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Twitterverse propaganda terrorists falsely promote phony Covid narrative

Written By | Aug 1, 2021
Covid mask mandates, Twitterverse propaganda, phony Covid narrative

Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with (See link following article.)

WASHINGTON – Although no one seems interested in documenting America’s flourishing legions of paid left-wing trolls, more evidence surfaced this week that it still exists. And that Troll Legion erupted into action again this week, flinging out identical Twitterverse propaganda memes to promote the Democrats’ latest phony Covid narrative. The goal? Activate this phony Covid narrative to terrify the nation into believing Americans are helpless against the latest Covid Delta variant. It’s Covid 4-Ever, folks. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. And obey everything our all-knowing Federal government tells us to do. We’re being trained to submit to idiots.

Along with the phony January 6 Capitol Hill Show Trials aimed at Trump supporters, the Democrat left apparently aims to keep these perpetual Covid terrorist memes flowing. Without evidence, of course. At least until the mid-term Election 2022 festivities conclude. Another election they intend to game by perpetuating mail-in ballot fraud and other tricks they don’t want us to discover before then.

Leftwing Twitterverse propaganda delivered by a well-oiled Twittering machine?

I’ve suspected that for quite some time that the organized, Soros-funded left works off meticulously prepared and well-stocked private information sites and databases. Far left operatives fill these online repositories with phony information and canned tweets. Acolytes, paid or unpaid, then can quickly and easily access this material when ordered to do so. On very short notice. Subsequently, they assemble and fire off fusillades of identical tweets to propagandize whatever false narratives that hard-left Democrats and Marxist fellow travelers decide to promote. The media routinely ignores these mass-distributed falsehoods. And social media giants never flag them. They’re too busy scrubbing out conservative and libertarian pages and tweets. After all, it’s only these people who routinely retail “misinformation,” right?

At the outset of each disinformation attack, either an army of faithful leftist trolls or a simple algorithm copies and pastes the latest falsehoods into their own personal accounts. Or into pre-programmed fake accounts  (avatars) that look legit. At this point, they’re blasted out into the Twitterverse. To the uncritical eye, they look like widely received truths endorsed by many. (Or maybe just “settled science.”) Left-wing confirmation bias does the rest.

Doubt this is true? Check out this now widely-available graphic illustrating the left’s fake-news Troll Army in action.

Funny how all these tweets carry exactly the same info. Where’s the database? Are these actual users or avatars. And who pays for this?

Nifty, eh? These “individual tweets” flow out to Twitter users in a virtual fusillade of Twitterverse propaganda meant to drown out opposing messages. Which, in any event, have likely already been censored by Twitter’s Thought Police. Gives the term “fake news” an even deeper meaning.

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What happens when conservatives identify Twitterverse propaganda broadcasts?

There are, of course, individual miscreants on Twitter as well. All of them coming at you either from the left or from the left’s fake science brigade. Try this one.

Absurdly beyond belief.

Look out for obvious Fake Tweets. Dr Debby Burnett, partisan Democrat, gets caught in her own phony Covid narrative

You can find even more of these fake tweets and memes on Twitchy by clicking on this link.

If you’re looking for sheer chutzpah, check out the following Delta variation terror tweet.


Except that there’s a problem here. “Dr Debby Burnett,” notes Twitchy, does not work on a “COVID floor” at her hospital. She’s a veterinarian. And a close look at the background imagery of her tweet makes this more than obvious.

Many in the Twitterverse continuing to out Dr Debby for her not-so-cleverly concealed Big Lie.

But wait! There’s more!

In case you didn’t know, Dr Debby Burnett, a left-wing Dimocrat (of course) is currently running for the seat of Lauren Boebert, the duly elected, outspoken and staunchly conservative GOP Congressional Representative for Burnett’s Colorado district. Dr Debby’s current Big Lie tweet is meant to spread her party’s Delta variant terror meme far and wide, particularly in her district, as the Democrats drum up their fake Covid / January 6 propaganda campaigns through which they hope to retain Congressional control through the upcoming midterm elections. Except that she’s lying. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, animal hospitals don’t have a “COVID floor.” Will voters really want Dr Debby representing them in Congress next year?

But thinking individuals need to be aware of the left’s never-ending propaganda efforts. Their collective intent: to promote whatever lies they feel they need to keep complete control of the Federal government. Until they can completely destroy it. The current never-ending Covid terror plus the Pelosicrats’ asinine January 6 “insurrection” mythology are keys to this effort, since the left needs to carefully conceal its true intention to “fundamentally transform” the United States into a one-party Marxist-globalist-New Feudalist state.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t believe propaganda blasts carefully seeded into today’s left-wing version of the Twittering Machine. And don’t believe a word any Democrat or any left-wing media shill writes or speaks. All lies. All the time. 100% guaranteed. So take them seriously.

Headline graphic: Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with


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