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Views on the News: The Decline of the West continues apace

Written By | Aug 27, 2017

WASHINGTON, August 27, 2017 – Since the mid-1930s, the Marxist left has steadily infiltrated and taken over key institutions in the U.S. and throughout the West.

Here in the U.S., this relentless subversion has nearly succeeded in completely secularizing most Protestant religious denominations by installing leaders willing to subordinate their religious beliefs to the false gods of secular leftists and violent social justice warriors (SJWs).

Now they’ve infiltrated the U.S. Roman Catholic Church, aided and abetted by the Vicar of Christ Liberation Theologian currently serving as Pope. Dispiriting news from the American front, via Gateway Pundit:

167 Year Old California Catholic School Removes Statues of Mary and Jesus to be More Inclusive

Officials at the San Domenico School in California decided recently to remove the Catholic statues and icons in a move to be seen as more inclusive.

The school is celebrating its 167th year.

At least one tuition-paying parent is calling out the school’s Politically Correct administration:

“Articulating an inclusive foundation appears to mean letting go of San Domenico’s 167-year tradition as a Dominican Catholic school and being both afraid and ashamed to celebrate one’s heritage and beliefs,” wrote [Shannon] Fitzpatrick, whose 8-year-old son attends the school.

She added, “In our time here, the word ‘Catholic’ has been removed from the mission statement, sacraments were removed from the curriculum, the lower school curriculum was changed to world religions, the logo and colors were changed to be ‘less Catholic,’ and the uniform was changed to be less Catholic.”

Responding to follow-up questions Monday, Fitzpatrick wrote, “There are other families having the same concerns I do. Many parents feel if the school is heading in a different direction then the San Domenico community should have been notified before the signing of the enrollment for the following year.”

Exiled Catholic statues at San Domenico Catholic School in California. (Attributed to school source)

Comment: Fitzpatrick, and likely other parents as well, thought they were shelling out the big bucks to give their kids a moral, Catholic education. At San Domenico, apparently, this is the wrong answer. True, the generally excellent reputation of Catholic schools for providing a notably better education than the majority of public schools, have gradually attracted many non-Catholics to enroll in these schools as well. Yet to a lesser extent, this was also true decades ago when I attended Catholic schools.

The solution back then was simple: The non-Catholic kids got a study hall while the Catholic kids took their religion classes. Otherwise, everyone got to study the same basic subjects. There was not and is not any good reason to change this protocol other than a weak-kneed clergy, aided by religious orders that prefer to pervert or dilute Catholic doctrine by deferring to the secular and highly dubious aims of SJWs.

In fairness, the school’s board has stated that upwards of 80 percent of its current student body is non-Catholic. But still, this still nominally “Catholic” school has an obligation to inform both students and parents on key issues and decisions rather than keeping them in the dark and issuing major decisions, like school secularization, after they’ve scooped up tuition money for the current school year. Besides, haven’t the non-Catholic enrollees been attending San Domenico precisely because of the Roman Catholic schools’ over all reputation for excellence in education?

Advice to Catholic parents whose kids are enrolled at San Domenico: Start looking for another Catholic school right now. You don’t need to pay for this secular crap. Your kids will be running into this buzzsaw soon enough when they head off to college, where they’ll be wasting your money next. You can always get the same secular garbage at public schools. For “free.”


For more overt subversion and terror, we travel to Europe, whose elitist idiots continue to encourage legions of Islamofascist monsters to stream across the Mediterranean and into the heart of increasingly dangerous European cities. PowerLine’s John Hinderaker reports on the latest mini-jihad attacks across the pond.

More Terror Attacks in Europe

It is getting to the point where they are barely newsworthy. In Brussels, a man armed with a knife yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he attacked two policemen

It isn’t entirely clear that the Buckingham Palace attack was Islamic terrorism, as the perpetrator has not yet been identified. But what else accounts for the epidemic of vehicle and knife attacks? The Telegraph reports:

Buckingham Palace was in lockdown on Friday night after a man armed with a knife injured two police officers.

Comment: European citizens (aka, “Euro-deplorables) are feeling increasingly threatened, but hey, no worries, right? At least if you’re a cossetted member of the European elite upper class. Is this beginning of a New Feudalism?


Fortunately, there are plenty of Italian citizens and a few Italian politicians who don’t take a lackadaisical view of the existential threat the Eurozone’s elitist leadership is effectively ignoring. Grassroots Italian Deplorables are not about to permit things to deteriorate further, according to this surprisingly candid report from the Bezos-controlled WaPo’s Michael Birnbaum:

PISTOIA, Italy — Caterina Pani grew up immersed in the life of a left-wing town in the Tuscan hills that prides itself on its devotion to helping those in need. So she was flabbergasted this summer when her fellow citizens elected an anti-migrant mayor, the city’s first right-wing leader since World War II.

The community has turned against the asylum seekers who have been setting sail toward Italy in search of a better life. The new mayor is talking about barring the way to fresh arrivals. Pani’s old neighbors are campaigning against a proposed migrant reception center in their midst. And a priest who dared to shelter an undocumented Ghanaian man was slapped with a fine for failing to tip off authorities to his presence.

Many in this city of 90,000 are in good company in Italy, where moods have soured as the country faces a seemingly limitless flow of people taking boats across the sea from Africa. Leaders are struggling to integrate the more than 500,000 migrants who have landed since 2014, even as new asylum seekers arrive almost daily…

Inside the grand brick palazzo that has been home to Pistoia’s city government since the 14th century, the new mayor, Alessandro Tomassi, is quickly toughening the approach to migration…

Italy’s center-left leaders “are paying for their top-down, elitist approach to migration,” said Tomassi, 38, who before the election was a local councilor who worked at his family’s bakery.

The migrant-friendly leaders “are detached from reality,” Tomassi said. “They don’t know what the people actually think.”

Comment: Apparently, unlike American leftists, some Italian lefties are still smart enough to realize that when a favored political approach is not working they have to change it. That certainly seems to be the case with Pistoia Mayor Allessandro Tomassi. In the U.S., the Obama Administration prosecuted the likes of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, convicting him of the crime of enforcing America’s immigration laws, the ones the Feds were supposed to be enforcing. Fortunately, we now have a sensible President who just pardoned the colorful Arpaio.

Read also: Reverse Jim Crowe, ‘advice’ for whites, Sheriff Joe and more

Of course, here in the U.S. we have our own relentless SJWs to thank for the chaos that dominates America’s Fake News cycle. The latest, undoubtedly Soros-funded episode in the Globalists’ Assault on American Values is being hyped by the aptly-named Errin Haines Whack via the reliably leftist AP wire:

A multi-racial coalition of faith, student and community activists announced Saturday that they plan to march from Charlottesville, Virginia, to the nation’s capital in response what they called President Donald Trump’s failure to confront the white supremacy on display at a violent rally in the Virginia city earlier this month.

The 10-day march will begin Monday and is expected to stop at Confederate monuments along the route. Organized by groups including the Women’s March on Washington, Color of Change, Indivisible, Mijente, Repairers of the Breach and the Movement for Black Lives, the march is expected to end in Washington on Sept. 6.

Comment: Note the usual virtue-signaling: “multi-racial,” “activists” (never extremists), “in response [sic] what they called President Donald Trump’s failure to confront the white supremacy on display” etc. Note also the weirdly-named organizations leading this left-wing publicity stunt, which will get plenty of coverage in the MSM and which will not be attacked by Antifa or #BLM, let alone anyone from the “alt-right,” whatever that means. The hate-filled left has nothing positive to offer. Just virtue-signaling stunts. This is just the latest. Look for this lunacy to grow, as the left becomes increasingly frantic about its continued failure to dislodge President Trump.


There’s more heartening news coming from the Rust Belt this weekend. Some sporting patriots at a northern Ohio VFW hall were more than a little irritated at last week’s effort by several Cleveland Browns teammates to outdo unemployed QB Colin Kaepernick’s showboat efforts to diss our national anthem and bask in the resulting PR. Video below:

Via Cleveland Scene:

The response to some Cleveland Browns players’ National Anthem protest during a preseason game Monday has ran the gamut from supportive to straight vitriol. But yesterday, Strongsville’s VFW 3345 took their reaction one step further, placing the above sign outside its establishment as well as posting to Facebook. 

VFW Commander Tim Zvoncheck also took to Facebook, posting:

“So tonight, I asked the membership of my post, VFW 3345, what they thought of the Cleveland Browns players kneeling during the National Anthem and the coaching staff backing their decision. Just as I suspected, the “boos” nearly tore the roof off. Effective immediately, VFW Post 3345 will no longer televise any Cleveland Browns games! We will never support any person or organization who disgraces the flag or the anthem that we fought for and so many or our brothers and sisters have died for! Until a formal apology by this organization is publicized and the utter disregard to America ceases, we, as veterans of this great country will not stand for this! We love our Browns, but we love our flag more…God bless America and damn those who think differently! #RespectOurFlag”

The VFW says the Browns organization would need to officially apologize in order for them to consider televising the games once more.

Comment: Good for the Strongsville VFW. This kind of self-indulgent crap, plus its often breathless coverage by lefty sportscasters, is turning off America’s mass audience of jocks from televised sports, as is clearly demonstrated by ESPN’s rapid decline and fall. At least at the moment, sports-lovers still control the remotes and have veto power over this nonsense. NFL: You’ve been warned.


But wait! There’s more!

Not to be outdone by their brothers in Strongsville, the Sheffield Lake VFW is getting in on the national anthem flap. This one arrives, once again, via Gateway Pundit:

The Strongsville VFW is not alone

WTAM radio reported, via Free Republic:

Dennis Vollick from the Sheffield Lake VFW called in to say they won’t be showing Browns games this season either after 11 player knelt from the national anthem. Yesterday, Strongsville VFW posted a sign saying they liked the Browns but loved the flag.

Image via Sheffield Lake, Ohio VFW Facebook page.

Comment: Cleveland Browns management needs to get serious with their idiotic players (who always lose anyway). Frankly, until the Browns can field a competitive team, their players are expendable.


Let’s end today’s column on what, for this writer at least, is a positive note. Daily Caller draws attention to the way an alt-left anti-Trump, anti-free speech Antifa “protestor” (Commie-speak for “agitator”) got his well-deserved comeuppance during last week’s massive Trump rally in Phoenix.

Antifa Commie Gets Shot in Crotch with Pepper Ball At Trump Phoenix Rally

Twenty-nine-year-old Joshua Stuart Cobin was seen kicking a round of tear gas at police officers during a riot on Tuesday night. Following his actions, police fired a pepper ball at his groin, prompting him to fall over in pain. He was helped up by another man wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey.

The video quickly went viral on social media with memes like “Good Night, Left Nut.”

Let’s roll that video. Watch carefully. Things happen fast.

Comment: Whether the cop’s aim was somewhat random or deliberate, this guy had it coming, at least in my opinion. Follow up: Joshua Stuart Cobin, 29, from Scottsdale, was booked on three felony counts of aggravated assault on police and one misdemeanor count of unlawful assembly. Good. Lock them up.



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