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Critical Conversations and Graceland – News hour headlines

Written By | Feb 5, 2015

Join Critical Conversations tonight, February 5, 2015 as host Lisa Ruth and Senior Political Editor Jim Picht welcome Nick Dranias from Compact with America and Tom Mullen, a Communities Digital News writer, and libertarian, as they discuss the The National Debt and whether the Compact for America (“CFA”) initiative that calls for states to propose and ratify the powerful balanced budget amendment that is contained in the Compact for a Balanced Budget into the United States Constitution.

Discussing this issue is Nick Dranias,  JD, President & Executive Director of Compact for America and Founder, Nick Dranias Law & Policy Analysis LLC and Tom Mullen, a nationally recognized journalist who also writes for Communities Digital News and the author of A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America.

The gentleman take opposing views on the matter in what promises to be a thought provoking conversation.

February is Black History Month and Communities Digital News welcomes our staff writer Jennifer Oliver O’Connell back to Critical Conversations to discuss her article Black History Month 2015: Let’s promote a return to literacy in which she asks why literacy and education, are not held to a higher standard in much of Black America

Jim Mumford,  Good Earth Plants

Jim Mumford, Good Earth Plants

Finally, Communities welcomes new columnist, and all around plant expert, Jim Mumford. Jim Mumford, is an award winning plantscaper, green roof and living wall designer, those beautiful green and growing walls taking root in public spaces and private homes.

Mumford is currently studying the relatively new fields of biomimicry and biophilia and we hope to find ou exactly what that is.

In the second hour of broadcast Graceland host Jennifer Meadows joins the CommDigiNews Hour with co-host Curtice Mang.  Jennifer and Curtice have been creating cutting edge conservative talk radio bringing the best and the brightest conversationalists and newsmakers to the studio.

Tonight their guest will be T.J. O’Hara, an internationally recognized author, speaker and strategic consultant in the private and public sectors.In 2012, he emerged as the leading independent candidate for the Office of President of the United States.

T.J. joins Graceland to discuss some rather interesting stories from the IRS. When one dies, the IRS sometimes doesn’t take no – or a death certificate – for an answer.

Join Critical Conversations at 6:30pm and Graceland at 7:30pm – all times Eastern – join the shows by clicking here to launch the radio player or call (914) 803-4460











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