Comparing ISIS and Hitler is a useless irrelevant exercise


CHARLOTTE, NC, September 15, 2014 – Making comparisons between ISIS and Hitler or the Koran and the Bible has become a popular pastime in recent weeks.

For Muslims, such parallels provide justification for their victimization, but they are dangerous and, most of all, irrelevant.

The argument always begins that there are more than a billion Muslims in the world and that most of them are peaceful. That is true, but if only one percent of the Muslim population was extremist, the numbers would be overwhelming.

Unfortunately, the percentage of jihadists is much higher at somewhere between 15 and 25%. Consider that it only took 19 Islamists to bring down the World Trade Center and the argument regarding the number of peaceful Muslims begins to crumble.

But, as always, there is more to these comparisons than meets the eye. The same debate about peaceful Germans was made during World War II.

Most Germans were peace loving. Many were even oblivious to what was actually happening, although the number that claims to have been unknowing is vastly smaller than the actual count.

The difference between Adolf Hitler and ISIS is huge.

Battling Hitler and his regime was a matter of going to war against a single ideology.

ISIS may be a lone entity and Islam may have its ideology, but there are dozens of factions in Islam that make it impossible to fight as a singular enemy.

Eliminate the Islamic State and Boko Haram still exists. Take out Boko Haram and al-Qaeda remains. Erase al-Qaeda from the picture and Hamas will take its place.

When the international coalition finally decided to eradicate Hitler’s Germany, the only battle left was Japan, and, once they were defeated, the world was again at peace.

Such is not the nature of eliminating ISIS. Getting rid of the Islamic State may rid the world of video taped beheadings, at least for a while, but the Islamic enemy will still be there
Last week while interviewing Hassan Shilby, the Chief Executive Director of the Florida branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Megyn Kelly was asked by Shilby “do you know what the goals of Sharia are?”

Kelly replied “I know if you’re a woman and you commit adultery, under Sharia Law, they want to stone you.”

To which Shilby countered that the Bible features the same passages.
Here again the comparison is flawed.

Kelly’s answer was necessarily brief so it lacked detail and context.

Yes, the Bible does contain certain violent “eye-for-an-eye” passages. What Shilby did not say is that those verses are found in the Old Testament. Christianity is based upon the New Testament, which contains none of those sayings because that was not the philosophy of Jesus Christ.

Christ was not a warrior as was his counterpart Muhammad. The Islamic prophet fought in nearly 100 battles following the hijrah (migration) to Medina. There is simply no viable comparison between the two prophets.

Secondly, the Bible was written by multiple authors. The Koran, on the other hand, is the revealed word of Allah to one, and only one, person, Muhammad.

Therefore comparing the Bible to the Koran is not unlike the foolish statement that “Obama’s approval ratings are low, but those of the congress are lower.” Obama is one person while congress is made up of over 500 personalities. The two simply cannot be compared.

Finally, Christ is believed to have been divine. No Muslim claims the divinity of Muhammad. Such a concept is anathema to Islamic beliefs to such a degree that Christ’s “divinity” is one of the major disputes Islam has with Christians.

Boiled down to the lowest common denominator, the words of Islamic apologists sound good but they are just as empty under close scrutiny as those of our president.

To give added context to the argument, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the national security editor of Breitbart News, appeared on the FOX News Channel over the weekend and made a statement which could easily misconstrued.

Gorka told co-host Clayton Morris of “Fox & Friends Weekend” that he ought to watch one of the beheading videos the Islamic State has posted.

Gorka was not being provocative. What he was doing was challenging Morris and his viewers to witness for themselves the horror and brutality of what these beheadings truly look like. Most Westerners who do watch, will not view the entire beheading. They are simply too horrific.

Which is precisely Gorka’s point. Once is all you need to understand the viciousness of the enemy we face.

The time has come to stop dancing around the Islamists and declare was on Islam just as we did on Germany and Japan and ignore the idea that the high percentage of Muslims are peaceful.

As Brigitte Gabriel so appropriately says “the time has come to throw political correctness in the garbage.”

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (

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  • Tim Kern

    Of course, comparing Hitler and ISIS is absurd, but comparing the world’s reaction to the rise of Hitler and the rise of ISIS are indeed comparable, with appeasement, condoning the taking of territory, and putting heads in the sand (voluntarily, while still attached).

    When you write, “Eliminate the Islamic State and Boko Haram still exists. Take out Boko Haram and al-Qaeda remains. Erase al-Qaeda from the picture and Hamas will take its place,” you’re talking about eliminating sections of the enemy. It’s like saying, “Eliminate the Brownshirts and the Gestapo is still there. Take out the Gestapo and the German Navy still sails,” and so on.

    The enemy in the late 1930s was following Adolf Hitler. The enemy today follows Mohammed. And just as you point out, most Germans (as most Muslims) aren’t in accord with the leadership. Did it matter then? Does it matter now?

  • Nathan Jessup

    It’s my opinion that the decision to invade Iraq is the worst foreign policy decision in US history.