Condemned murderer Clayton Lockett dies of heart attack after execution

Stephanie Neiman - raped, shot, then buried alive by Clayton Lockette
Stephanie Neiman - raped, shot, then buried alive by Clayton Lockette

WASHINGTON, April 30, 2014 – The headline is not a joke though it sounds like a macabre punchline.

Oklahoma attempted to execute Clayton Lockett last night; however, his cause of death was a heart attack following the unsuccessful administration of life ending drugs. Lockett, 38, was convicted of the killing of 19-year-old, Stephanie Neiman, in 1999. Neiman was shot during a home invasion, forced to watch her grave being dug, and was buried alive. Lockett was also convicted of raping her friend during the violent home invasion.

Lockett was sentenced to death. In Oklahoma the method of execution is lethal injection of the drug midazolam, which acts as a sedative and is also used as an anti-seizure drug, followed by vecuronium bromide and potassium chloride. Last night, Lockett was strapped to a gurney, receiving the first of three lethal injections.

Something went wrong and the curtain was drawn so that media and witnesses could not observe the execution. According to Oklahoma Corrections spokesman Jerry Massie, all three drugs were administered however a vein had “ruptured” and the drugs were not having the “desired” effect.

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According to sources, Lockett convulsed, twisted, spoke, and tried to get up off the gurney. The execution was stopped, but the condemned man died of a heart attack forty three minutes after the lethal injection process began.

The left has begun to scream that Lockett’s death was “cruel and unusual.” Lockett was sentenced to death and he died. He was not tortured. He was not boiled in oil. He committed a home invasion, shot a woman, buried her alive, gang raped another woman, and beat a man after kidnapping the man and his nine month old son. He was executed for it.

According to a statement released by the Governor’s office in Oklahoma, Lockett was rendered unconscious and remained unconscious until he died.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, lethal injection became the vogue solution for the death penalty. Liberals claimed that the existing methods of execution were barbaric; lethal injection was introduced in an attempt to make executions more “humane.”

When most states went to lethal injections, outside groups insisted that states use a three drug cocktail, which is unnecessarily complex, and now critics claim that it doesn’t work.

It does work. Every condemned convict it has been used on has died.

If the left insists that we use drugs to execute people, why not just a massive overdose of opiates? Every big city cop who has worked for any length of time tells stories of finding heroin addicts who shoot up pure heroin, OD and are found with the needle still in their arm.

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According to some press reports, when actor Phillip Seymore Hoffman overdosed, death was so fast, the needle was still in his arm. Why don’t we simply use very pure heroin to execute inmates?

The left is screaming about the execution of Lockett, but who really cares if he suffered a little?

He wasn’t tortured and raped like his victims. He received the finest legal representation tax dollars could buy. He was allowed to live for fifteen years after he committed his horrible crimes.

Does anyone really care if the execution was not perfect?

Prior to his death, Lockett and another inmate were involved in litigation designed to stop pharmacies from providing the execution drugs to Oklahoma and other states.

If the left doesn’t like lethal injection, there are lots of other ways to kill condemned inmates. Hanging works pretty well. So do the firing squad, the gas chamber and the electric chair.

The real issue here is a criminal committed a heinous crime. He paid the price for his crime. Due to Lockett’s execution not proceeding as planned, the execution of Charles Warner, 46, who was found guilty of raping and killing 11-month-old Adrianna Waller in 1997 is being postponed.

The real outrage is not the way Lockette died, or the way Warner may die. The real outrage is that it took fifteen years for justice for a 19-year-old womand to be served. And that justice for 11-month-old Adrianna Waller is now delayed.

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  • Conservative Liberterian

    I live 15 miles SE of McAlester, OK where the prison is located where this was executed. I say good riddance. He deserved what he got. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. Do you think he felt sorry for what he did. Why should anybody care how he suffered when he didn’t care about the suffering of the woman he raped and murdered.

    • phantasm76

      Even if he did “feel sorry” doesn’t change the fact he DID IT, I agree with your assessment….GOOD RIDDANCE, hope he suffered as much as his victims did

  • Keith Martin

    Sorry, not going for it. He had 15 years Stephanie was robbed of. I like Carol Oconner’s idea. You take them out back, tell ’em you forgive them and when you see the smile on their face, shoot ’em in the back of the head. Both you and they end the fiasco with grace.

    • Steven Wedig

      Keith Martin. ….You sir have an interesting sense of honor and fair play yet achieve justice. .My hat’s off to you sir…….now we just need a few more LIKE YOU to push into our government!

      • Keith Martin

        Credit goes to Mr OConner, I just feel the same way.

    • misterfurious62

      I like your thinking sir! However, with some changes. Due to the massive debt, and the fact that muzlim fraud needs vacation money, I propose bringing back gladiatorial games for convicted murderers on Pay Per View.
      Have an elimination tournament, with the winner being pardoned. Afterwards, the “winner” can be led off to be quietly shot. Just tell the libtards he went into witness protection (aka “he went to the farm”).
      Not into UFC or the like, but I’ll watch in order to help my country.

      • EricTheRed

        Lol, it would have better ratings then the Superbowl very good idea. I wish they would show it on TV from his last meal until he was finally pronounced dead with nothing left out.

  • If you are concerned about a “botched” proceedure, just put someone there with a .22 pistol.

  • Jamal Ghammashi

    Could not care less if he suffered or not

    • whiteshadow

      Show the botched execution on all the big screens in prison. let the death row crowd think about their deeds while they pump iron.

  • Tadeusz Boniewski

    .22 caliber are hard to come by. But 223 for the AR-15 are back in stock!

    • whiteshadow

      ammo is too expensive, hang um high, in public. that might send a message to future criminals.

      • Tadeusz Boniewski

        You can buy a box of 50 round’s for $24.99 at Dick’s Sporting good’s.

        • alan_the_aussie

          Yeah, but you can reuse the rope.

          • Vern Shotwell

            Most would complain of not being hung with a new rope.

          • alan_the_aussie

            Tell them that the times are tough, with a trillion-dollar deficit I think they need to cut govt. expenses wherever they can.

          • rev. ronald james coleman

            let them complain, who cares

  • Southern Dreaming

    You want no more botched executions?
    Two words: Firing Squad.

    • Randy Lowery

      one word hanging.

      • Walker Taylor

        One word “guillotine”

    • Tonic

      Exactly. Totally fine with this.

  • Dan

    This is really an easy fix. 5 grams of fentanyl. 1 milligram (one one thousandth of a gram) would be fatal to most people. (This would basically be somewhere in the range of 5 thousand times the lethal dose to someone without tolerance) This is prescribed at a normal max of 100 micrograms per hour (one tenth of a milligram) I can assure you, as someone that has used this for pain. HE WOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT SUFFER, AND WOULD ABSOLUTELY BE DEAD. I’m evolving on my opinion of the death penalty. I understand it. But, I’m not 100% sure I support it. But, as I see the need to put scum down like the rabid dog they are. We are talking about a human being after all.

    Either way, if we are going to do it. Suffering should not be a component. Remember, we used to use the breaking wheel. Now, we don’t want suffering. I think in the future, we wont want to kill either. Would Jesus support killing? Would Gahndi? Wold the Dali Lama? I respect those people. Even if you don’t think Jesus is God. I still support his teachings. (even though I am Catholic, and you may not be, you can at least see the logic here right?)

    • throckmortonPgildersleeve

      The bible says an eye for an eye.

      • Dan

        It also says to love the least among you. This guy was the least of the least. And also an eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind. Justice is taking his life. As a civilized society, suffering should not be a component of it. Seriously? Are you really sayng that you want to go back to the Old Testament? Maybe we should start killing people for working on Sunday too. It says that in the bible.

        • throckmortonPgildersleeve

          I think the bible is a way to enslave followers. You are the one that mentioned Jesus.

          We are far from a civilized society. We have far to much hate for anything that is foreign to us. Humans in general destroy what the do not understand. We live by a code of you must except my beliefs but I shall attack you for having your own.

          Not to mention it is impossible to have a civilized society when no one is afraid of repercussions. We have given more rights to criminals than we give to the poor and elderly. (My wife worked at a prison and I was given a tour, I spent a portion of my adult life with far less than they had in that prison.)

          • Dan

            Did anyone actually read what I said? I AM FOR PUTTING THEM DOWN. Just, suffering is not warranted. Just off him. Also look at the context I used Jesus. I said nothing religious.

          • Teri Harmon

            This guy did not suffer.

        • Beachgirl

          YOU obviously don’t have children!!!

          • Dan

            That is the most profoundly retarded thin i heard today. Since I don’t believe in suffering I don’t have children? Really? If you can’t keep up with the conversation, please don’t try to join in. YOU just come off as ridiculous. Look, I am for putting down the rabid dog. If a dog bits a child do we inflict pain on the dog? We put it down humanely, but we DO put it down. FYI I’m with my wife 24 years and have the two best kids on Earth.

      • MnVoiceofReason

        That’s what the old testament said. I thought the new testament came along (i.e. Jesus and “turn the other cheek”) and negated the old testament? But, maybe that’s just what I thought as a Catholic??

  • W_R_Monger

    In my opinion, he didn’t suffer nearly enough…

  • maga

    I think they should be put to death the same way their victim died.

    • Debbie

      That’s what I always say too let them feel every bit of pain and torture their victims suffered especially poor little children and babies. May they rot in hell.

  • Mrs Bunny

    How is it that nobody offed this pervert in prison?

    • JudsonPhillips

      He was on death row. No contact with other inmates.

  • Barbara Conner

    I think he got what he deserved after what he did to these victims.

  • Barbariana Music

    Good, I hope he died afraid and screaming horribly inside and out. I’m sure Drano would have been pretty effective. Hindsight…..

  • bbgunplinkplink

    Firing squad. Bang. Done. The only way to serve up justice quickly.

  • Michael Anderson

    In my opinion In a case like this where the crime committed was so barbaric they should make the death sentence as slow and painful as possible a person that commits a crime like this deserves no better.

  • Deborah Oldham Gaither

    The article mentioned my thoughts; the noose, bullet and sword all worked pretty well, and they are much cheaper. I think the real crime is that my tax dollars supported this animal for 15 years.

  • neale

    These people (used loosely) are cancers in society. For a society to flourish without fear they have to be removed. Only common sense. At least to me. Life imprisonment may be cheaper in the long run but doesn’t make much of a deterrent. When prison life is better than the life their living now, it’s only a step up. I’m in favor of the death penalty but the appeal process needs a lot of work. It should be no longer than 1-2 years at best.

  • Vern Shotwell

    The punishment should fit the crime: optimally a non-lethal head shot followed by being thrown into a shallow grave to die, hopefully slowly. In this way, he’d still get off “scot-free” on the rapes and so on! How could anyone complain of such a relatively painless death?

  • Vern Shotwell

    Why bother with three drugs? Just inject the final one, Potassium chloride. So, they’d writhe in pain for a little while, what’s the big deal?
    His victims were not given a pain killer or muscle relaxant, why should he be shown such mercy?

    • Teri Harmon

      Potassium Chloride will eat through the vein before the desired effect is achieved.

  • sandra

    Justice for Stephanie.

  • Screwed_in_Ca

    Ok lets change the method of execution. Lets use a 16 oz. ball peen hammer and take turns until he is dead.

  • Doug

    I and several others think it is time for like punishment for a given crime. If he does it to the victim it is done back to him. In the case of rape…do it manually, but do it. Then bury this sorry individual alive and let that be the end of it. Give him 5 years for appeals and to consider what is coming for him!

  • Sylvia Alton

    I don’t care that he suffered he obviously did not care that he caused two people to suffer and one of them died. Let his botched execution be shown to all of the inmates that are on death row and get them off of death row waiting years to be punished. Anybody on death row shouldn’t be sitting more than one year waiting for their day… Do an assembly line execution for every single one of them. I am sick to death with inmates having more rights than us law abiding citizens do. Get them off of my tax dollars….they committed the crime let Them pay and do the time and if death is there sentence do it quickly.

  • Tom Glaviano

    To modify a quote from “The Green Mile” It was a successful execution – Clayton Lockett is indeed dead. ‘Nuff said!

  • elizabeth burgess

    The death penalty was applied, according to the judge’s conviction. I don’t see the problem.

  • Russ Moore

    He should have been buried alive….. Justice!

  • Ruben Escobar

    What we out to do this goody goody people put them with this hardcore criminals to live in jail for a few month and see how they will react when you pull them out, I am sure they will want them executed too. I believe in the DEATH PENALTY but not 15 or 20 years later you are sentence to die lets do it in less than 3 months.

  • Tonic

    We care if he suffered because we’re Americans and we hold ourselves to a higher standard. It’s part of our Bill of Rights. That part is not about HIM (he’s already shown the type of person he is), it’s about us and how we react to it. It’s what separates us from the violent thugs in some other countries.

    • Dan

      Please see my above post. I agree with you.

  • Keith Martin

    One last thought on this. I see a lot of post about letting ’em die in pain and extending their suffering. Why would anyone want to lower themselves to the criminals level? 380, base of the skull. Pretty much instantanious and we can move on. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve better things to do than dwelling on this type of thing, end it asap and move on.

    • MnVoiceofReason

      I could not agree more.

  • We the SHEEPle

    Since We the SHEEPle were ‘Sentenced,’ along with this CrimeScumBag, I have two questions: 1. Why did it take 15 years to carry-out the Court Order? 2. How many of OUR Tax-Dollars were we ordered to pay for his Everything for the past 15 years?
    We were “Sentenced to pay Everything from his extremely expensive Trial, we also paid for BOTH his Prosecution AND his Defense Teams; ALL his Legal Expenses & Appellate Work; His extremely expensive House, complete with the very latest in Security Systems, his TP & his Utility Bills, (Who pays for your Electric, Water, Sewer, Heat, Etc., etc.?), his Clothing, (We even did his Laundry); His food, (We even prepared it for him and served it to him & made sure his plates were washed for his next meal!); We provided FREE Medical, Dental & Eye Care as needed, Etc., etc., etc. Guess who gets the Burial expenses!!!
    I resent ALL of this. I resent spending even 1 red-cent of this CrimeScumBag. Please don’t misunderstand me. I believe in the Just-Us System & The Law-Enforcement Growth Industry, but IF you are guilty, for sure, no doubt, caught red-handed, — My Heart Pumps Pee-Pee for you & you are History – Today, NOT 15 years from now!!!

  • jimmyrourke

    They should have buried him alive

  • Jan

    Let the punishment fit the crime. He should have been buried alive.

  • rev. ronald james coleman

    i think they should have revived him so they could execute him again. he deserved to suffer more then he did. i shall pray for his soul that it burns in hell forever. some people just deserve what they get

  • rev. ronald james coleman

    i think a just and proper execution for this type of criminal should be along the lines of being drawn and quartered. on prime time television on all national networks. let the pain begin

  • JOEL714


  • RGZ_50

    There’s something to be said for Florida’s “Old Sparky” in situations like this. I think they should put it on a mobile rig and take it where it’s most needed when it sits idle in Fla. But what happened in OK is a good ending anyway. Just ‘takin’ out the trash’.

  • shflbroker

    I consider it a successful execution any time a convict dies. Therefore, this was a success. I don’t care at ALL if the criminal suffered even one little bit. They had a choice before they committed the crime. Obviously, they wanted to die.
    Although I could think of a better way to execute someone like this. Cut off his genitals and let him bleed to death. I think that would fit this crime just right.
    And, the same for the baby killer.
    You want to deter crime, quite making it easy for the criminal that gets the death penalty, to die. Make them all suffer.

  • Tim Richards

    Maybe they should’ve beat him, shot him, bound him with duct tape, and buried him alive like he did to his teenage victim?

  • EricTheRed

    Don’t take this the wrong way. First too bad I am sure he didn’t care whom ever he killed suffered or his family. Why is it when a gang of black people beat up an old white couple. Or father and son leaving a baseball game. Or a White child on a school bus. Nothing comes out of the whitehouse.

  • dustin poirier

    I think we should do it more like china. If you pled guilty and show remorse you get life. If you pled innocent and they find you guilty they give you three days; then take you out back, shoot you in the head, and charge your family for the bullet. Giving them 15 years to die is ridiculous. No one should get to rape and murder, and then get free living for 15 years.

  • Nasir N.

    You say he was not tortured but this is actually the text-book definition of torture. Torture can be accidental but still is torture nonetheless.