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CPAC 2020: Saturday President Trump brings Conservative optimism

Written By | Mar 1, 2020
CPAC 2020, President Trump

NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND, February 29, 2020 — The 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is now in the books. With the exception of the upcoming Republican National Convention in Charlotte, no event will be as vital to getting conservatives reelected to Congress and the White House. Despite miserable cold, rain, and wind, thousands of activists from all over America came out for the 2020 conservative confab.

After a relatively quiet Friday, Saturday ended CPAC with a bang. And the President.

Yes, the biggest of the big dogs was in town. CPAC attendees lined up before the crack of dawn to hear President Trump give the keynote speech. Last year he spoke for two-and-a-half hours. This year the President’s remarks were a brief ninety minutes.

CPAC 2020 security was tight even by Secret Service presidential standards.

Only hotel guests and conference attendees with specifically designated badges with photo identification on them were allowed in the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center. Entire sections of the Gaylord were on lockdown. One attendee with a commemorative shot glass in his bag was told to remove the item. Shot glasses can be projectiles.

Minor inconveniences aside, the Secret Service matched diligence with efficiency. Lines moved briskly. Reagan National Airport could learn a lot from the Secret Service about combining security with functionality.

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Saturday was mostly about President Trump. Other CPAC activities slowed to a trickle. The vendors selling merchandise were packing up. Conducting business at the hotel bar was slow. Traffic through the hotel was sparse.

People were either were in the main hall waiting for President Trump or checking out of the hotel altogether to catch flights back home.

One group that continued unabated was the Young Jewish Conservatives.

For them, Saturday is the Sabbath (Shabbos). Nearly 200 of them gathered for morning prayers. The YJC conducted all of their activities at the Residence Inn across the street from the Gaylord. This allowed them freedom of movement without interruption.

At lunch, the tradition of top political rock stars joining them for speeches continued. Radio host Mark Levin defended the president and excoriated his opponents. Being within walking distance of the Gaylord meant YJC attendees could finish lunch before going to hear the President speak, all without violating the Jewish Sabbath (driving is prohibited).

After the president spoke, an evening meal featured remarks by Rabbi Daniel Lapin and radio host Glenn Beck.

Before arriving at CPAC 2020, President held a White House press conference specifically dealing with the Coronavirus. At CPAC, he offered more serious remarks regarding the Coronavirus combined with hard-charging political commentary. The first American has now died from Coronavirus, and Democrats are determined to exploit any deaths for political gain.

Trump accurately pointed out that media and liberal creating panic over the Coronavirus is the follow-up to the failed impeachment push from Russia to Ukraine. Something has to take him down, they think. They are wrong. The force is strong with #45.

CPAC 2020 attendees went wild with the Trump lashing of his Democrat opponents.

Referring to Liz Warren as “Pocahontas” never gets old. A new line about Joe Biden brought new cheers. “Joe’s not going to be running the government. He’s going to be sitting in a home somewhere.”  Comedy is always funniest when it is based on truth.  The question is who would be running a Biden presidency? George Soros, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton, the intelligence services – or would they all just get back together again?

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Trump also offered a full-throttle defense of his own successes at home and abroad. From killing terrorists Qassem Soleimani and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to record low unemployment, Trump has plenty to crow about. Trump also announcing that after nineteen years of war, a peace deal with the Taliban is coming to be.

Time will soon tell if that turns out to be lasting peace or misguided optimism. But either way, its a step forward.

It also put Democrats in a box, because Trump as a Republican is co-opting the foreign policy approach of the left in terms of ending wars.

It is tough for Democrats to credibly excoriate Trump for pursuing policies they agree with.

The Coronavirus is a desperate Hail Mary attempt by the Democrats.

It started outside the United States. Trump had nothing to do with causing it. Trump wants a travel ban to keep it from spreading, while Democrats are still willing to compromise national security in favor of new voters. Democrats will have a very tough time trying to convince Americans that it is racist to prevent the spread of a deadly disease.

At the end of his speech, Trump hugged the large American flag on the CPAC stage and said to it, “I love you, baby.”

As the cheering throngs spilled out of the CPAC hall, the liberal media immediately began shifting to other stories. After 30 years of failure, Joe Biden finally won his first presidential primary. His victory in the South Carolina primary kept his third and final presidential run alive. On ventilator assistance.

Tom Steyer’s campaign was taken off of life support that same night. After spending $250 million of his own money, his dismal third-place showing in the Palmetto State removed any realistic path to victory. Steyer announcing he is ending his campaign.

Democrat Presidential Race is now for control of the party of old white men, and the mayor.

The top four finishers in order were Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg, who is not old.  He is white and male, however. The women finished far behind, with Liz Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Tulsi Gabbard all mired in single digits.

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The candidates now have 72 hours to Super Tuesday voting and the race to secure votes in 14 states is on. On Super Tuesday, 40% of the delegates necessary to win the primary are given. In addition to the Democrat candidates and the Independent Socialist on the stage in South Carolina, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his unlimited billions are a challenge they all have to fend off. With no path to victory, Steyer threw in the towel Saturday night and Buttigieg dropped out Sunday night.

The leftist progressives are all competing to see who can predict the most Trump-inspired doom and gloom.

Conversely, the conservatives at CPAC were full of optimism and energy. President Trump has 95% support among Republicans. In the face of unrelenting attacks, his supporters are hitting back twice as hard. Attendees tuned out the never-Trumper noise cheering for Trump to keep cutting taxes, killing terrorists and confirming judges.

On Saturday night, the YJC group held their final prayers to close out the Sabbath.

They nervously awaited results from an event that would affect President Trump as well.

For the third time in a year, Israelis will try to break their deadlock and form a government.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the fight of his political life. Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan has been delayed due to the inability of Netanyahu or his opponent Benny Gantz to form a governing majority.

The Israeli election is on Monday, which is Sunday night in America.

Monday will bring more politics. For now, Saturday night was a night, like the opening day, for joyous conservative revelry. Many young attendees of all faiths migrated from National Harbor, Maryland to Washington, DC itself. It was time for the annual closing CPAC 2020 party “Reaganpalooza.”

The title is a fitting one, given that President Ronald Reagan was the eternal optimist. CPAC 2020 accurately reflected his optimistic spirit.

When times are this good, only a leftist could be anything other than optimistic.


Eric Golub

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