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COVID-19: A distraction from Durham probe into Democrats Coup de’ Etat

Written By | Mar 22, 2020
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WASHINGTON: Easy to miss among the CoronaVirus panic, reports on Sunday noted that U.S. Attorney John Durham, heading a criminal probe into the origins of the Democrats Coup de’ Etat Trump-Russia collusion hoax, is expected to wrap it up by summer. Or fall. But maybe summer. We really do not know.  Some sources are reporting the investigation could wrap up by the end of July, while others are predicting September.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, we cannot predict when our valid legal agencies will be able to return to this investigation. But we Americans who demand honesty in our government must not let up on asking questions.

COVID-19, Friday the 13th, YUGE bullish afternoon

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect.

The end date of the Durham probe is all based on the investigations’ progress. The end date is hard to determine when turning over new rocks can reveal new information.  In addition, as is the rest of the country, Attorney Durham is dealing with the challenges of the CoronaVirus.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) reiterated the summer timeline during a House Rules Committee meeting focused on reform of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Citing a report in The Washington Examiner Jordan says that the Durham investigation is due to be completed this summer.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), currently engaged in a bid for the U.S. Senate says he expects indictments, not reports.

“This is not going to be a Mueller report; there won’t be a report,” he said, adding that Durham has been very tight-lipped about their investigation.
Barr backs Durham criminal probe: Reads the riot act to the Coup Plotters

The investigation is not expected to end with a report, but with charges if appropriate.  There is little doubt that the Obama administration led a Coup de’ Etat against first candidate, then President Trump.

In December, Attorney General William Barr confirmed that Durham “is looking at all the conduct both before and after the election.”  This directly refers to the abuse of the FISA courts leading to the issuance of warrants to wiretap the Trump campaign and investigate top Trump advisors such as Michael Flynn.

The Investigation of the Obama Coup de’ Etat and Lieutenant General Michael Flynn

It is interesting to note that as the Durham probe continues, one of the subjects of that investigation is the FBI’s investigation into Flynn. A part of the Russian Hoax investigation, and in a case prosecuted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. What is known is that the FBI agents doing the interviews did not feel Flynn intended to mislead the FBI during his interview.  At the time, agents reporting they did not feel that Flynn was lying or intentionally misleading the agents. (House Intel report: McCabe said agents who interviewed Flynn ‘didn’t think he was lying’)

There are also questions on the handling of the interviews, including the FBI misleading General Flynn as to the need to have legal counsel present during the interviews.

Once considered for Vice President, Michael Flynn resigns

Nonetheless, the FBI harassed Flynn, a well regarded and medaled United States Army Lieutenant General who was acting as President Trump’s National Security Advisor.  The FBI, demanding that Flynn admit to being guilty of lying to the FBI, began a course of threatening his son and driving the family into bankruptcy.

The target not being Flynn, but coercing Flynn to testify against the President.

Flynn’s February 27, 2020 sentencing is postponed as Flynn is taking action to withdraw his guilty plea on the charge of lying to the FBI. Flynn’s legal team arguing that prosecutors and the FBI double-crossed the former Army Lieutenant General. Furthermore, and that Flynn’s former attorneys failed to give him adequate legal advice about potential defenses in his case.

The FBI loses General Flynn’s 302 documents

As a part of that withdrawal, Flynn’s attorneys are seeking the original 2017 FBI summary interview FD-302 documents that Flynn’s defense claims include exculpatory information. The FD-302 form is used by FBI agents to “report or summarize the interviews that they conduct.” These documents contain information gathered during the interview including the notes taken during the interview. It is documentation of the information taken from the subject not details about the subject, in this case General Flynn.

The FBI is claiming they have lost those documents which should automatically lead to mistrial proceedings.

Barack Obama’s shadow government of coup plotters in exile

However, Judge Emmet Sullivan, appointed to the court in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan, to the DC Court of Appeals in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush, and then to United State District Court by President Clinton (1994), dismissed the defense’s concerns over the documents being lost, as reported by Catherine Herridge reporting for CBS.

There are many that feel the loss of those possibly exculpatory documents means President Trump should end Flynn’s nightmare. A nightmare born of a rogue government led by Soros-Clinton-Obama-Jarrett-Rice-Biden that approved the manipulation of our intelligence agencies with the assistance of Andrew McCabe, Jim Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and others.

That the remedy, in this case, is a full pardon for General Flynn.

The investigation into the Coup de’ Etat and the FBI and Carter Page FISA Applications

In the development of the Russia Hoax Steele Dossier, the FBI, led by then Directors Christopher Wray and then James Comey Inspector General Michael Horowitz concludes that there were a minimum of 17 significant errors or omissions in the Carter Page FISA applications that allowed the FBI and the left Deep State Cabal to start spying on the Trump campaign.

“We determined that prior to and during the pendency of the FISAs the FBI was unable to corroborate any of the specific substantive allegations against Carter Page contained in the election reporting and relied on in the FISA applications, and was only able to confirm the accuracy of a limited number of circumstantial facts, most of which were in the public domain, such as the dates that Page traveled to Russia, the timing of events, and the occupational positions of individuals referenced in the reports.
. . . We found that the FBI’s interviews of Steele, the Primary Sub-source, and a second sub-source, and other investigative activity, revealed potentially serious problems with Steele’s description of information in his election reports.
According to the Supervisory Intel Analyst, the FBI ultimately determined that some of the allegations contained in Steele’s election reporting were inaccurate, such as the allegation that [Paul] Manafort used Page as an intermediary and that Michael Cohen had traveled to Prague for meetings with representatives of the Kremlin.
As we described earlier in our analysis, the FBI failed to notify 01, which was working on the Carter Page FISA applications, of the potentially serious problems identified with Steele’s election reporting that arose as early as January 2017 through the efforts described above. As previously stated, we believe it was the obligation of the agents who were aware of this information to ensure that 01 and the decision-makers had the opportunity to consider it, both for their own assessment of probable cause and for consideration of whether to include the information in the applications so that the FISC received a complete and accurate recitation of the relevant facts.”

We’ve been here before, many times. Though President Turmp was obviously abused by a deep state cabal filled with self-serving sycophants and political partisans, as of yet no individual, from President Obama who wanted to know “everything” to Susan Rice, who was pushed out on the Sunday morning news shows following the atrocities at Benghazi, are being held to account for their abuses of the system and the law.

This means, of course, that there yet to be a deterrent put in place to prevent these kinds of abuses in the future.

Coup de' Etat, Durham, Barr, COVID-19, CoronaVirusThe Coup de’ Etat beyond the 302 and FISA abuses of General Flynn and Carter Page

There is much more for Attorney Durham, and eventually, Attorney General Barr, to investigate.  What needs to be thoroughly yanked into the sunlight, in no particular order,  includes both Hunter and Joe Biden’s actions in Ukraine.

How Clinton and Obama failed at Benghazi and what the sacrificed Ambassador J. Christoper Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith and CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty.

Then there is an attempt to entrap Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort with Russian agent and lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya during the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

Collyer – Barr speaking out regarding Comey, Clapper, Brennan FISA abuse

Going further back, there are Hillary Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State and Presidential candidate that includes her secret server and emails, the majority of which the Attorney General has access to, we hope. The “statute of limitations,”  for Hillary Clinton’s massive abuses of the Espionage Act has passed, but that does not mean that the American People do not deserve the truth. (Hillary Clinton can’t be prosecuted for her email violations, so why depose her? Because she’ll finally be under oath).

And we also need answers as to Clinton, via the DNC, financing of the Christopher Wray / Christopher Steele false Russian Dossier. (Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier – Washington Post)

And the culpability of the FBI, led by Andrew McCabe and Jim Comey, who it can not be argued, set out to destroy a President that they felt was a danger to the Deep State amassed under Obama, Biden, and Clinton.

So we’re losing daylight here, so to speak, in this Durham probe as well. If there are going to be indictments, they have to come quickly or the guilty parties involved in our country’s first real coup attempt will also get away scot-free.

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