Corruption of the best is the worst: The GOP contemplates suicide


WASHINGTON, March 17, 2015 — The national GOP has recently earned well-deserved scorn for its very awkward missteps in foreign policy. Most notably this is the case in the Middle East. Not that its desire to be consulted in any potential agreement with Iran is unreasonable. But rather, it was the manner and to whom the infamous letter of the 47 senators was directed that raised eyebrows and undercut the legitimate concerns the senators wished to express.

The invitation to Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu, again without a courtesy notification of the White House, and in the midst of an extremely close Israeli national election, was crassly political, especially given Bibi’s adamant opposition to ANY agreement with Iran.

From all appearances, the GOP has become almost manic in its desire to get the US into a shooting war of some sort.

In Eastern Europe it is as if the GOP is frozen in time in “1984,” and that it has never moved beyond the bad old days of Communist tyranny, utterly failing to understand the radically changed circumstances and situation in that part of the world. In so doing, it gave support to a blatant and violent coup against a legitimately elected government in Kiev (a coup which Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland revealed the US engineered) and pushed hard the ratcheting up of unjustified pressure on Russia, forcing Moscow into a corner where military action has become much more likely.

By supporting the forces of “liberal democracy” and “equality” in Eastern Europe, the GOP finds itself, implicitly, if not explicitly, supporting the imposition of secularism, same sex marriage, materialist consumerism, abortion, and managerial statist “democracy” on a reborn and nationalist Russia that increasingly rejects the defecated culture of the West.

In other words, in Eastern Europe and Ukraine the GOP is “not on God’s side,” to paraphrase Pat Buchanan. What an ironic twist of fate since the old days of “We will bury you!” George Kennan, we need you now!

In the Middle East, the GOP appears no longer willing to countenance the difficult and delicate business of diplomatic maneuvering and hard negotiations. Forgotten is that aspect of the “Reagan Doctrine”: “don’t get involved when your worst enemies are fighting each other,” he said about an earlier Iraq/Iran border war.

From Iraq forward, the Republican Party seems much too eager to engage in sectarian conflicts which have no good resolution and no foreseeable end, and certainly don’t bode well for the United States. And, in some cases, too many Republicans appear motivated indirectly by a zealous, but woefully misconceived Dispensationalist theology about the Middle East and bringing on Armageddon, with GOP leaders and congressional leaders rushing in where angels long ago feared to tread.

It is obvious to acute observers like Pat Buchanan that this approach is a sure fire means of destroying those GOP majorities that the party got back in 2012. Even the ignorant and benighted American citizenry, even in their semi-literate state, still knew enough to reject the virulent Marxist overreach of Obama back then.

But now, using that simple rejection of Obama as a springboard into disaster, the Republicans are busy preparing to commit suicide (and maybe engineer a new and major war, as well), led by the “warmonger twins,” John McCain and Lindsey Graham, both of whom should be locked up as clear and present dangers to both man and beast.

Maybe this says something about the “duopoly” that strictly controls and “manages” political discourse in the US of A. Our national leaders talk about “democracy,” in particular what is called “liberal democracy,” which they would like to impose on the rest of the world.  Our leaders, both liberal AND conservative, demand across-the-board “equality” and “civil rights,” both here and abroad.

Increasingly, the GOP and its Neoconservative intellectual brain trust support, or at least, tacitly accept, same sex marriage and the decaying culture that now engulfs us.  A couple of months ago on the Sunday morning Chris Wallace program, George Will commented on the apparent national victory—almost exclusively through court action—of the same sex marriage movement, pleading: “Hopefully, the same sex movement will take mercy on us in our defeat.”

Of course, so-called “conservative” spokesmen like Will never offered the slightest opposition in the first place. And the Bushes and Cheneys have been on board with undermining traditional morality for some time. Is it any wonder that the country continued to decline under George the First and Shrub?

Can we imagine earlier conservative greats Russell Kirk, Mel Bradford, or Robert Nisbet accepting such ideas? Rather, they must be turning over in their graves at the current “trahison des clercs.”

Please tell me: how many thinking souls actually think we really have “democracy” here in the US, where a Sheldon Adelson can virtually “buy” most of the Republican presidential candidates, or AIPAC can scare the hell out of you if you don’t support the Likud approach to the Middle East?

Remember Senators Chuck Percy and J. William Fullbright, both defeated by the Israel First lobby? Or more recently when Bill Kristol (shilling for an Israeli First foreign policy) could gather hundreds of thousands of dollars in an (unsuccessful) attempt to unseat conservative North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones for not being “patriotic” enough on committing American arms in the Middle East?

Or, where blacks have gone back to a “plantation” where they vote like sheep, 96% for Democrat candidates, their new overseers? Or, where incredibly stupid women can believe that God (that is, if they still believe in “Her”) made us all, every one of us, totally and across-the-board, equal?

Maybe what we need is a truly independent, new political group that rejects the insanity of BOTH sides of the controlled political dictatorship…oh, I mean system, we live under?

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Boyd Cathey
Boyd D. Cathey holds a doctorate in European history from the Catholic University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, where he was a Richard Weaver Fellow, and an MA in intellectual history from the University of Virginia (as a Jefferson Fellow). He was assistant to conservative author and philosopher the late Russell Kirk. In more recent years he served as State Registrar of the North Carolina Division of Archives and History. He has published in French, Spanish, and English, on historical subjects as well as classical music and opera. He is active in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and various historical, archival, and genealogical organizations.
  • Zork

    When thinking about the conflict in the Middle East, it’s also important to keep in mind that the June, 2014 kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers didn’t occur in Gaza, but in the West Bank.