Who is accountable when riots and destruction break out?

Will the Real Black America Stand Up Be Recognized and Be Responsible - photo credit - K.Fobbs

WASHINGTON, December 4, 2014 — America has entered an era which has created a shameful and tragic acceptance of violence, thuggery, wholesale personal destruction of property and lives under the guise of alleged racial wrongs and injustices. The nation has borne witness to this rise of riot by permission with the wholesale destruction visited twice upon Ferguson, MO, in the wake of the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Was Brown’s death by former police officer Darren Wilson the match that lit the fires and carnage that followed? The answer is found not in this incident but in the mouths that utter the words that incite that purposeful mayhem and destruction.

Think about it for a moment. Why did the community react so fiercely over the death of 18-year-old who was at the very least a bullying robbery suspect, caught on video? The convenient answer could be that there was so-called pent up anger in the community over possible wrongs and injustices visited upon the nary-do-wells of the community. These hoodlums of the night and their community sympathizers called for justice for Michael Brown, but truly wanted goods that could be stolen in bulk for themselves and their fellow compadres in crime.

So where is the accountability for this type of person’s actions who shouts out the name of a fellow young thief in training who happened to be on the wrong side of a police officer’s defensive action? The answer is simple; the lack of accountability is born in the heart of a mindset that is based on victimhood. The Ferguson community that supported the incorrect narrative that the ‘gentle giant’ aka robbery suspect Brown was a simple errant soul, who was minding his own business. Unfortunately his business was robbing another person’s business.

This of course is overlooked because after all, unlike President Obama who claimed during the 2012 election that private businesses, “If you got a business you didn’t build that, somebody else made that happen.” The 18-year-old robber believed the Obama mantra and somehow decided that he was entitled to the fruits of someone else’s labor, because after all, in some convoluted way, “he helped to build that.”

What is worse in this sort of mind numbing belief is the idea that riots and destruction somehow are the best way to vent frustration. It should be obvious that when this happens, they are burning up their jobs, their service providers and their organizational supports, the logic is faulty. Simply take a look at one of the dozens of videos of street thugs shouting as they leap through broken business doors and windows. This is not pent up frustration based upon racism; it is simply lawlessness and criminals disguised as protesters for justice.

The tragedy is more than the burning, looting and wholesale destruction of businesses that was built upon hard work and investment of a lifetime of sweat. The tragedy is that many of these videos showed faces that are easily recognizable by community people. They know who they are and they also know that these are the bottom feeders of their community. So, the question that has to befuddle most law abiding people in America as well as in Ferguson, is why are they not standing up and talking to the police?

Every community has its bad apples and bad seeds. Why let fear mongering by outside agitators and instigators rule the night with calls for riot and pillage? Do you not own your own future and your own destiny? Many of those arrested came from neighboring cities and neighboring states to bring their loathsome designs to Ferguson. They did not know Michael Brown, and perhaps did even care whether he lived or died. But what they did care about was a legally sanctioned payday to rip off “the man” be he or she white or black.

Well it’s time to say enough is enough and Ferguson can begin the healing by standing up and having its citizens take responsibility in their own hands. Name the lawbreakers who rioted and who burnt and who looted. Stop protecting criminals because of their race and have them prosecuted because of their felonious conduct.

To make real the promises of democracy stop the racial instigators at the city limit and turn them away. Tell Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the New Black Panther Party and all the others to move on down the line, because if they come into your city they will be arrested for intent to incite rioting.

In addition, when these purveyors of racial bigotry marshal hatred and raise up alleged injustices committed by “unknown and unnamed” racist cops, political figures, or slave masters from nearly two centuries ago, tell them shut up and get out. If they attempt to stay then hand them the bill for the millions and millions of dollars that result from damages and destruction. Take them to court and hold them accountable. You can be certain, if every city that is visited by these fear mongering parasites and is victimized by their calls for riots marches of destruction take them to court and bankrupt them they will cease and desist.

Last but not least are the people like Michael Brown’s media identified alleged stepdad Louis Head , aka the boyfriend of his mother Lesley McFadden,who urged on protesters to ““Burn this B**** Down!”  His pain may have been real, but his words should have been aimed at Michael Brown when he was alive. He, like many missing in action parents or caretakers take no responsibility but love to direct misguided anger at a false narrative.

A white police officer did not really kill Michael Brown’s dream for heading to college and perhaps discovering the cure for cancer or creating a better future for himself. No, the death of Michael Brown occurred like for many young black wayward youth in their infancy when the parents refused to be parents that raised their children up to respect, to obey and to cherish life, God and true principles of justice.

For all the others protesters in Ferguson or anywhere else in America, stop pointing fingers and attempting to hold other’s accountable for your failures. Stand up and look in the mirror and hold yourself accountable for the content of your own character and not for the color of your skin.

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  • Ann Cain

    Kevin, you’re a breathe of fresh air and the voice of reason in this time of hateful race baiting by our own administration. Thank you! I’m sharing far and wide.

  • kfobbs

    Thank you Ann for your kind words.

  • Steve Rogers

    What a mess.