Common Core: The straw that breaks the back of American education?

This is math?
This is math?

WASHINGTON, May 16, 2014 – Education is widely recognized as the most important element of success, growth for any nation. Common Core should be the last straw for angry American parents that are seeing our nation, and our children’s educations, degraded.

The thinly disguised federalization of Americas education system under the guise of “national standards” is a joke where on an almost daily, social media highlights yet a new Common Core horror story.

Perhaps the most popular are those that show how under the new Common Core teaching simple math problems are transformed into incomprehensible nightmares.

To understand the problem with Common Core is to understand the socialist education system.

The term socialist gets thrown around a lot these days. Words do have meanings and sometimes it is important to define those meanings.

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Socialism means the government plans the economic activity. This is versus Liberty is where the free market makes those decisions.

The best analogy for is this. In a socialist nation, people wait on bread. In a free nation, bread waits on people.

In America, the people now wait on the schools.

For those who are still fortunate enough to be able to purchase a home after five years of the Great Obama Depression, the number one driving factor for the home buying decision is the schools the house is zoned for.

The free market is taken completely out of the equation.

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If someone is wealthy enough, they get great schools. In many school districts there are either lotteries for optional schools or in the finest traditions of the old Soviet Union, people line up and wait for hours or even days to try and get their kids into optional schools.

There is a simple solution that perhaps Common Core may be the final trigger for.

Abolish the public school system.

Notice, it is abolish the public school system, not public education. There is a difference.

In every state the public school bureaucracy should be abolished. Public schools should be replaced with private schools.  Every child in the state would get a voucher to go to the school of his or her choice. Schools would then compete on a free market playing field for parents to choose which school their child would go to.

For poor kids, they will no longer be trapped in ghetto schools like New York City’s Public School 106.

In January, the media finally reported on New York City Public School 106.

PS 106 had no books and no activities for the students. Instead of educating them, the teachers just put them into the gym where they watched movies for hours and hours. The principle, one Marcella Sills frequently did not even show up for her job.

That school is in a neighborhood that is so poor, 98% of its students qualify for free school meals.

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Sills was eventually fired but now that the media storm has blown over, it is safe to bet those kids in that school district are still not getting a decent education.

If they had vouchers, their parents could take them to a decent school. With the efficiencies of the free market, some of those schools would probably be able to pick those kids up.

The free market encourages good behavior and punishes bad behavior. How long would a school like PS 106 survive in the free market?

The answer is, it wouldn’t.

Remember when bread waits on people?

In the American system, kids and parents wait on a school system that does a horrible job.

Common Core should be the straw that breaks America’s education system’s back.

But will American parents say enough and demand the kind of education system that made America the greatest nation on the face of the Earth?

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  • AlexisJaime

    I understand the method they are teaching and with some people it works better. The method they are teaching works well for me if I am doing the math in my head, but when doing it on paper the tried and true method I was taught just a few years ago works best for me.

    Teach the tried and true method and let each individual workout their own shortcuts for doing math in their head. Part of learning math is gaining the critical thinking skills needed to use the relationship of numbers to come up with one’s own method that works for themselves. This method bypasses critical thinking skills and simply passes a shortcut version onto the masses leaving the masses able to do the method but unable to understand why it works…. That is a bad way to teach. It teaches students to follow instructions to arrive at a desired outcome, but not understand why the instructions work.

    However that is the goal of government ran education, to make good little worker bees who follow the instructions of government and pay taxes like good little worker bee DRONES.

  • Guest

    How do you measure to cut a 2x4x8 84 inches long of wood to the length of with only a 60 inch ruler..??

  • James Russell

    How do you in two steps mark a 2x4x8 for a 84 inch cut with a 60 inch ruler..??

  • Kelly Payne

    It’s (principal) not (principle)

  • Datu Suki

    I am a conservative as they come. The US has been so behind in Math from other Asian countries for the last forty years and it shows. My daughter who the last four years studied in Asia, in a highly competitive private international school. The math they use is called Singapore math. She also attends Kumon twice a week. This year is her first year attending a public school in the US, and her first experience with Common Core math, guess what? She finds it to easy, not only that she is three years ahead of her grade level, with an average percentile at 99%. My question, is it common core. or our teacher and college students is just behind in Math due to lack of good foundation? In fact she even shows the teachers and some adults how to do it, including me

  • BJemtMom

    This is what we used to call Shortcut Math. After a thorough understanding of math principles, a person can grasp using rounding and quick math “number sense” to solve minor equations. Without that initial strong foundation, most people just flounder, as it is just gibberish.

  • HottyToddy

    Why do you keep trying to come up with new ways to teach the material. The schools are failing. It’s the teachers and parents stupid. NOT how it’s taught….