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Video of the Week: Hunter and Joe Biden, together again

Written By | Jul 28, 2021
Video of the week, Hunter and Joe Biden

The Big Guy and Hunter together again. It’s great being a Democrat. Video still, via Rumble. See links in article.

WASHINGTON – Normally, I’m guilty of writing Internet news and opinion stories that run too long. Today, however, yielding to the old cliché that a picture is worth 1,000 words, I’m facing the situation where a great video is worth a lot more words than that. So, as our first CDN Video of the Week, we’re offering you a great audio-video showpiece. It features a vintage Delaware Senator Joe Biden, circa 1991, and an even more vintage Hunter Biden, circa unknown.

The title of this Rumble video:

Side By Side Video shows Hunter Biden Smoking Crack, Joe Biden gives Anti-Crack Crime Bill Speech

In the left frame, Joe’s puffing up with political pride as he bloviates on about our once wondrous crack possession laws. He’s actually slightly more coherent here than he is in 2021, more or less. Compare and contrast.

In the right frame, Hunter is puffing away as well, in a video apparently obtained from his legendary laptop. You know, the one we’re not supposed to know anything about. Wherever Hunter is, he’s apparently oblivious to any existing crack-cocaine laws on the books. However, it’s crystal clear (pun intended) that what’s left of his brain is inhabiting the kind of fuzzy universe that Dad’s getting more familiar with every day. Albeit likely without the benefit of controlled substances.

Must be great to have a Dad like The Big Guy.

Now for our CDN Video of the Week. It’s already gone viral and we’re just trying to help spread the good cheer about the Deep State’s largely hidden world.

So let’s go to the video, courtesy of Rumble (of course) and via an outfit called “The Scoop – News For Free Thinkers.”


Get more familiar with classic Hunter and Joe Biden. And get familiar as well with the growing alternative news and social networking universe. It’s what’s happening for patriots today.

Be sure to share this CDN Video of the Week with your friends. And your progressive relatives, too. You can never get enough truth about our Deep State friends.


Terry Ponick

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