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What’s in the Build Back Better bill, H.R.5376 bill?

Written By | Oct 21, 2021
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There is a huge internal fight going on in the Democrat party about the purposed Build Back Better bill, H.R.5376. The fight is between moderates and progressives. The reason for the great divide is that by accepting the hugely costly bill, estimates ranging from 2.5 to 7 trillion dollars, is that it will fundamentally transform America.

It is a socialist bill that contains everything from providing fist time home buyers with a free $25,000 down payment, to free college tuition for everyone. On top of those socialist dreams, is the complete destruction of our workforce by the environmental lobby. And don’t forget the racist hopes for BLM, which are covered in this bill that the radical left tries to pawn off as an infrastructure bill.

Build Back Better is little about infrastructure and everything about socialism and green dreams.

But most of us don’t have a clue about what is in the Build Back Better bill. And that is being purposely done. If Americans knew what was in the bill there would be an uproar. Nasty Nancy wants us to pass another Obamacare-like nightmare without being able to see what’s in it until it is passed. 

So here are some tidbits, from various sources, of what might be lurking inside the bill.

Only two Senate Democrats are opposing the Build Back Better bill. Those Senators are Joe Manchin from West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona. It only takes one of them to stop the entire bill, and Manchin has already partially collapsed by accepting a 1.7 trillion deal. Which omits many of the green dreams and socialist giveaways.

The bill coerces workers to join unions, imposes racial preferences on every facet of life, and redistributes money from workers to takers. There is a “First-Generation Down Payment Assistance program. This program caters to low-income, first-time homebuyers and has no conditions. First-time homebuyers can get up to $25,000 and never have to pay it back, whether they stay in the home or move for virtually any personal or financial reasons.

It’s free money — as long as you’re not the taxpayer footing the bill, as reported in the New York Post.

This program is part of Joe Biden’s scheme to bring the city to the suburbs and increase racial and economic diversity in the more affluent, mostly white areas surrounding major Democrat-controlled cities.

Then there are the Home Efficiency Rebates.

This bill offers up to $14,000 to homeowners who lower energy use by installing new heat pumps, air-conditioning systems, insulation, and energy-efficient appliances. It’s a pot of gold for homeowners who qualify and will bring tens of billions of dollars in new business for contractors.

It sounds too good to be true. And that is because it is. Unions contribute heavily to Democrats, so this bill includes that only union electrical contractors qualify to install the equipment. Use the lowest bidder, who doesn’t belong to a union, and there is no Home Efficiency Rebate money.

It seems that Biden and Democrat Senators are only servants for union members, not all Americans. It forces small business owners and their employees to join unions so that those unions can contribute even more to Democrats.

Racial and ethnic minorities also get preferential treatment.

The bill promises contractors a $200 bonus for each customer served from a “community of racial or minority ethnic concentration.” Again all Americans are not treated equally. Democrats have their new Jim Crow laws in this bill.. these are “eat Crow laws.” Whites go to the back of the line and have to hope the money holds out. So, if you are among the vast majority of America that is white, and want to upgrade your home under this bill, you must wait until the chosen minorities are given preferential treatment. Eat that Jim Crow.

There might be a constitutional question about this and many other parts of this very secret bill.

However, unions get more for their donations to Democrats in this bill.

The bill awards 1.48 billion to labor unions and community organizations to recruit and train workers to care for the elderly or disabled at home.

Yet, the perks keep going to the unions in this bill. The bill also includes preferential tax treatment for union dues, additional tax credits for buying union-made electric vehicles, and a staggering ten-fold increase in civil penalties against employers who resist unionization. In essence, this legislation forces businesses to allow employees to unionize, only hire union workers, citizens to purchase approved green cars, and unions to hide union dues from the IRS.

Top priority is being given to training workers in their rights and organizing them, according to the bill.

That means under this bill unions get to train new members on how to join the unions and vote Democrat. This is your tax dollars at work creating a new army of Democratic voters, at taxpayer expense.

Electric cars aren’t the only thing in this bill for the greens.

According to Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), conveniently hidden inside the Senate reconciliation bill is $8 billion to create a Civilian Climate Corp. This would be an EPA on steroids. A group of snowflake environmental wackos with enforcement authority. Nothing could be scarier than allowing tree huggers the authority to hinder business on a whim, with all the authority of the federal government behind it.

Also in the bill is free universal pre-K school, so parents don’t need to raise their children beyond potty training.

Currently, the bill fully funds it for only one year, but that is a ruse. Once it is in, it will never go away, just like their free community college within the bill. Right now it is only funded until 2024, but try to drop it during an election year. Yeah, right.

Diversity shows its ugly face in the community college section of the Build Back Better bill.

While whites only have it until 2024, it exempts those community colleges that cater to minority students. Their funding guarantee extends until 2030.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Build Back Better is “about the children.”

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman supports Pelosi’s talking point by opining that the bill is about “securing the future” for children.

The truth is this bill makes our children and grandchildren pay to undermine the freedoms that our founders fought for. It adds hundreds of billions of dollars to the federal debt. Debt that our children and grandchildren will be paying.

Not passing this bill would be the best outcome. This bill is as un-American as it gets. And it turns out that the very future of America’s economy, its social makeup, and our ability to work in a free society all depend on two Democrat Senators, Machin, and Sinema.

If they both succumb, the future looks dim.

The Build Back Better bill will only get worse the more we see. You be the judge on whether it’s good for America or not. If you think not, you should let your Senator know. Now. 



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Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.