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Cookies and Crème Coffee Shop Castle Rock, CO defies health authorities

Written By | May 12, 2020
Cookies and Creme, CastleRock, Colorado, Quarantine

Customers wait in line at the Cookies and Creme Coffee shop Monday. (Credit: Sandy Maurer)

CASTLE ROCK, CO: The Cookies and Crème Coffee Shop opened its doors Sunday for Mother’s Day and remained open today even as the Tri-County Health Department ordered them to close. One customer said there was a party atmosphere inside the shop as people came, bought coffee and either left or stayed to drink and socialize.

Ordinary people: all ages, singles, couples, friends, families with kids.

The media was all a-twitter this weekend over the store owner who dared to defy the governor’s “Safer-at-Home” decree. The story was on Denver radio station KHOW this morning with guest host Michael Brown sitting in.

Brown usually hosts an afternoon show. He’s a former FEMA director and has been quite critical of the Colorado governor’s actions in this crisis.

Cookies and Creme, CastleRock, Colorado, Quarantine

Owners April and Jesse Ariano

Inside, customers lined up for coffee at a respectful distance, if not quite six feet apart. The owner helpfully provided signs on the floor:

Cookies and Creme, CastleRock, Colorado, Quarantine

Helpful directions for appropriate social distancing.

Ariano said he was told that he wasn’t taking the situation seriously enough. Customers weren’t either. Few masks were visible. Patriotic clothing and flags were.

Cookies and Creme, CastleRock, Colorado, Quarantine

Patriotic flags were in evidence

The media was afraid to come inside, even to get a story. In fact, they were seen at the far edge of the parking lot, wearing masks—except for the “eye candy” who couldn’t be understood speaking through a mask. The phone was constantly ringing. It was the media, the owner said, who had been calling all day. There was no time to give phone interviews and to wait on customers so they chose the customers.

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Cookies and Creme, CastleRock, Colorado, Quarantine

The media kept their distance

In typical fashion, 9NEWS posted that they

“…reached out to the owner of the cafe for comment but did not get a response.”

However, had they gotten close enough to the door, the owners had posted their comments for all to see.

Castle Rock is a city in Douglas County. The Tri-County Health authority has mandated guidelines for Douglas, Adams and Arapahoe Counties against the objections of some of the County Commissioners. Under the governor’s emergency decrees, health department bureaucrats have been given authority to overrule the people’s elected commissioners.

Tri-County Health issued a lengthy, patronizing and bureaucratic statement the gist of which is that they intend to close C&C down. Although they didn’t say so, they will likely threaten the business license, a favorite tactic the governor used when Weld County opened up last week.

The governor’s office also issued a statement claiming that

“These restaurants are not only breaking the law, they are endangering the lives of their staff, customers, and community.”
Cookies and Creme, CastleRock, Colorado, Quarantine

Sign on the C&C door

The statement called on citizens to snitch on their neighbors if they feel people are violating the guidelines.

Masks are for the sick—not those who are healthy.

Quarantine and stay-at-home orders are likewise for the sick and vulnerable, not healthy. Adults have the good sense to know the difference.

That’s the Ariano’s attitude as well.

However, it’s not the governors.

As it becomes increasingly obvious that the governor’s decrees make no sense more and more Coloradans are simply ignoring them.

That’s the way it should be in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

All photos by Sandy Maurer, May 11, 2020










Al Maurer

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