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CPAC 2021 Speeches: Florida America Uncanceled (Saturday’s Live Stream)

Written By | Feb 26, 2021
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ORLANDO, February 26, 2021 — The 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference had as its theme “America Uncanceled.” From the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, the Friday kickoff of CPAC could best be described as Florida uncanceled. The left’s obsession with trying to silence everyone and everything they disagree with hit a brick wall at CPAC.

They tried to cancel the annual event in Washington, D.C., so the America Conservative Union relocated CPAC to Florida. Florida is the Sunshine State, and its shining political stars played a prominent role on Friday.

Governor Ron DeSantis has ignored the leftist critics and kept his state open. He has been a model of good governance and a direct repudiation of the failed policies that have destroyed liberal New York and California. After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, DeSantis came out swinging. Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi gave passionate remarks about the American constitutional right to Freedom of Assembly.

She is one of many conservative women who have been harassed and chased out of restaurants by domestic terrorists posing as social justice warriors.

CPAC 2021: The beginning of the return to normalcy (watch day 2 live)

In the afternoon, “Firebrand” Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz issued a scorching indictment of the left’s obsessive assault on free people. He took on big government, big tech, and big media. Former Florida Governor Rick Scott speaks in a calm voice, but with plenty of effectiveness. Earlier in the week, he declared an end to the GOP civil war and demanded that Republicans unify for the 2022 midterms.

His job is to help Republicans retake the Senate, and he is sharply focused. He spoke about how to take back our religious institutions from government censors. Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunes spoke about the illegal immigrant crisis crossing over from Mexico into the Southern United States. Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino is a fearless Floridian who is currently battling cancer. He will not let something as weak as leftist college children intimidate people.

Not everyone was from Florida. 2024 presidential candidates from all over the country descended on Orlando to feed the CPAC crowd red meat right off the bone. Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and Josh Hawley of Missouri had the crowd frothing at the mouth and ready for battle. Senator Cruz ridiculed the hysterical nature of Congresswoman Alexandria Occasional Cortex.

Senator Hawley drew loud cheers for his call to break up big tech. Sen. Cotton lit into the “little social justice warriors.” In addition to the senators, Donald Trump Jr. defended his father and skewered their corrupt leftist critics. The son of the former President lambasted Hunter Biden and his failed father’s obsession with Middle East bombing campaigns that accomplish nothing.

CPAC 2021 America Uncanceled – Conservative Trump
begin to gather (live video stream)

In addition to the main CPAC action, the Young Jewish Conservatives had an entire day of programming. Friday brought a morning and afternoon reading of the Purim Megillah reading. At sundown, the Jewish Sabbath meant a gala dinner and several top-tier CPAC speakers.

Other activities included James O’Keefe. The “Project Veritas” star basked in the glory of several more exposes that rocked CNN and other leftist organizations.

CPAC features conservatives from all over the globe. With the rise of China, CPAC was especially relevant for other conservatives in the Pacific Rim. Hiroaki Jay Alba is the Chairman of the Japanese equivalent of the American Conservative Union. He was on a panel moderated by Gordon Chang, one of America’s foremost experts on the China threat. A panel on election fraud dealt with corruption in the most recent elections in South Korea. For obvious reasons, that topic is also relevant in America.

CPAC 2021 America Uncanceled: Will Trump cement the America first populist movement?

For those not attending the YJC Sabbath dinner, the main event was a screening of the Roe vs. Wade movie premiere. Other movie screenings dealt with the “Save our States” movement and the pro-Trump “The Plot Against the President.”

CPAC Friday had everything except a chance to relax. Attendees would have to wait until Monday to sleep. Big action on Saturday and Sunday would include the annual Ronald Reagan Dinner and the CPAC Keynote speech by former President Donald Trump.

Watch the CPAC 2021 Saturday Speeches and events here:


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