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High court slams California’s authoritarian, anti-religious dreaming

Written By | Apr 10, 2021
US Supremes, authoritarian

Swearing in of Supreme Court’s newest Associate Justice, Amy Coney Barrett. Official White House Photo, in the public domain.

WASHINGTON — The United States Supreme Court issued a key ruling on Friday. That timely ruling, ever so briefly, allowed the nation’s highest court to escape its secure place among the world’s evil institutions. By a single vote, the US Supremes ruled to uphold the unalienable, constitutional right of free Americans to worship according to their conscience. They managed to accomplish this despite the will of the political majority, our duly elected representatives and the opinions of the usual science “experts.” In so ruling, the Supremes overturned yet another authoritarian, anti-religious ruling previously issued by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Authoritarian Covid-19 restrictions vs religious freedom

The national Covid-19 emergency (and when isn’t there a national crisis or emergency?) has served as a convenient pretext for California’s authoritarian Democrat politicians. They sought to curtail the unalienable rights of Americans to gather as congregants in celebration of the Creator Who authored and endowed those rights.

US 9th Circuit of Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California. Photo: Sanfranman59 via Wikipedia,

In doing so, the US Supremes overturned a ruling by California’s infamously authoritarian Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The circuit court originally rejected the South Bay United Pentecostal Church of San Diego’s petition to stop California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive prohibition against religious gatherings.

According to the Ninth Circuit ruling, such edicts are perfectly constitutional, provided their “criteria apply to religious and non-religious activities alike.” In other words, equality of governmental abuse lends legitimacy to their decisions.

But the constitutional question involved does not center on whether the prohibition applies equally throughout society. The key is whether this interpretation prohibits “the free exercise” of religious practice in America.

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As Friday ruling by the US Supreme Court states:

“Where the government permits other activities to proceed with precautions, it must show that the religious exercise at issue is more dangerous than those activities even when the same precautions are applied. Otherwise, precautions that suffice for other activities suffice for religious exercise too.”

State and local Democrats gave Black Lives Matter and Antifa protestors broad leeway to gather and demonstrate violently. They did not want to hamper their First Amendment right “peaceably to assemble.” So it’s disingenuous for these same state and city politicians to claim equality of treatment for places of worship.

The high court went so far as to remind California’s Ninth Circuit Court that it’s had to strike down four of their previous rulings curtailing religious freedom.

US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. Photo: Doc Searls via Wikipedia,

An absurdly illogical dissenting opinion

In her dissent, Associate Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan made the usual appeal to a higher authority than the Creator from whom all rights flow. She insists the high court’s majority “commands California to ignore its experts’ scientific findings, thus impairing the State’s effort to address a public health emergency.”

All hail the new gods! Nameless men and women in white coats. The folks whose Chinese counterparts, some believe, bioengineered bird flu into the lethal “novel coronavirus.” The same folks whose Covid-19 advisories wavered between utterly wrong and ridiculously inconsistent.

For centuries these examples of scientific infallibility thought the cure for everything from bubonic plague to hangnails was to bleed the sick, releasing the “evil humors.” They also count among their numbers those who performed horrendous medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners in Germany during WWII.

That’s why we shouldn’t give scientists the power to curtail our unalienable rights any more than we’d allow our politicians to deny us free speech, the right to worship God as we see fit and the right to bear arms.

It’s time we deny overreaching scientists and politicians their questionable moral authority. Authority they expand to combat a perpetual string of crises in justification of government authoritarianism. This latest ruling by the US Supreme Court is a big step in the right direction.


Top image: Swearing in of Supreme Court’s newest Associate Justice, Amy Coney Barrett. Official White House Photo, in the public domain.
Image via Wikipedia entry on Justice Barrett.


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