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The Washington Swamp is having fun now. But November is coming

Written By | Jan 31, 2020
Washington Swamp, November is coming

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Until last week, the Washington Swamp was having fun. But then, a funny thing happened on the way to the Trump impeachment trial in the US Senate. Nobody in America cared. Broadcast media tried to stir the pot. But by Day #2 of the trial, even they were scratching their heads looking for any morsel of news they could find. They and the Democrats were haunted by one simple truth: November is coming.

An insane cast of inane characters

Meanwhile, back on the Senate floor, Congressman Adam Schiff launched the impeachment proceedings as the Democrats’ lead-off batter. Following his his extended whiff, the proceedings continued to go downhill. Before the dust had cleared, all the familiar cast members in this never-ending Washington soap opera / coup had made an appearance. At least in name.

Prominent among them were the Bidens, Robert Mueller, the Whistleblower whose name cannot be said, John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenesky, and even Bert and Ernie. Don’t they know November is coming?

What the current impeachment process really needs to spice things up is a badly-stained blue dress. That kind of lurid evidence might increase this impeachment’s dismal ratings. And we’re sure Adam Schiff could make one up. Something, anything that’s real might bring the debate back to a subject we can all understand.

The Democrats’ attempt to overturn the peoples’ choice for the White House

By now the Democrats’ fanciful but ambitious strategy is clear. They’re going for a double play by simultaneously attempting to remove Donald Trump from office and preventing him from seeking a second term.

The American people should be outraged at this costly travesty. Not just Republican Americans or Democrat Americans. But every American should be furious that one political party is attempting to override the will of the people as expressed in Election 2016. The Democrats are attempting to nullify the people’s vote in 2016 while preventing them from making a real choice in another. They forget that November is coming. Along with a day of reckoning.

The Democrat-led House justifies this position under the guise of “looking out for the best interests of their constituents.” They forget that November is coming.


Looking under the rocks while draining the Washington Swamp

During the process of draining the Washington Swamp, the president discovered hideous political monsters mired in the muck, slime and ooze of Washington. These horrible creatures are so nasty they make Godzilla and the Creature from the Black Lagoon look like Puff the Magic Dragon and the Geico gecko.

Their names are all-too-familiar. Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer have severely damaged the American democratic republic envisioned by our Founding Fathers. So much so that our Founders may not stop spinning in their graves for centuries. Congress under the Democrats currently running the House of Representatives appears to be governed by classic cartoon and movie comedy characters. Like the Katzenjammer Kids or the inept Keystone Kops. It’s that bad.

In today’s upside down political environment where the truth is false, up is down and right is wrong, one thing never changes. Left is still always Left.

Are the Bernie Bros. on-deck for the Dems?

Should the Democrats succeed in their ever so noble and holy impeachment cause, who knows? Bernie Sanders’ misguided socialist agenda may be their best alternative after all. But that would leave this country only one choice: national  suicide.

For those of us totally confused Americans, there is simply no way to comprehend all of this awful crap. Broadcast media today is so biased on both sides that the only way to make any reasoned judgment is to actually watch this depressing trial ourselves. That alone would be the kiss of death.

No matter who you watch for analysis, the bias that permeates this already confusing political story from the Washington Swamp only serves to further cloud the endless issues. Witnesses or no witnesses? Are Bolton’s insights relevant or not? Who’s lying? Is anyone telling the truth?

When Barack Obama was president there was never a doubt about prevarications. If Obama’s lips were moving, he was probably lying. Donald Trump would never win the “Abraham Lincoln Honesty Contest” either.

Compare and contrast

“Brilliant,” declared CNN, following Adam Schiff’s opening statement last Wednesday.

Sean Hannity at Fox called Schiff’s presentation nothing more than two hours of “lies.”

Conclusion. It was probably two hours of “brilliant lies.”

Monday, Ken Starr began the Trump defense to the cries of “lying” from CNN, MSNBC et al.

Not surprisingly, the Hannity crowd saw it as “awesome, tremendous and superb.”

So these two advocates either presented “brilliant lies” or “awesome falsehoods.” It’s your choice.

Either way, the real loser here is the American people. Along with nearly 250 years of American democracy so many people paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve. But only for an angry mob of disenchanted knuckleheads to destroy in a few days.

Remember November

“We, the people” may be tuned out on the impeachment. But the Washington Swamp needs to know that in a little more than 250 days the national polls will actually open again. That’s when Congress and the media will really find out how much we have been paying attention to their lunacy and how much we care.

Suffice it to say that the Americn people are PO’ed.

Ringling Brothers folded their Big Top not long ago. But the current, bizarre political circus will likely never leave the Washington Swamp. What’s even worse is that the Washington “Freak Show” only gets bigger with each new election.

— Headline image:  Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Legal Insurrection.

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