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Wikileaks’ Julian Assange ‘escapes’ UK? Bill Still report claims he has

Written By | Jan 29, 2018

WASHINGTON, January 27, 2018: In a video report just-released Sunday evening, YouTube-based journalist Bill Still claims that Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has already left the UK en route to parts unknown. CDN has no way of confirming this report. Confirmable or not, the report falls into a scenario that has apparently been developing since sometime in December, 2017 and perhaps before.

The fate of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

A recent report posted on an Australian news site noted

“A LONDON court will rule on February 6 whether to drop an arrest warrant against Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, after his lawyers made a surprise request for the move in Westminster Magistrate’s Court.”

On January 11, the hard left-leaning, UK-based Guardian reported this interesting item:

“The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was made an Ecuadorian citizen last month, the nation’s foreign ministry has revealed, in an attempt to resolve the political impasse over his continued presence in the UK.

“The 46-year-old has been naturalised after living for five and a half years in the cramped, Latin American country’s embassy in Knightsbridge, central London.”

In a followup to that news on Friday, January 26, the right-leaning Telegraph filled in a number of blanks:

“Julian Assange has pleaded for a warrant for his arrest to be cancelled so he can leave the Ecuadorian embassy as he is suffering from ‘depression and a terribly bad tooth.’

“The Wikileaks founder, who has been holed up for five and a half years, has argued that the only thing stopping him leaving the building and heading to the South American country is a threat he will be held by police for breaching his bail conditions.

“His lawyers argue that as proceedings in Sweden over rape allegations have now been dropped the British arrest warrant has lost its purpose.

“But he is unlikely to leave the Knightsbridge embassy yet, as Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot  reserved her judgement until next month.

“‘I am particularly concerned that there is some medical issues,’ she told Westminster Magistrates Court. ‘I am aware that he has depression, frozen shoulder and a terribly bad tooth.'”

But, notes the BBC, on the governmental and diplomatic fronts

“The UK has refused to guarantee that Mr Assange will not be extradited to the US if he leaves the embassy.

“In April 2017, US attorney general Jeff Sessions said arresting Julian Assange for releasing classified US information was a ‘priority.'”

The Bill Still video

Enter Bill Still’s Sunday night video. In the following clip Still announces, with seemingly valid documentation, that Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has, in fact, already left the UK. Inferentially, he could be on his way or already in either Switzerland, Ecuador or the U.S. Bill reports, you decide:

In this video, Still also refers to ongoing secret intelligence and military moves that have allegedly been occurring in various places around the globe. They may be related to gathering evidence countering Democrat-, Clinton-, and DNC-centric propaganda efforts – supported by the Obama holdovers in the FBI and the DOJ – to oust President Trump for allegedly “colluding” with the Russian government to throw the 2016 election to Trump. It is these “intelligence forces” that are alleged to have assisted Wikileaks’ Julian Assange in his equally alleged “escape” from the UK.

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Still also references the recent and mysterious “Q” missives. Currently hot items on Reddit and the right, Q’s riddle-like missives resemble the ambiguous prophecies of Nostradamus. Intepreted in one way, they give credence to the ongoing activities of a “counter-coup” against President Trump by the Obama holdovers. It is reasonably clear that Q, and perhaps some straight-arrow law enforcement figures, are eager to reveal to the public what is almost certainly the worst example in this country’s history of the political weaponization of key intelligence and law enforcement agencies to remove a duly-elected American president from office.

But at this point, we have no idea exactly who “Q” or the “Q collective” actually is, though he/they is/are rumored to be current or former intelligence officials. But because of all this mysteriousness – which, in this climate, may very well be warranted – we have no idea whether the Q riddles contain facts or disinformation. Or both.

An additional problem: Many Americans have the same issue with CNN and their media ilk. For that reason, individual Americans are forced to create a political picture that’s built on information that’s either questionable, unreliable, unverifiable or all of the above.

Wikileaks’ Julian Assange and the Plot to Dump Trump

The politics and motivations of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange have always been hard to pin down precisely.

Wikileaks has long been an organization that on balance seems primarily devoted to publicizing secret and/or highly-classified information closely held by the U.S. government. Wikileaks’ Julian Assange unquestionably aided, albeit indirectly, the Trump campaign through massive email dumps exposing the corruption running rampant throughout the Hillary Clinton campaign organization and the DNC. In fact and by implication, these document dumps also pointed an accusatory figure at the substantial number of loyal, political plants Obama carefully installed in Federal decisionmaking positions via permanent U.S. Civil Service appointments.

These Obama plants still control the higher echelons of both the FBI and the DOJ, and have largely been responsible for the ongoing attempt to oust Donald Trump from office, almost certainly via bogus charges.

Any objective citizen on either side of the aisle may wonder at all the dueling conspiracy theories that have dominated the media ever since the surprising election of Donald Trump and even before. Yet voters and news consumers to the right of center have increasingly had to rely on reporters, bloggers, and video reports from non-traditional news sources like Bill Still to piece together the corrupt puzzle that currently defines U.S. governmental corruption in Washington, D.C.

The so-called traditional media have long been in the bag for Barack Obama, the Clintons, the Democrats and their collective drive to weaken the United States and force it into functioning as just another subsidiary of Globalization, Inc. The bias of these organizations has long been obvious to anyone who can see or is willing to.

On the other hand, so many of the conspiratorial threads running through the non-traditional media also give objective truth-seekers pause. How do we know we’re not reading just a batch of unverifiable rumors?

Harmonic Convergence in The Swamp?

The bottom line for those wishing to expose official wrongdoing in Washington is that those who truly wish to “Drain the Swamp” have arrived at the point where they must deliver the definitive goods rather than merely promising them week after week. If ever there were a time when the rumored Trump-RNC-Republican House and Senate-Wikileaks-Q axis needed to expose the longstanding corruption that has increasingly weakened the United States for at least three decades, that time is now.

Perhaps with Monday afternoon’s likely House Committee vote to release the already legendary “4-page Memo” held by Rep. Devin Nunes; and concluding with President Trump’s first State of the Union Address Tuesday evening, we will achieve some kind of political harmonic convergence. If that’s shaping up to be the case, expect yet another left-wing protest spectacle involving extreme left-wing Congressional Democrats and perhaps a noisy batch of illegal aliens planted by that cadre in the House observation gallery.

If the 4-Page Memo is revealed soon, and if Assange is actually set free in the near-term, this may finally be the week where we get some clarity on all the conspiracy theories that have been floated for well over a year, particularly if one or more of the alleged and deeply-placed anti-Trump conspirators begins to sing.

But one other thing iss for certain: If the House and Senate Republicans, Attorney General Sessions and President Trump truly want to “Drain the Swamp” before it becomes impossible, for the good of all Americans they must get on the same page, and soon. If and when they do so, don’t look for the Democrats and the corrupt officials that support them to go down without a vicious final battle.

Perhaps, as in those campy 1960s “Batman” TV serials, “the worst is yet to come.”

Note: This article was revised from an earlier version that gave an incorrect date reference for President Trump’s upcoming State of the Union Address to Congress.


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