Condolences for Chaya Zissel show what Obama thinks of Jewish lives


GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel November 5, 2014 — We all want nothing more than to matter. We spend our entire life attempting to build a legacy so that when we are no longer on this earth we are not forgotten. The most terrifying truth however, is that our effort and desire to leave something behind is not the only determining factor as to whether or not we ultimately succeed in this endeavor. Sadly, acts of cowardice and dishonesty by others can threaten to render your life less valuable.

This is what the Obama Administration is threatening to do to the three-month-long life of Chaya Zissel Braun and the miraculously still-going life of Rabbi Yehuda Glick.

All anyone needs to do in order to determine that the Obama White House holds the lives of Jews in less importance than others is follow the condolences.

A stroller-bound Chaya Zissel Braun was with her parents waiting for the light rail in Jerusalem two weeks ago. The Brauns were returning from taking their newborn daughter to the Western Wall, the most sacred site in the modern Jewish era, for the first time. In fact, the last picture ever taken of three-month-old Chaya Zissel was with the holy wall as the backdrop. Suddenly, a car, driven by a later-identified Hamas terrorist, bowled through the crowd at the train station, trying to kill as many Jews as possible. Chaya Zissel was rushed to the hospital where she succumbed to her wounds.

While the United States State Department did send their condolences, they did not miss a chance to wag their warning finger at Israel, as the Obama regime has always been eager to do.

The Jerusalem Post reported that State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf  “urged restraint” and calm from both sides after the attack.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki added “We express our deepest condolences to the family of the baby, reportedly an American citizen, who was killed in this despicable attack, and extend our prayers for a full recovery to those injured. We urge all sides to maintain calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this incident.”

A newborn baby was murdered because of her religion and all the State Department can do is “urge restraint”! An infant was slaughtered and Jen Psaki can’t give over her condolences fast enough so that there’s time to warn Israel against retaliation. This demeaning shot across the bow implies that Israel would consider a “disproportionate response” as retribution for the attack, a nefarious lie that even a department run by the incompetent John Kerry knows is untrue. As a matter of fact, please tell the world, Ms. Psaki, what a “proportionate” response to a baby being murdered looks like.

This condolence-with-strings-attached is infuriating enough without comparing it to what transpired just four days later.

Partially in celebration of Chaya Zissel Braun’s murder, violent Palestinian riots erupted in the Jewish capital. The truth is that despite not being reported by the cowardly mainstream media, violent attacks on Jewish citizens in Jerusalem have been ongoing for months, in what some have dubbed the “Silent Intifada.” In any case, a Palestinian teen, who also held American citizenship, was killed by a member of the Israeli Defense Force after tossing numerous Molotov Cocktails at innocent Jewish motorists. One would think this brave soldier would be commended for keeping the streets of the City of Gold safe, but the White House and the State Department had other ideas.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, The Obama administration said in a statement on Friday that it “expresses its deepest condolences to the family,” of the teen terrorist. Not to be outdone, Ms. Psaki returned to make her vitriolic hate for Israel abundantly clear. The Beacon report continues,

At a State Department briefing today, Associated Press reporter Matt Lee asked spokesperson Jen Psaki whether it is appropriate to offer “deepest condolences” to the family of someone killed while attempting to carry out an attack on civilians.

“There are reports … that [the Palestinian teenager] was throwing Molotov cocktails at cars on a highway, and I’m wondering, if that is the case, would you still have been so speedy in putting out a statement and offering your condolences to the family?” asked Lee. “The argument that is being made by some in Israel is that this kid was essentially a terrorist, and you don’t agree with that, I assume,” Lee continued.

“Correct, we don’t,” Psaki said. Lee then asked whether the fact that the teenager was buried wearing a Hamas headband was “of concern at all.” Psaki replied, “I just don’t have any more on this particular case.”

A Palestinian was neutralized because he was trying to kill Jews and Barack Obama and Jen Psaki treat it as a tragedy. Where was this unconditional sorrow for the Braun family? Why is it so terrible to call this kid what he was: a cold blooded Jew-hating terrorist?

If only this were the end of the story. Alas, Palestinian violence has not rested these last few weeks so this terrible saga goes on. On Thursday, US-born Rabbi Yehudah Glick was gunned down by a Palestinian terrorist outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, where he had just finished delivering a speech. Rabbi Glick is an activist for the Jewish right to pray at the Temple Mount. After confirming Glick’s identity, the Palestinian gunman, who was a waiter at the Begin Center, shot the rabbi four times in the chest and neck. By the grace of G-d , Yehudah Glick survived and is now in serious but stable condition.

In response to this attack, which obviously carrying a message along with it, the Israeli government shut down the Temple Mount to both Jewish and Muslim worshipers for the rest of the day. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called this a “declaration of war,” apparently disregarding the attempted assassination as the possible cassis belli in this instance. Surely, despite championing Abbas as Israel’s last great chance for peace, the United States would not approach this incident with anything but the harshest words for the Palestinians and condolences for the Israelis.

Or not.

On cue, the feckless John Kerry decided to stop sending his Israel-hating rhetoric through intermediaries and spoke it himself. As The Times of Israel reported, before addressing the shooting itself, Kerry was quick to reprimand Israel, saying “It is absolutely critical that all sides exercise restraint, refrain from provocative actions and rhetoric, and preserve the historic status quo on the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount — in word and in practice. The Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount must be reopened to Muslim worshipers and I support the long-standing practices regarding non-Muslim visitors to the site,” he added.

Echoing Abbas, Kerry said any move to change access rights to the holy site would be “both provocative and dangerous.” He then briefly added as an afterthought, “I strongly condemn yesterday’s shooting of a US citizen outside the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.”

Glick’s family issued a statement to Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick (no relation) on Tuesday saying,

“I just wanted to tell you that our family is shocked that we haven’t heard a single word from the U.S. State Dept., the U.S. Ambassador or any representative of the US government regarding the shooting of our brother a US citizen Yehuda Glick.

“My father Prof. Shimon Glick served as Captain in the U.S. Army. He was a federal employee both in the NIH and the VA, taking part in leading hormone research projects. The chief investigator, Rose Yalow, was awarded a Nobel prize.

“My father is one of only five Americans residing in Israel to be appointed to the U.S. National Academy of Science.

“No outrage, no wishes of speedy recovery, not a single word from any U.S. official. This is in total contrast to the teenager that attacked police with a Molotov Cocktail and the State Dept. demanded a transparent investigation and not to mention Abbas’ letter of support to the terrorist shooter.”

Throwing salt in the wound, Abbas sent his condolences to the family of Glick’s would-be assassin, who was killed in a shootout with the IDF shortly after the attack. Condolences tell the story yet again, as the Obama Administration has done nothing but sing the praises of the Holocaust-denying Jew-hating President of the Palestinian Authority and has shown no concern for his consistent support of terrorism.

The attempted murder of a Jew is far less concerning to John F. Kerry than the suspension of Temple Mount access for a few hours. So too, the death of a Palestinian teen is more concerning than the fact that he was trying to bring about the death of multiple innocent Jews. So too, the death of a three-month-old Jewish baby is less concerning than urging restraint.

These actions imply that Obama, Kerry, Psaki and the rest of the Administration see the lives of Jews, especially ones residing in Israel, as far less valuable than others. Forget the “chickenshi*t” scandal, this is as far as anyone needs to search to see that America under Obama is no friend of the Jewish State or the Jewish people.

So please allow me to conclude this column by doing my part to combat what the Obama White House is attempting to do to Chaya Zissel Braun, Rabbi Glick and every other victim of Palestinian terror. Allow me to state, in no uncertain terms, that Chaya’s life mattered. Rabbi Glick’s life matters. As believers of freedom and justice we must take these stories with us and learn from them. We must ensure that Chaya Zissel’s death not be swept under the rug. We must demand that the voices of brave men and women such as Rabbi Glick’s not be stifled by Palestinian bullets or American apathy and deceit.

Despite what the Obama Administration has conveyed, the life of a Jew matters. We cannot let the White House convince anyone otherwise, as history has not been kind to the Jewish people when the world is allowed to forget this.

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