Wildlife report that the decline of the desert tortoise is most severe in the Western Mojave Desert where populations have decreased by 90%. Female’s do not breed until they are 15-20 years of age and only about 2% of all hatch-lings survive.

Which could be an issue with many environmentally minded Americans except for the friendly suit issues Communities writer Judson Phillips raised:

An environmental group, often leaning pretty far left, sues the EPA over some agenda item they want.  Instead of being truly antagonistic opponents, the EPA and these groups are in fact colluding.

“Sue and settle agreements allow EPA to convert a state Regional Haze program into a major new set of federal mandates, with no recourse for those affected until it’s too late,” said Bill Kovacs, the Chamber’s senior vice president for Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs.  “The report outlines the potentially disastrous effects of this regulatory tool being used by the EPA to disregard states sovereignty and take over what Congress clearly determined to be a state environmental responsibility. These federal haze requirements offer only high costs for states, utilities and consumers, with no benefit.” (US Chamber of Commerce)

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The Mojave desert is about 3 miles from the Bundy Ranch, though data on the tortoise population North East of Las Vegas is not readily available and it is not likely that Bundy’s cattle are grazing through Las Vegas to the deserts listed as the habitat for the Tortoise.

Continuing Reading: Harry Reid, the Chinese and Solar power — the real reason?

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  • Alex

    He has a lot of friends with guns

    • rhuddlwm

      EVERYBODY has friends with Guns these days…My son has 4 …I have 2…The Militias have hundreds…but it won’t do them a damn bit of good…if a federal marshal comes to arrest them for trespassing or terroristic threats. There are 360 million citizens in the US. There are 2.5 million in the armed forces. None desire to take up arms against the United States EXCEPT the stupid power hungry Militia movement that keeps doing things to get them thrown in Jail. Bundy is a moocher and has been mooching off the Fed gov for 20 years. All other ranchers pay grazing fees. He doesn’t…so is he special? He only owns a melon farm but grazes his cattle on federal land. He’s lost 2 federal court cases based on his refusal to pay legal grazing fees. Seems straight forward to me. Foreclose on the Cattle, sell them at auction until the fees are paid for.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    This seizure of cattle got a little too public for Harry Reid, and once the revelation came out on Friday that his dirty solar power pawprints are all over this, he needed for this thing to cool down and fall off the front of Drudge. So very next day, BLM backs down. BLM Nevada is headed up by a former Reid aide. Surprise Surprise. Bundy’s family has been there for 140 years. You don’t think Clive knows whats going on for the past 20 years. Why would a family pay grazing fees to the state for 120 years, and then just decide to stop paying? Because its been obvious to them that this has nothing to do with stupid turtles, and has everything to do with the Reid family and a bunch of $$$.
    Reid was smart to pull back, because the MSM this weekend has been reluctant to talk about the Harry, Rory, BLM, Solar power connection. If I were the Bundy’s I would be holding press conferences to talk about nothing but Harry Reid. Maybe a couple of honest journalists who work for the big media outlets will actually do their jobs and figure out what everyone already realizes: This is Harry Reid using his power in the federal government to arrange by different agencies the removal of the Bundy Ranch in order to make a lot of money. Welcome to America.

    • Melissa

      Cows are vegetarians. They aren’t going to EAT a desert tortoise. Why not plant more grass?… The government is lying again. They want Bunkerville to turn into a nuclear waste center. They have to get the cows and ranchers off first, and Bundy is a thorn in their buns because he won’t leave. Good for Bundy.

      • djtejas

        LOL…great laugh this morning. Thanks

      • Saul of Marsus

        plant more grass? umm… it’s a DESERT! not sure if you’ve ever been in a desert but it’s not as simple as “planting more grass”… particularly if it hardly ever rains. I live in the desert, and believe me, there isn’t much you can plant that will survive without you watering it all the time, We’re talking about thousands of acres here. He isn’t going to be installing sprinklers for miles and miles. The fact is that the cows and tortoises do compete against each other for food. (so what? the tortoises can move over for all I care) The real problem here is Harry Reid and the feds who in reality don’t give a rat’s rear about the tortoises, but are interested in that grabbing that land to sell to a Chinese company.

    • mikespike

      April 19th,1775. The battles in Lexington and Concord: “The shot heard round the world” DC Democrats would not have shooting against their over-reaching powers on the 400 year anniversary of Americans fighting for rights. King George or King Barack, both tried to disarm citizens. Bundy would have been brushed aside without the ranchers’ guns and some level of confrontation. This will continue!

      • why bother

        400 year anniversary? The April 19, 1614 Americans fought for their rights?

        • Tara

          This may actually be an allusion by @mikespike above to the statement a few weeks ago by Dem. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee that the Constitution was 400 years old. 1614 or 1787, yada, yada. Hmmm.

      • Terry Gibbs

        239th Anniversary! But what’s a few hundred years give or take?

      • William Carr

        Except President Obama hasn’t tried to disarm citizens, outside your delusions anyway.

    • rhuddlwm

      First, there is no solar power project. The project being referenced by all the violent rhetoric was cancelled nearly a year ago, after ENN could not secure a market at a profitable rate.

      Second, Reid was not profiting from this. ENN hired Nevada’s largest and most
      prominent law firm, Lionel Sawyer & Collins, at which Reid’s son is an attorney. Neither Reid was an investor, and neither stood to gain large profits from the project if successful.

      Third, the proposed site for the solar project was in Laughlin, NV, 90 miles SOUTH of Las Vegas, and the land to be used was County Land, not Federal. Bundy’s ranch is in Bunkerville, 100 miles NORTH of Las Vegas.

      There was, and is, absolutely no connection between the solar project proposal on
      Clark County land, and the seizure of cattle from Federal lands 200 miles away, a year after that solar project died.

      The right-wing web is currently loaded with thousands of comments and articles
      promoting the just slaughter of Federal government officials. The sites that are fabricating and spreading this call to violence based must know these facts — they’re easily found. All I can assume is that they’re trying to stoke the flames of violent uprising for the sake of party loyalty. They’re invoking imagery from Waco and Ruby Ridge in their calls to action.

      Pay attention to this story, and stop the solar project rumor in its tracks where you can. Perhaps some of those angry people will realize just how blatant the lie is this time, and how their media thinks they can be so easily manipulated into violence.

      I am an Independent neither conservative or liberal but with Progressive tendencies but MOST of all I try to be honest and not spread rumors whenever possible. Thats why I research every news story i have questions about. I am sorry if I bust some conspiracy theorists bubble…but there you are.

      • SinDelle Morte

        You’re wrong. Look on the BLM’s website. Google “BLM Secretary Jewell” and you will find it. “Secretary Jewell Announces Two Solar Projects Approved in CA and Nevada.” Dated 2/2014 and it’s called the Silver State South Solar Project. If it’s been purged, I have screenshots.

      • Southern Xposure

        You say there is NO connection. What about the tortoise mitigation area required for the construction of Reid’s solar interest to the south (mitigation item now struck from the BLM website by Harry’s BLM appointee). Rangeland where Bundy is grazing his cattle was the tortoise mitigation area designated in the solar development plan. Ironically, the cattle and tortoise dwell together just fine. Mr. Reid tipped his cronyist hand with the use of his private BLM army and government funds, spending over $2 million to terrorize Bundy into submission, in typical liberal fashion calling Bundy the “terrorist”, a technique this administration uses frequently. There are better ways to collect than hire mercenaries ($960,000 to Utah ranch cowboys + armed BLM agents, helicopters, dogs, vehicles, etc.) to kill prize bulls, cattle, shoot up water tanks, and destroy property.

    • William Carr

      Why would Bundy decide to stop paying Grazing fees?

      Bill Clinton got elected. Bundy decided to ignore Reagan’s Grazing Fees.

      The weakness of Conspiracy Theorists is that they take the Conspiracy on faith, and then dig in desperately looking for proof… so any rumor they hear, they think that’s proof.

  • robin Grace

    Tanya Grimsley, could you, look into the issue that was also discussed in that past week, that the Tortoises were ‘ killed by the thousands by EPA? And if that is true. Thank you.

    • Yes Robin, we have another article that is upcoming talking about this. It may already be up already.

    • William Carr


      Las Vegas had a sanctuary for abandoned PET Tortoises.

      Well, spending cuts, AKA the Sequester, and the LV sanctuary had to transfer it’s tortoises to a different sanctuary.

      A few were so sick or injured they were euthanized because they could pass a disease on to the new population.

      These aren’t “Desert Tortoises”… they’d never been in the wild and likely couldn’t survive there.

  • 1stAfterburner

    Hey twisted,…your a good modern-day tiredofdogma Joseph Goebbels, read the facts, the terrorists are the corrupt Feds. using the stupid tortoise as an excuse to take State lands, those lands belong to the people of Nevada. States rights are worth fighting over,..look at the national map of how much land the Feds have now and how much they have taken from the states. We went to war over the same issue in ’76,…and it looks like, thank goodness we will do it again if we have to in 2014!

    • rhuddlwm

      Bundy is trying to graze on Federal lands friend…since 1876…conservative talking points won’t work anymore…we are all as close as wikipedia, and fact checking programs, and a history book. My suggestion is to go back and read up on the situation before you speak again…but this is a free country…you can spread false facts as much as you wish. But I would rather read about facts and not speculating rumor. Go back up and read a couple of my posts.

  • MrRedNeckParadise

    600,000 acres equals 937 square miles. The author may want to look at a BLM map of the region in question. It’ll take you several hours to drive from one side of that acreage to the other side. I think you might be mis-reading your map, here.
    Also, there’ve been reports of real estate developers who want some of that land, including land owned outright by the Bundys. Then, there are reports of private companies and state and federal departments – including the DoD – that want to exploit the water rights and mineral rights on that land.
    Add in Harry’s little project, and the Bundy’s don’t have a chance in hell of holding their own land, let alone any ‘rights’ to use the BLM land. There are too many movers and shakers involved and too much money involved for the Bundy’s to fight and win.

    • a nevadan

      the federal goverment has owned that land since 1817 he never owned it!!!

      • kirkpatrick

        The Homestead Act said that whoever settled the land (and lowered beef prices, etc) owned it. Tell us what the Fed ever did.

        • BigDinBoise

          The feds gave the homesteaders the land. It also fought a war with Mexico and paid for the land prior to allowing Nevada to be created as a state.

        • William Carr

          The Homestead Act expired in 1976.

      • Tim Kern

        Mr Nevadan, how did the federal government “own” Nevadan land in 1817? When did Nevada join the Union?

        • Joe Burning

          Federal Government own that land since 1848 in the treaty of Hidalgo long before it was consider Nevada.

          • planetbill

            Nevada became a state in 1864, at which time a la nd transfer should have occured between the governmaent and the new formed state.

          • djtejas

            Nope, the Nevada constitution specifically states land that still remained with the federal government. Research is your friend…
            From the Nevada constitution 1864:
            “That the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare, that
            they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public
            lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain
            at the sole and entire disposition of the United States”

          • OrionRed

            Oooooohhhhhhh! SNAP!

        • William Carr

          Since before it was a “Territory”.

  • MrRedNeckParadise

    The Bundys disagreed with the government’s decision to take away his grazing rights. The Bundys have fought it in court for twenty years. Now, the gov is using force to make him comply, instead of winning in court (it hasn’t won, outright, yet.) The Bundys – and others – objected to the government’s use of forced compliance.
    Remember, dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

    • FluerDeLawyer

      Besides, suing the government is not a fair fight at all. First off, federal judges are appointed and are not about to make enemies with the politicians who put them in power. Secondly, and most importantly, the government enjoys a (unconstitutional) presumption of legality / constitutionality in which rebuttals have a inordinately high standard of review.

    • John

      It’s not a right to not comply, IT IS A DUTY !

    • djtejas

      So, if you have a lease agreement and the owner changes the terms and you don’t like it, you can stay for the next 20 years and not pay the rent?

      • A change in lease agreement is illegal unless both parties resign it. But Bundy said he had no agreement with the BLM. You don’t have an agreement with the IRS. They tell you how much you pay, and you pay it. No arguments. And that is wrong. Just because millions of Americans are wronged every year by the IRS does not give the BLM permission to wrong Bundy. The BLM doesn’t care about the turtles. They were destroying the life-giving water tanks that the Bundys had installed under the land. It’s always about corporate money. Follow the money to Harry Reid.

    • rhuddlwm

      You are not quite correct as I stated above, Bundy has lost two court cases..where he was ordered to take his cattle off the range…he has not paid the fees the court ordered him to pay SINCE 1993…again was ordered to comply based on losing the court cases and when he refused was held in contempt. He is a moocher and expects to fatten his beef on government land for free. All the other ranchers who use government land pay the grazing fee. But Bundy is special?

      • MrRedNeckParadise

        You think this is about the rule of law, then. There is a larger context to consider, and the ‘rule of law’ is the point, here. It’s also about political corruption. In this case, the political corruption of Senator Reid and his friends and family. But it isn’t just about Harry. Left and right, Pubbie or Dem, local, state and federal, most of our elected officials do this sort of thing. He’s just the most egregious example, at the moment. They enact laws that benefit themselves, their families and cronies. They also do a lot of insider trading, trading their portfolios on the laws they’re going to enact before they enact them. iow, they’ve rigged the markets. If you know that your new law will screw the competitor of the company in your own portfolio, you’ll want to place a ‘bet’ on the stock, shorting the market. …or sell your portfolio, before a new law screws you, in turn. Then, you can also place ‘bets’ on the company that will make a killing because of your new law.

        Then, we get into the ‘pay to play’ schemes and ‘pay for access’ schemes, which earns them a bit more money. Then, to top it off, there are campaign ‘contributions’ and ‘favors’ that they all trade in, meaning that it usually makes them even more money. Everyone knows about the lobbyists and ‘K’ Streets and ‘J’ Street and their ilk (see: opay to play’), so I won’t belabor that point, here.

        Then, we get into schemes like the one at hand, wherein a simple rancher is being forced off his land in order to benefit the family and friends of Harry Reid. He’ll get his take after the deals go through, of course, including donations to his favorite ‘non-profit’ groups and ‘charities’ and lots of ‘campaign contributions.’ Plus, he’ll have his investments in companies directly or indirectly related to this forced removal of the Bundys. This is what the Bundys are fighting: Injustice and political corruption.

        The Rule of Law is meaningless under such circumstances. When the law is whatever the politicians say it is, and when they exempt themselves from laws that you and I must live under, the law is absolutely meaningless. We have a lawless and illegitimate government. The left vs right and Republican vs Democrat paradigm is meaningless under the circumstances that now prevail. Until you understand that and internalize it, you understand nothing.

        • rhuddlwm

          You really need to get your facts straight…the land that Bundy was grazing on has been federal land since the 1800s…All Bundy actually owns is a melon farm. Check out Snopes…..I just did

  • a nevadan

    umm excuse but if you don’t pay the IRS you go to jail and they sell your stuff right so whats the diffences here. Also my I add that the reason why the federal goverment can’t sell the land is that they did nuclear testing on the land until 1991. The land is not safe to live on but if you want you cows to have three heads go for it!!!!

    • Seriously

      So mister historical revisionist, lets just accept that the Federal Government has unlimited powers of taxation, expropriation and can apparently nuke our property whenever they please. If you aren’t a Harry Reid staffer I’d be surprised. I’m sure in your eyes they just want to confiscate his cattle for some radioactive testing for the good of the nanny-state.

      • William Carr

        Well, except that’s Public property. That the Federal Government owns, by cession from the State of Nevada in this case.

        Taxation isn’t an unlimited power, because we elect our Representatives.

    • BarryBlowsReggie

      Almost every Demoncrat Congress critter is a tax EVADER, so why aren’t they in jail. Harry Reid was just caught funneling campaign funds to relatives and taking money from the Chinese for solar farms. Let’s throw the book at him.

      • William Carr

        Well, that would be a serious matter if it wasn’t a fistful of lies.

    • William Carr

      There might be a few warm spots left, but there’s no real danger by now.

      Fukashima is a giant threat to the whole world, old nuclear testing sites aren’t much and are easily avoided.

  • John

    Rest assured, there is a government motive here. Treasure is why they occupy or seize anything.

  • Garlock

    In their “Myth Busting” section they do not mention the BLM website specifically mentioning his cattle. From the InfoWars article…
    “Another BLM report entitled “Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone” (BLM Technical Note 444) reveals that Bundy’s land in question is within the “Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone and surrounding area” which is part of a broad U.S. Department of Energy program for “Solar Energy Development in Six Southwestern States” on land “managed” by BLM.”
    The BLM took down the pages and pulled their operation on the Bundy farm after this was reported by InfoWars and featured on the Drudge Report.

    • flicker66

      The only reason the BLM would pull the records is the need to protect the most vile Senator Reid. He lies , connives, and scheme’s for his own self interest.

    • William Carr

      I’ll try to explain.

      Stop me if I use words too big for you.

      The “Mitigation Strategy” is to create a Preserve where the endangered wildlife will be undisturbed.

      So if you DO disturb some desert tortoises in the Southern Tip of Nevada, you can move them north to Golden Butte.

      Now, see? The “Mitigation Zone” has nothing to do with building a Solar power plant THERE, it’s a band-aid for building a solar power plant to the South.

      In fact, nobody’s allowed to build ANYTHING in Golden Butte.

      When you read something on InfoWars you can be certain it’s wrong.

  • BarryBlowsReggie

    Harry Reid was willing to KILL Americans for Chinese money. Hang em…

    • RichardOwens


  • Tim Kern

    If it were really about the tortoise, why would a fine make everything OK?

    • William Carr

      Bundy stopped paying his Grazing fees three years before Golden Butte was designated a Mitigation Zone for the desert tortoise.

      The fine was the result of Bundy refusing to pay his grazing fee, and no doubt there’s some heft Court costs after twenty years of ignoring Court Orders.

  • rhuddlwm

    The Taylor Grazing Act of 1934[1] (P.L. 73-482) is a United States federal law that provides for the regulation of grazing on the public lands (excluding Alaska) to improve range land conditions and regulate their use.

    The law initially permitted 80,000,000 ac (32,000,000 ha) of previously unreserved public lands of the United States to be placed into grazing districts to be administered by the Department of the Interior. As amended, the law now sets no limit on the amount of lands
    in grazing districts. Currently, there are approximately 162,000,000 ac (65,600,000 ha) inside grazing allotments.

    These can be vacant, unappropriated, and unreserved land from public lands, all except for Alaska, national forests, parks, monuments, Indian reservations, railroad grant lands, and revested Coos Bay Wagon Road grant lands.

    Surrounding land owners may be granted right of passage over these districts. PERMITS ARE GIVEN FOR GRAZING PRIVILEGES in the districts. Also permits can be given to build fences, reservoirs, and other improvements.

    The permittees are REQUIRED TO PAY A FEE, and the permit cannot exceed ten years but is renewable. Permits can be revoked because of nonpayment of fees, severe drought or other natural disasters that deplete grazing lands. The above from Wikipedia, and several Truth web sites that do the research and tell us if it is truth or a lie.

    • dess

      Looks like the rules/laws may need to be rewritten so that the Bundys and other Cattle Ranchers will all recieve fairness with Cattle grazing on gov. Land. Now, if other Cattle Ranchers have to pay to lease the Land, and they do, How old are their leases? Probably much newer and more updated, How did Bundys Ranch slip through the cracks for 20 years? I say give Bundy a new lease on gov. land providing he pays all back lease fees from past 20 years, and I am sure if these fees are not paid, then the gov will run the Bundys off, It can’t be for free when other Cattle Ranchers are paying. Maybe the Militia groups, thugs etc..need to take up a collection to help the Bundys pay 20 years of back lease fees instead of the BLM standoff, OR the Bundys lose the Ranch fair and simple.
      Pay Up or They will be on YOUR BACK, I saw the location of the Bundy Ranch on a map, and that is Prime, I would pay those back gov. lease fees. I believe They -BLM- want the Land for development reasons, I sure would hate to see the Bundys lose the Ranch. And if the Land is wanted by gov for development, The gov will give the Bundys a severence check and send them on their way, looks to me like the gov will win this.

  • True1776

    Harry Reid wants that land to give it to china…Look it up his son is on the board of a Chinese solar company that both Reids will profit from

  • Alicyn Gitlin

    The Mojave Desert is a type of desert, which spans parts of Arizona, Nevada, and California. The Mojave National Preserve in California is only one small part of the Mojave Desert. You should overlay an actual map of where the Mojave Desert is, and where desert tortoise habitat is, on your map so you don’t mislead people.

  • Joe Burning

    the people own mt rushmore but we still pay fees. Case dismissed.

  • djtejas

    You should do some research….they dd not just start randomly charging fees in 1993. 1993 is when Bundy decided not to pay the fees anymore because he did not agree with the agreement.

  • OrionRed

    omg…I am envious of your writing ability. It’s great to see facts and truth laid out so concisely and clearly.

    In your mind, what do you think the people who are protesting think is happening? Is it just anti-government bigotry in play, or something more?

  • crowin1

    he doesnt have any ranching neighbors left. the government argument is incredibly ridiculous.

  • flicker66

    Imagine , the BLM purged it’s records of any reference to the Harry Reid Chinese solar co. . Imagine this , Dirty Harry is part of the criminal enterprise that functions within the Obama regime , appointed his chief of staff to head up the BLM. That’s a cozy little corrupt association. Why aren’t the republicans seeking an investigation into Dirty Harry’s corrupt activities?

    • William Carr

      That’s easy. The leaders of the GOP can READ.

      And they know the “solar power project” expired last June.

  • TheGoodEgg

    I lean to the conservative side in almost every debate. Putting that aside, your writing is great and the facts that you put out are hard to debate. I’ve tried to teach my kids to read the conservative news and then find the same article with a liberal spin, then form your own opinion. I very seldom write comments on any of these posts, however I wanted to tip my hat to you and tell you thank you for explaining the “other” side in a logical way. I’m going to point this out to both of my 17 year old boys so that they can see both sides of the story in a way it should of been written in the first place.

  • A change in lease agreement is illegal unless both parties resign it. But Bundy said he had no agreement with the BLM. You don’t have an agreement with the IRS. They tell you how much you pay, and you pay it. No arguments. And that is wrong. Just because millions of Americans are wronged every year by the IRS does not give the BLM permission to wrong Bundy. The BLM doesn’t care about the turtles. They were destroying the life-giving water tanks that the Bundys had installed under the land. It’s always about corporate money. Follow the money to Reid.

  • Honest Lady

    What’s Harry getting out this. Those democrats need to take care of DC. This is a state matter. Harry retire, taking a ranchers land. Shame on you!

    • William Carr

      He’s not taking Bundy’s Melon Farm, that was a hoax.

      The ENN Solar project tanked last June, and it was supposed to be outside Laughlin, 180 miles away.

  • Honest Lady

    Harry you GREEDY old man. I hope everyone votes you out when it’s time. Why isn’t this all over the news???

  • tom

    It all starts and ends with this lawyer or that lawyer … big money wins! Oooppss Colt,Smith&Wesson,ect made it even , click!! Your move!

  • Chuck L


  • jgreencyclist

    There are a lot of Clive Bundy’s out west. In changing times their constant lament is “My grandpappy overgrazed the public’s land, it’s my right to do it like my grandpappy”. He’s gonna lose the war, thankfully – then maybe some other black helicopter ranchers will sit up and take notice.

  • William Carr

    Apparently the author missed the part about Ronald Reagan setting the Grazing Fees for Federal land.


    ““There is no deal here. The citizens of America and Clark County went and took their cattle. There was no negotiations. They took these cattle.”

    Negotiations? Bundy has been in Court for 20 years ! He’s lost TWICE. He was given Court Orders to vacate Public land.

    And now he wants negotiations?

    Yes, cattle have grazed in this region for a long time. But the honest Ranchers paid their Grazing Fees to Ronald Reagan.

    It’s a tiny fee, $1.35 per month per cow, and the calf eats free.

    Bundy decided he was above the law, sometime right after Bill Clinton was elected.

    I wonder if it was a full twenty minutes ?

    Tanya, maybe you need to revisit what “Conservative” means.

    The term for people like Bundy is “Welfare Ranchers”… they become millionaires running cattle on Public land. The amount of fodder a cow requires means that $1.35 is paid back in about two days.

    It’s not “Conservative” to back a scofflaw.