Stylite diminishes Women Against Feminism movement

WAF Selfie Collage
WAF Selfie Collage

LOS ANGELES, August 11, 2014 — Women Against Feminism (WAF) is a burgeoning movement which gained international attention through a mocking Buzzfeed article in July. The WAF Tumblr blog site allows women and girls to submit written statements on why they do not need feminism.

Many of the posters choose to use a selfie image with their statement, but others simply post a photo of the statement. WAF also has a Facebook page, and with the free publicity, the promotion of the #WomenAgainstFeminism hashtag, and additional articles that capitalized on the Buzzfeed mockery, both social media platforms have seen a marked increase in subscribers.

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If nothing else, this is a testament to that fact that more women than we think wish to distance themselves from modern-day, third-wave feminism.

It should come as no big surprise that WAF has come under attack from the very feminist they eschew. While Cathy Young of Time magazine makes an effort to see WAF’s point of view, for the most part many of the articles are hostile, assuming the page is anti-progress and anti-woman.

Mariella Mosthof of Styleite asks, Why Is No One Talking About How ‘Women Against Feminism’ Are Mostly White and Straight?, as though being either “White” or “Straight” disqualifies you from judging feminism; particularly since both the second- and third-wave movements are primarily white and upper-middle class.

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Mosthof gets appropriately trashed in the comments section of the article: “Real women standing up against feminism. Awesome stuff,” one commenter cheers. “As usual, the feminist response is priceless.

“In fact, their response is one of the reasons that WAF exists in the first place.”

Match point for that person. Who needs patriarchal men? In its rush to tear down any detractors, it seems the feminist movement is destroying itself.

Another commenter slams Mosthof for her own bigoted stance:

“Stop it with the silly race card already. Just admit you are intimidated by the Women Against Feminism movement and as such the only argument you can construct is one involving ad hominem attacks regarding the color of their skin. […] so thanks for making yourself look like a total bigot.”

What I find distinctive about WAF — as opposed to the modern feminist movement — is the variety of women from all races, age groups, and walks of life. White, black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, stay-at-home moms, sex workers, scientists, executives, lesbians, transgendered, straight, and bisexual have proudly posted statements and commented on the Facebook page.

Some of the women are pro-life, others pro-choice; some are liberal, others conservative; many are Americans, but many are from other countries and continents. So despite Mosthof’s assertion that they are mostly white and straight, the photos and statements tell a different tale.

Looking beyond the 140 character tweets and the selfies, this writer dug deeper into the Facebook Notes. The Notes allow the women who want to say more to go into greater detail.

Those who really do not want their image shown can express their point of view while maintaining some degree of anonymity. The common threads among the selfie images and the Notes posts shows why this movement has gained so much steam, and will not be going away any time soon.

WAF do not need feminism because they are NOT victims.

Daisy writes in the Notes, “I don’t need feminism because I do not see myself as a ‘victim’ who needs to be protected from men.” Different forms of that sentiment are part of the selfie images as well.

This victim mentality in the feminist movement is most evident through the whole “rape apologist” and “rape culture” talk and advocacy. The latest video flooding my Facebook newsfeed is yet another Buzzfeed offering: “What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women”.

“Catcalling” used to be akin to an annoying form of flirting. Now feminists are placing it in the same category as an actual rape.

When Nia Sanchez, the current Miss Nevada was asked a question about colleges and sexual assault, Miss Sanchez, who is a fourth-degree black belt, dared to suggest that women could counter physical attacks and sexual assault by learning to defend themselves from a young age.

Feminists were apoplectic, blowing up Twitter, calling Miss Sanchez a rape apologist, and claiming she was enabling rape culture.

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This type of hyperbole is not only demeaning to actual rape survivors (some of the WAF women have stated as much), but it paints all men as predators. When Miss Sanchez dared to say that women need not be victims but should be able to feel confident in defending themselves, she was attacked by the women who supposedly advocate empowerment.

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  • Rebecca


    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      Thanks, Rebecca! Appreciate you reading and commenting.

  • Elise Marie

    Maybe you should get some information about “the Muslim world”, which is not all “Third World countries” and where women have rights and are happy. What the US soldier is talking about is not “the Muslim world” but the countries the US has invaded and destroyed. Yeah, war sucks for women. Oh yeah, and for men, too. Blame the US, not the invaded countries.

    • Not buying it

      Feminism regardless of it history has turned into a social class based movement with tendency to attack any dissent or discussion of it’s highly questionable hypothesis and theoretical claims about gender roles and the unproven historical facts claimed about these gender roles and how these roles translate in every day life in our current times , specifically the constant radical diatribe claims about rape culture , it’s acceptance and prevalence , the ever increasing accusations , academic and media editorial attacks on ever increasing number of people(men & women) based on gender theory alone , the average woman (non feminist) is witnessing an increasing number of males in their life’s justified or otherwise being attacked and designated as the enemy !!!, in lots cases these males are blood relatives , add to that some of the other outlandish proclamations such as (slut walks), (vagina marches), or border line silly like (bossy) …etc , are so out of touch with reality and everyday life of the average western women let alone the rest of the world that they starting to question these claims, I suspect the level of disillusionment to be a whole lot higher , therefore the (WAF) might be just the tip of the iceberg , this movement is not necessarily indifferent to women’s right’s here in the west or in the rest of the world (third or otherwise), its more of a sign of the feminism movement representing a social classelitist grouping, who view the world differently due to that social class they either inherently born into or striving to be members and leaders of , the main point is that they are not representing the average woman (western or otherwise) , what is perplexing though about this is the denial of that fact on the part of the feminist establishment currently and in the recent past, most polls showed significant number of women did not personally identify with feminism , even before the (WAF) , so it’s either they are over estimating their level of support or they are hoping this whole thing is just a temporary social storm that would pass soon !!!, they just might regret that mistake as a social class/elitist although feminism as a political representation of women will not necessarily lose it’s importance to women , it might have to adjust to the demands of those whom it claim to represent and not the ones lead it based on their social class alone.

    • Ishamut Scarlet Lei

      Elise, please enlighten me. I have read I’m sure hundreds of lies in the media about Sharia law. What is the truth, or where to find the truth?

      • Sectless Muslim

        If you want to learn the truth about Islam your best source is only Quran. Just read it. The stuff you heard about comes actually from Hadith books, which are 100 percent forbidden in Islam. Scholars promote them because it allows them to keep their positions high up there. Islam was restarted through Prophet Muhammad because Christians and Jews were listening to the fake religious laws of scholars/priests. I mean the priests would make up their own laws and say they came from God. Its actually a big sin in Islam. But Muslim priests are repeating the history and whatever today is happening in most Muslim countries are responses to that. Simply put, Allah doesnt like them. Any Muslim who disagrees with me must go through these verses:

        2:159 – Surely those who conceal the clear proofs and the guidance that We revealed after We made it clear in the Book for men, these it is whom Allah shall curse, and those who curse shall curse them too.

        16:105 – The only ones who fabricate false doctrines are those who do not believe in God’s revelations; they are the real liars.

        3:94 – Those who fabricate false prohibitions after this, and attribute them to God, are truly wicked.

        5:87 – O you who believe, do not prohibit good things that are made lawful by God, and do not aggress; God dislikes the aggressors.

        Even Allah knows what Arabs can do

        “The Arabs are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy, and the most likely to ignore the limits set by God and which God revealed to His messenger. God is Knowledgeable, Most Wise.” 9:97

        Did you know research shows that west is far more faithful to Quran than Muslim countries? If you read the Quran you will know why. You will see how our laws are in tune with this text. Muslims have sects which is forbidden in Islam. Muslims listen to hadith books, the work of someone who came 250 years after the death of the Prophet. Majority of the stuffs written in it are against Quran. To make things worse, it overrides the verses. Here is the funny thing, these Muslims get angry towards a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, but they have no problem with nasty lies written about his private life in hadith books. To honor these books, they kill ex Muslims. But when we show them the proof that hadiths are evil and man made, they mock Quran. Ladies and gentlemen, we have 1.6 billion frauds in this world. I won’t be surprised if Allah allows US to nuke the ISIS.

    • Ishamut Scarlet Lei

      I mean if its true that in Sharia law, which from what I have read is part of a division or maybe the majority of Islam?
      From what I have read Sharia law beats,tortures and murders women for the same crimes that men are let off with. Things like being whipped in streets, being stoned to death, having hands chopped off.

    • Ishamut Scarlet Lei

      I would love for all of these things to be made up propaganda.

      Also I read about Ana Lama. That because of her fathers position he has managed to carry on with his career and not lose followers.

      Also from what I have read Mohammad who people look up towards had sexual relations with Aisha, aged 10-12.

      I must admit I have not had time to delve right into things, but would love to do if you could point me in the right direction, to somewhere on the internet that is not biased propaganda hatred.

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      I did not use the phrase “all Third World countries”. Here is the exact sentence:

      “Yet the complete lack of women’s rights in the Muslim world and other third world countries is barely addressed by the Western feminist movement.”

      So let’s take Afghanistan. Where do women have rights in Afghanistan, and how has the US destroyed this? When a young girl gets acid thrown in her face for desiring an education, that does not seem much like a situation where the women “have rights and are happy.” From my understanding, it was the US “invasion” of this country that allowed them to build schools so that young girls and women could be educated. So how is the US to blame here?

  • TrentMax

    Fantastic article. I usually have something to add. But I got nothing. Slam dunk.

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      Thank you, TrentMax. Appreciate your reading and commenting.

  • nayan mipun

    aug 9, 2014, By the way, in places which are commonly perceived as wrong places for women like to today’s Middle East, men themselves do not necessarily have some good status, it is UNO propaganda that in the Middle East and Africa women are treated more wrongly than men, men too have their share to problem in these places,

    • Phil McCracken

      August 1914 WWI began. As women were fighting for the right to vote and ban alcohol men were being conscripted and fighting for their lives. In 1920 & 1922 prohibition was enacted and women got the right to vote, but again did not have to fight when WWII began. We can’t discover the truth by looking through distorted lens’s.

    • marcetienne

      Exactly right. Men are forced to fight wars sometimes as young as six years old. Boka Harem burnt hundreds of boys alive but nobody cared until they kidnap the girls, then suddenly everyone heard about them and it was all about how women are mistreated.

  • NewMHRA

    “…so desperate to escape their situation that they attempt to kill themselves by setting themselves on fire with kerosene”

    Just like Thomas Ball in front of the Cheshire County Court House, and all the other men that kill themselves after being abused by “western” society. There are plenty of atrocities happening here as well, but in most cases it’s men who are abused to the point of dousing themselves on fire, so it’s pretty much ignored.

    I’d also note that Boko Haram killed hundreds of men and boys but they weren’t mainstream news until they kidnapped the girls (which is likely why they did it.)

    I don’t mention these as a criticism of your article, but to point out that feminism has been the driving force behind biased laws and their pressure dictates which stories make it through corporate/political media outlets (they’re the ones being pandered to.)

    What I find most interesting about WAF is that they’ve come to the conclusion that feminism is a damaging force from a different angle than the men who are against feminism, but our observations about feminism and feminists are very similar.

    I’m glad there are Women Against Feminism speaking out, and I’m glad you’re willing to swim against the feminist tide that’s trying to nullify them.

    This is an excellent article and I appreciate the thoughtfulness and time it took to write.

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • iggy

    Thank you for taking the time to address some of the silly feminist ideologue claims like racism.

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      You’re welcome, Iggy. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Phil McCracken

    Boko Harem murdered all the boys at a couple of those schools. That’s the problem with feminism/gynocentrism. It implicitly denies what happens to males. It only looks at half the population while blaming the other. If their were a famine with an entire population starving with %80 of the dead males, the feminist cry would be for saving that %20 of women whilst implying men were at fault for a drought. Let’s also forget about the forced, even UN sanctioned circumcision and worry only about female genital mutilation. The feminist movement is in fact without any universal principles of fairness and equality for ALL people. And please stop repeating that men in the middle east are living in a dream on the backs of poor women.

    • DukeLax

      “Hyper-gynocentrism”…can blind a society to any struggle a man or boy can face, especially it theirs an unspoken “media lace curtain” that spins constant bias into society.

    • marcetienne

      Thank you for pointing out the political diversity of these women. I’m tired of the stereotypes that anyone who challenges modern feminism must be conservative. That is nonsense. They are sick and tired of the bigotry and sexism that modern feminism has become. They have written all kinds of laws that exclude male victims of domestic violence from state funded services. in California we had to sue the state to overturn the law as unconstitutional, and feminists tried to keep it gender specific. Feminists like the National Organization for Women spent years fighting against a joint custody laws while they say they want equal rights.

      • Jennifer O O’Connell

        You are welcome! Thank you for reading and commenting.

        • farkennel

          He wasnt talking to you.Ego much?Why didn`t you mention the boys being burned to death? Only kidnapped girls matter?

    • Thank you!

  • Mark Neil

    “When Miss Sanchez dared to say that women need not be victims but should be able to feel confident in defending themselves, she was attacked by the women who supposedly advocate empowerment.”

    Of course she was. Feminists don’t want confident women, they want victims. They want women to be raped. They want those women to doubt the authorities. They want those victims to come to them instead, to justify their money machines (rape crisis centers) and their demands for more and more power, over schools, over men, over government. It’s why they are so opposed to women taking personal responsibility for their own safety… as doing so gives those women self confidence, and helps protect them in many cases, denying feminists another victim. It’s why they promote the idea that going to police is pointless… that police won’t believe victims, that they will just re-victimize them, that they’ll just blame them for being attacked. It’s why they point to Steubenville as being representative of our cultural views on rape, while doing everything in their power to pretend the Duke Lacrosse case is just a single example with no meaning whatsoever…. and completely missing the point that both cases are singular examples and nether should be used to represent society as a whole.. that the truth rests somewhere in the middle.

    • When MIss Sanchez made her statement, she was actuay trying to help women. But feminists are too oblivious to even know what helping women actually is.

  • kevin reilly

    I am delighted that women are speaking out against feminism. Feminism is not about equality but superiority for women. The women against feminism are for equality, true equality as are most men I know. Please check out avoiceformen if you would like to learn more about men’s rights.

    • Ishamut Scarlet Lei

      I’ll check out a voiceformen Kevin because iv found after joining a few men’s rights groups that many of them are just as bad as the feminists

      • Riku

        Hey Ishamut,

        yes there are always radicals. Where did you join? Red pill reddit etc. is for a huge part just as trashy as feminist sites.
        But extremists are being handled differently between those two movements.
        Misogynist MRA like Peter Nolan and others are being called out (by many, many people, among them the leader, Paul Elam), denounced and booted out of avoiceformen. Avoiceformen also distanced itself from the Manosphere, which red pill reddit is part of. The moderation of comments is excellent. Once in a while they get really extreme comments suggesting the use of violence etc. against women. Those comments are not only swiftly deleted, but posted in an article as an example of how not to do it.
        I don’t agree with everything they say, I think they’re wrong on quite a few points, but that’s what I like about it: I can say so in an article, will (usually) get a good discussion about the topic and the author also often responds and thanks me for the feedback. Differing views are welcome there.
        On most feminist sites, not so much.

        • Ishamut Scarlet Lei

          I’m scrubscribed to a few on youtube, off the top of my head without having a good look..only one I can remember is MGTOW. On facebook Barborossa, intact america, although just looked and seems like the page has been abandoned. humm you’ve made me think I need a clear up. nearly 400 likes and trying to find the mens rights things so I can tell you but its taking too long. Im not on that many, around 3-5 I would say. If you don’t include mens humor lol

          Other than that have generally just read articles on random websites or random forum discussions without paying attention to what website it was.

          Thanks for the suggestions people 🙂

      • PlainOldTruth

        On A Voice for Men, look for people who have a full understanding of the “anti-patriarchy,” what its roots are, how it has been systematically imposed through its leaders (and the method designed for its deployment), and what its goals are. Those who have the intellectual curiosity to learn about it come to realize it is not about misandry or even favoring women (though feminists and opportunistic and borderline PD women will certainly exploit it for that purpose. When you grasp the philosophy you will understand that if you are anti-feminist you are by definition “racist” (genocide or race discrimination against white folks is not “racism”) and that if you a heterosexual you are in the way of “progress.”

        The “patriarch” is the root of all evil, because fatherhood is, in that ideology, the root of all evil. This is why the dogmatist push the idea that “children belong to the community” (in practice, to the government bureaucrats who will grab you, cage you, even drug you or kill you if you do not obey). Anti-patriarchy is about equality of outcome and holds that high-achievers are members of an evil “hegemony” and must be dealt with. It is a very well-ensconced ideology. This is not my opinion. This is what I know from long-term association with its professional and influential adherents, many of them in leadership positions for decades.

        The Men’s Right Movement still has far too many ostriches, but, we have to face the fact that most anybody under 50 has grown up with indoctrination rather than learning truthful history and that programming (behaviorist conditioning) has been inculcated and full range critical thinking faculties have, whenever possible, been undermined by politically correct pedagogy methods. We have to educate OURSELVES now.

        • Pat Riarchy

          So, what are you doing today to maintain the rage against men

      • kevin reilly

        do check it out.

  • ElixirThief

    The fact that many Feminists claim that WAF doesn’t matter because it’s supporters aren’t “real” women, really tells you a lot about modern Feminism.

    • DukeLax

      It does seems that the WAF movement is mostly younger women, but its also the younger women that are seeing that nearly 2 out 3 college graduates are now female. These younger women are the canaries in the mine to speak.

  • l jess

    feminism, The movement to bring women the right to what they want – As long as what they want is what feminism tells them to do.

  • PlainOldTruth

    I LOVE Women Against Feminism. The do not wish to be controlled by authoritarian cultists. The Women Against Feminism folks who would not have passively stood by when authoritasrian cultists of the Khmer Rouge variety, or the Bolshevick Socialist variety, or the German National Socialist variety started cracking down on “incorrect” sapeech and “incorrect thought. — I LOVE Women Against Feminism.

  • Csibi Attila

    more like ”causes furor among ignorant feminists”

  • Feminism is the philosophy that all men are evil and that women should be like men. WTF?

  • “NO” means no to feminists, unless you are a woman saying “no” to feminism, in which case, “no” means feminists abuse and humiliate you until you give in.

    • Shonen Hikada

      Dude to feminist Yes doesn’t always mean yes.

  • Destro7000

    I applaud Women Against Feminism for speaking out in between the caustic mass volley of statements that seem to be issued every week against Guys. I’ve always thought men & women should be equal, not got into jobs dominated by women, and never seeked nor attempted to harm a woman or put them down…but I get so much abuse directed at me by Feminists without me saying anything, and trying to keep my actions fair to all kinds of people (I am a Humanist).

    To be honest I’m scared of Feminists of this modern movement and I actively avoid dating anyone these days because nearly everyone seems to belong to this movement.

  • DukeLax

    I believe that todays gender-feminists are going to continue to pervert American law enforcement, continue to push more and more manufactured statistics Alliances into law enforcement, until we reach the point where hetero-relationships become a legal liability for guys, and we are forced to go “MGTOW” just to retain our basic due process rights.

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  • bawoman

    Thank you so much for this article. As a WAF myself, its refreshing to realize that we are, in fact, being listened to.

    • DukeLax

      hey, i don’t know how much of the average public is listening to you, but you definitely caught the attention of the MRM.

    • JuanSigma

      The important thing is that women, who thought they were alone in thinking that feminism was damaging society, are now realising they are not alone. The internet is bypassing the media outpourings of those that want WAFs to be silent.

      I thank every WAF for their stand. It is a massive milestone that may signal the start of true equality in the West and beyond.

    • K Pow

      Yes, we are.

    • Jennifer O O’Connell

      You are welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Lisette Muntslag

    Finally people are catching onto the extremism of gender feminism that wrecks the cradle and affects society at large……………what goes around always comes around…….KARMA!

  • Kiran Buenafe

    A fair article done with actual research. It’s funny how every time feminists try to tear Women Against Feminism down, they only serve to strengthen their cause and their resolve. Feminists show us at every turn why women should reject them and their corrupt gender movement: feminists are hateful, spiteful, hypocrites with an over-developed victim complex with no basis grounded in reality. And they are so blinded by their hate that they display it flagrantly and openly for all the world to see.

  • RiseOfDivergents

    Feminism did not achieve anything for women, it is the democracy that achieved everything for the whole society, it is the democracy the “xyz right” movement became successful. We are indebted to (Common) men for bringing democracy for us. It is the societal progress and science & technology that brought comfort to women, feminism tries to take the credit for something it has not accomplished.

    Feminism is what feminism does, it is not what dictionary definition says, dictionary definition is a smoke screen to hide their bigotry and sexism. There was no first wave feminism, in fact there were suffragettes and women’s right movement, feminism did not become visible until 1960s, they just hijacked others efforts and claimed them as their own . The irony is they use women to pursue their evil agenda because they successfully convinced the masses that feminism= women, it paints women in a very very bad light while creating confusion and controversy between the genders. They get the power from the masses by showing them dictionary definition, this shows how vile and corrupt they are.

  • RiseOfDivergents

    Feminists: Feminism is about choices for women.
    Women: We are not feminists.

    ^^ common response from feminists to Women.

    Feminism= Two times Misogyny + one time Misandry

    • Rebecca George

      I’ve never seen a feminist really say “It’s about choice.”. Honestly because they told me I had no choice of who to vote for. It was 2011-12 election season and 3rd wave feminism spawned from it. These feminists for some reason, got it in their head that bullying and telling other woman that that they have no choice — Was standing up for women’s rights. They were a bunch of pseudo-progressives. They are like National Socialist.

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  • Shonen Hikada

    I like how atheist don’t like feminist because feminist use the same religious pressure tactic, and shaming to get people to join their group, and or control their behavoir.

    • K Pow

      Patriarchy is the devil and disagreeing with feminism is Heresy. Im sick of it.

  • ralf

    I have never seen a feminist leader or a feminist organization
    to stand up for actual equality, but 10000 times for treating women better than
    men and for exempting women from responsibility.

    I have never seen a feminist leader or a feminist
    organization to request women to take responsibility, but 10000 times excusing
    or silencing talks about female DV, murders, child abuse, infant murder etc.
    and then asking that women should be always tread like innocent victims, while
    men are always to be treated like perpetrators.

    All the early feminist writings and many today are full of
    hatred towards men.

    Feminism is what feminism does, NOT what the dictionary

    Feminism was never and is not about equality. It is and
    always has been about getting better treatment for women on the expense of men.
    At times that was justified, it is not anymore. And the outrages hate against
    men was never justified, but feminism is still full of it.

    Since quite a long time feminism is only about making women
    infantile, responsibility-free, self-centric pampered little victims and making
    men shame-ridden, all-responsibility-carrying fulfiller of feminist superiority

    There is nothing honest and nothing good in feminism.

    This is the reason why real women do not fall for feminism
    anymore. Real women want real equality in rights and responsibility and not the
    feminist female superiority hypocrisies!

  • Kaitlyn Mosebar

    I’m on this waf. Facebook page. And it’s awesome. No I don’t agree with everything, but for the most part it’s great. They aren’t against all feminism, but modern day feminism. They want equality among all. Not equality as in women should do everything men do, cause we are different. But that women should have the same rights as men and same oppurtunities. And that laws should be equal.

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  • Layan


    I really liked your article and I am for the WAF movement. However the following line from your article bothered me:

    “Yet the complete lack of women’s rights in the Muslim world and other third world countries”

    The main Muslim world that is portrayed to the west is KSA, and unfortunately I am in agreement that there women’s rights there is horrible: being forced to cover up, not allowed to drive, not allowed to be seen, etc.

    However please look at other Muslim world countries to see where woman are treated almost as equals in society, such as Oman, U.A.E and Malaysia. I am from Oman personally and there is no lack of strong independent women around me and in my society, nor have I have a felt a day of oppression. The countries I mentioned do each have some issues that need to be addressed but the same can be said about the U.S and hopefully can be resolved one day.

    Just please don’t generalize =) It’s bothersome when people do that.

  • Marie Von Bonk

    Oh my goodness I was so excited reading this! I am part of the WAF movement and I have read so many articles on us that were absolutely ridiculous; mostly feminist articles trying to tear us down and call us women haters. This article, though, was amazing. It shows exactly what WAF is about. It’s about recognizing that men are also oppressed, that women in the US do not have it as bad as they believe they do, that feminists in the US only care about what’s going “wrong” in this country while abandoning their sisters in others, and that us women AND men (we happily coexist with males in our movement despite the title “Women” Against Feminism) simply do not want to recognize ourselves as feminists and we should not be chastised for that. A beautiful article!

    ALSO!!!! I got so excited to see that part of my comment made its way into this article! “I do not need feminism because my son deserves respect from the women who enter his life.”

  • SLS

    If those “feminists” don’t realize by now that WAF are moving against modern feminist movements and priorities while maintaining first gen feminism ideology, I don’t know what to say. I would join in FB too but I use FB to talk to family and friends. I’m better off following via tumblr and reading links about say for example, the “wage gap” myths and other fake stats proven wrong from those that know where to get proper data.

    It’s good on their move. I prefer first gen feminism over the modern feminism after getting a glimpse from information they had and what caused the group to be. If I was more active on social movements, I would give more praise for WAF speaking out against the false stats and the priorities a good chunk of modern feminists are overlooking.

  • Emman

    I want you guys and girls to write about men supporting women against feminism too. Let’s be gender neutral seriously. I feel like i’m being silenced or that my opinion doesn’t matter because i am a male.

  • subbie

    Very few things make me happier than seeing women speaking out against modern first world feminism. Even though it’s harmful to women too, it provides them with so much benefits that it takes real character to not align with it. As well as a critical mind.

    If I was able to meet a girl with the same level of intellectual honesty as you, I would be so very happy.

    Just today I figured that maybe anti-feminists and male rights movements are going at it the wrong way. As long as we try to point out how it hurts men, many ignorant people will automatically assume we are fighting against women.
    Maybe we should first focus on how feminism is harming women. This is a subject that I think more people would actually pay attention to. And since the reasons why it’s harmful to women is pretty much the same as why its harmful to men, both genders will benefit.

  • Elba

    A man- yes a MAN- challenged my petite, very feminine sister to a fight a few years ago. This I strongly believe is the result of all this “men and women are equal” garbage. What is even more shocking to me is that no bystanders stood up for her (it was a strange man fighting over a parking spot). Men are more likely to not take care of the weaker sex now, less likely to help them or hold open a door. All because of this phony fraud to create more workers to pay taxes and also create more female workers who won’t have babies. It was a double edged sword deliberately wielded by the de-population UN agenda- you bet it was and this was NO theory- its a fact. Read some historical documents and ideas proposed by the change agents from as long as 80 years back. Very enlightening.