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Who is obstructing peace talks between Russia and Ukraine?

Written By | Apr 11, 2022
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Russia strikes targets inside Ukraine. NBC News screen capture.

WASHINGTON — The Ukrainian and Russian languages have the same word for peace. In Cyrillic it is мир – pronounced “myr” or “mir.” Yet, while there have been proposals on how to move toward a ceasefire and peace put forward by the Russian government, the Ukrainian leader President Zelensky has rejected all offers to date. Despite pressure by both the United States and NATO officials, Ukrainian leadership refuses to formally “concede” to any terms or conditions proposed by Russian President Putin. Meanwhile, Ukrainians and Russians continue to suffer and die. Displaced persons and refugees now number in the millions. So who or what continues to obstruct real, productive peace talks between Russia and Ukraine?

Ukraine, Russia, and Media/Psyops

Daily reporting on the situation in different sectors of Ukraine present another type of warfare. Psychological war has escalated with the help of technologies fabricating locations, events, borrowing from films, video games and using deep fakes to craft their own narratives. All sides participate and test out their new weaponized psyops over Ukrainian territory similar to the testing and showcasing of new weapons used in Spain during the lead up to World War II.

Ukrainian and Russian citizen journalists compete with legacy media company newsreaders. Independent reporters are often more credible using their language skills and film noir videos. They have more invested than journalists coming from other nations. They and their families live in these countries.

The Standard Narrative obstructs possibilities for real peace talks

However, for news consumers worldwide, the main narrative is to fight. The media should be calling for peace. The West’s cancel culture crowd ostracizes anyone who comes out for a “reasonable ceasefire.” As they continue stirring up violence, resurrecting  ancient grudges, former injuries, and broken promises. The onlookers in other nations are encouraged to “take sides” and drool over the images of blood lust, devastation, and anguish.

With the use of phones and live streaming, anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world can view the horror of war like they would a video game. They can root for their side as they might for their favorite sports team.

Onlookers can be included in the second by second action of shooting prisoners of war (by the Ukrainian army and militias, for example). Or the bombing of entire neighborhoods. They can listen to interviews with women and children sheltering in bunkers for over a month in Mariupol, or see internally displaced persons (IDP) camping in tents over the winter.

They can watch Ukrainian soldiers harassing and mocking the mothers of Russian soldiers they killed and film themselves doing it, then post these vile videos online.

Still no legacy or mainstream media is promoting or focusing on strategies toward peace. It is as if “peace” or “ceasefire” are canceled. Installed Ukrainian president Zelensky will not utter these words aloud. He and his ministers chant, “weapons, weapons, weapons”.

Definition of “War Criminals”

Hypocritically, former proponents and implementers of massive bombing campaigns against sovereign nations such as the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, try to condemn Russians and President Putin for actions that pale in comparison to their legacies of destruction and death.

To name a few who have self-righteously paraded on news programs, podcasts, and popular talk shows: former US Presidents Clinton, Bush and former US Secretaries of State John Kerry, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton are all posturing against Russia…again.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden said in a speech at Warsaw’s Royal Castle.” The fiery address came just hours after Biden called Putin a “butcher” while he was visiting a refugee center for Ukrainians in Poland.

On his short trip to Europe, US President Biden called for “regime change” in Russia and denigrated Vladimir Putin publicly. This week he joked about starting World War III. No one is laughing.

Although the anemic Secretary of State Anthony Blinken tried to dismiss his boss’s words, and the State Department tried to “walk back” his statements, the damage was done.

Independent investigative reporters have uncovered false flag events.

The recent story about Russians randomly shooting civilians in Bucha, Ukraine as they retreated, supposedly left to die in the streets, has proved to be another “disinfo” designed to stir up strong emotions against the Russians.

Actual verified reports and videos of Russian soldiers being tortured and shot as prisoners, and of Ukrainian Russian speaking citizens being tortured by Ukrainian units, are suppressed by corporate media outlets. Instead, the dogs of war, gnashing their teeth and tearing the truth to pieces, have been unleashed.

No one is blameless in the shameless psyop battle except the children and civilians bombarded by all sides.

Sanctimonious Sanctions

While admitting sanctions do not work, have never stopped a war, but do create devastating economic consequences, Biden double talked during his recent speeches by saying: “they don’t work” but “they will work against Russia.”

Biden did not red team his sanction plan effectively. So the “hits just keep on coming” but to Europe, the USA, and other countries dependent on Russian exports.

Shifting Alliances

India, Japan, Greece, Pakistan, and China have not responded to the Russian attack as the USA and NATO hoped. Notably, the nearby countries of Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan have pledged support to Russia.

Finland and Sweden are sounding out the possibilities of joining NATO, as is Ireland, but member country Turkey is staying mute.

Germany is vacillating. The threat of having energy supplies cut is already causing tremendous social upheaval in Germany.

Russia benefits

Russia is countering the economic weapons of financial sanctions:  the SWIFT ban, ship lanes closed to their vessels, frozen assets, etc. The Economist headline proclaimed, “Western sanctions on Russia are like none the world has seen.” Yet Russia continues to endure.

“Europe stands to lose more from economic sanctions on Russia, since the continent relies a great deal more than the United States does on energy exports from Russia.”

Russia’s currency, the ruble, has risen steadily since the end of February 2022.

“The biggest jump in the ruble occurred when the Russian president announced that unfriendly countries — the European Union, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan — would have to pay in rubles for Russian gas. If European countries are forced to agree to it, they will have to exchange euros and dollars for rubles. This will create a big global demand for rubles, leading to a further rise in its value against the dollar and the euro. The ruble is used largely to settle domestic transactions in Russia.”

Some experts say the rally in the Russian currency hints at a trend toward” de-dollarization of global trade,”, especially in oil and gas. The US dollar is losing value and soon the major economies of China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia will be dealing/trading using actual precious metals and real commodities.

As political commentator Gerald Celente and blog writer Capitalist Eric remind us,

“All wars are bankster wars.”

But this time, they, the Globalists and bankers, will lose.

“The judo-move Putin made by demanding gold or rubles for assets he controls forces the arms of every Globalist Empire poodle-country in Europe behind their back, up to their shoulder blade. They have no choice, which means the Globalist Empire has no choice; they cannot back down or they lose everything. And for this Banker War, which their agents of NATO and the USA have absolutely no hope of winning, is for all the marbles. They’re going to lose, no matter what, and so they will start- through legitimate or illegitimate means-World War III.”

Long wars, not long peace

The drums of “insurgency” and “protracted war” beat a new narrative. In an attempt to “prepare the public” for war against Russia, every technique possible is being employed to corral the public and censor those who dare to question the emerging narratives.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, responding to questions on the probable length of conflict in Ukraine, declared:

“It’s a bit early, still. Even though we’re a month-plus into the war, there is much of the ground war left in Ukraine,” he added. “But I do think this is a very protracted conflict, and I think it’s at least measured in years. I don’t know about a decade, but at least years for sure. This is a very extended conflict that Russia has initiated,” Milley went on, “and I think that NATO, the United States, Ukraine and all of the allies and partners that are supporting Ukraine are going to be involved in this for quite some time.”

The military-industrial complex,(MIC) multinational corporations, and the technological industrial complex (TIC) are salivating over potential profits. The longer the war, the higher the returns.

However, it is crucial to remember that General Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have been dreadfully wrong in their perceptions and predictions of other conflicts and their adversaries’ military capabilities.

How quickly people forget what happened and what is still happening in Afghanistan.


About the Author:

Joanne Patti Munisteri lives a ‘different’ life. One that has taken her around the world working as a contractor in education, health, research, analysis, and training. Munisteri is a certified Combat Analyst and Social Scientist. She was part of the Human Terrain System (HTS) with the US Army, training at Ft. Leavenworth. Munisteri earned her Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Her graduate degree from Massey University in New Zealand. Her Diploma in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and TCM in Wellington, New Zealand.

Joanne continues to be rostered on the US Department of State Specialist programs and with USAID. Her technical writing is found in Small Wars Journal, Real Clear Defense, the  Journal of Traumatic Stress Disorders and Treatment, Research Gate, and the New Zealand Herald. In addition, Defiance Press published her non-fiction book, “Traveling Off the X” in October 2021. Joanne continues to work in the education and training sector.

Joanne lived and worked in both Russia  (2011-2012) and Ukraine (2015) as part of US government programs in medical and technical universities.

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Joanne Munisteri

Joanne Patti Munisteri lives a ‘different’ life that has taken her many places in the world. She works as a contractor in the fields of education, health, monitoring and evaluation, curriculum design, analysis and training. Joanne is a certified Combat Analyst and Social Scientist. She was part of the Human Terrain System (HTS) with the US Army, training at Ft. Leavenworth. She is a graduate of Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Massey University and the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her non-fiction book, “Traveling Off the X” is published by Defiance Press. Her personal website is: