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Washington hypocrisy: Politicians sniping and grousing at the same time

Written By | Jan 6, 2020
Washington hypocrisy, politicians

Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with

CHARLOTTE, NC – It was inevitable… as predictable as Christmas falling on December 25th. Yet another epic political tantrum to launch the New Year. This one concerns the opposition of one party’s politicians to the current president’s aggressive defense of the American embassy in Iraq. But that’s the nature of the hypocrisy of American politics. More precisely, the unique brand of hypocrisy we routinely encounter in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. I.e., the kind of Washington hypocrisy we see in the following example.

  • President Donald Trump takes out an Iranian general with an airstrike, and the opposition cries “foul!”
  • Earlier in time, President Barack Obama kills Osama bin Laden and encounters relatively similar reactions.

The only reasons Obama got a little less heat? The notoriety of the target; and, perhaps more importantly, because that president was a media darling in the glassy-eyes of the hyper-partisan media. Bottom line: Washington politicians, 24/7, are sniping and grousing at the same time, all the time. And it’s hazardous to our nation’s political health.

Defining Washington hypocrisy down

Regardless of who occupies the White House, the response from Washington politicians is always the same. The president doesn’t have the authority to act UNLESS… Unless, of course, he represents the party currently in power on the Hill. When the party in power makes a move, then that’s different, because they always, always, always take the moral high ground.

Yeah, right.

Here’s a solution to that recent take down of a notorious Iranian mass murderer. Let’s impeach Donald Trump.

Oops. Can’t do that. That’s already on the books…more or less.

There is another option, however. Why not charge the president for the attack that killed Iranian General Qasem Suleimani? According to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that attack was “provocative and disproportionate.”

Ask if the so-called Democrats, as they are now configured, if they care one iota about the safety and security of the American people. Answer: (crickets). Washington hypocrisy in a nutshell.

And so the dung heap continues to grow in Washington. It adds an ever-increasing stench to the Democrats’ well-known abject hatred of one individual, America’s current constitutionally elected president, Donald J. Trump.

A brief look at reality on the ground in Iraq

Let’s forget all the fear-mongering for a moment and take a big dose of reality. The Federalist gets it right:

“Iran needed to learn a hard, swift lesson. For four decades, it has ratcheted global temperatures up and down with a close eye on America’s reaction. Kidnapping, terror, extortion, sabotage, and blockades have all been used since the Islamic Republic’s inception in 1979. On Thursday, the U.S. president made Iran understand what should have always been understood: Orchestrating an attack on a U.S. embassy is a line no country shall cross.”

How quickly we have forgotten how many timid lines Barack Obama drew in the sand. How many times those lines were crossed and how nothing ever happened because of it. Obama’s idle threats accomplished nothing other than to further embolden Islamic ideologies. And, in an ironic way, those idle threats convinced extremists of the justice of their pursuits as endorsed by Allah.

Truth and consequences under Reagan and Trump

If nothing else, Islamic extremists are pragmatic. The one thing they do respect is strength. Remember when Ronald Reagan devastated Iran’s navy after they attacked a U.S. warship? The little bullies who thought they could intimidate Reagan quickly backed down. They knew they were no match in a strength for strength conflict.

Donald Trump has the same Reaganesque mindset. Ask today’s Democrat politicians if the name Neville Chamberlain rings a bell the next time you see them grousing about a leader actually willing to lead and to accept responsibility for his actions. What you will find is more Washington hypocrisy.

Stability in the Middle East is either an oxymoron or a relative term. That part of the world habitually encounters hostility on a constant basis. The only variation? The Middle East has periods of time when hostility is greater, contrasting with time when hostility is slightly less so. Politicians ignore this at their convenience and at our peril.

Trump warned Iran that there would be serious consequences in the aftermath of their autumn drone strike on a key Saudi oil installation, followed by others attacks on tankers in the Gulf. But at the turn of the new year, when an American embassy became Iran’s latest target, the president kept his promise. He drew the line; Iran crossed that line; and, unlike Barack Obama, Donald Trump almost instantly retaliated.

Once again, the red telephone in the White House rang in the middle of the night. Only this time, Iran took the hit. This time, our nation did not need to endure watching four Americans die in a place called Benghazi because the previous president and his secretary of state couldn’t (or wouldn’t) respond quickly enough. No Washington hypocrisy here.

The future of the Middle East. If there is one…

Only time will tell what happens in the future in the on-going tribal bloodbath that is the Middle East. War is a stupid, mindless and brutal way to settle disputes, even if the warring ethnic and religious tribes of the Middle East don’t see it that way. As for the United States, however, our best politicians and leaders always understand one simple fact. Namely, that operating from a position of strength always proves far better than dying due to a position of weakness.

No American wants another war. The world already holds far too many military cemeteries now. We don’t need more.

That said, if the current 2020 crop of Democrats in Washington had been in charge on D-Day, we just might all speak German as our native language.

The military and political debates continue in the nation’s capital. And these debates continue with the current, over-the-top brand of never-ending political sniping that characterizes Washington hypocrisy. Which also, by the way, provably accomplishes nothing.

Only one thing is certain when it comes to Congressional politicians and their traditional Washington hypocrisy. When the next Democrat president makes a crucial, unilateral move like Donald Trump just did, we will watch Republicans grandly and hypocritically claim the new president has no authority either.

It’s inevitable.

— Headline image: Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with

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