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The Rittenhouse trial and the Waukesha terror prove we must fend for ourselves

Written By | Nov 28, 2021
Rittenhouse trial, Waukesha terrorKyle Rittenhouse verdict, not guilty

Fox News video clip screen capture of final moments in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial which led to a “Not Guilty” verdict on all counts. Clip via Gateway Pundit.

WASHINGTON — America today is increasingly dominated by Federal, state and local socialist governments and government officials. But it has taken many patriotic Americans, regardless of party politics, a very long time to wake up to the pending existential disaster this situation has created. But if nothing up to now has proven to the vast majority of US citizens that conservative and libertarian Americans are now on their own, the Rittenhouse trial and the Waukesha, Wisconsin terror attack should be the final wake up call.

The reality of America’s peril is now clearer to see than ever. Sleepy Joe is not the real president of all Americans. Rather he is just the figurehead leader of a radical, far-left cadre of socialists that openly stole the election in his name. As for anyone else, whether conservative, libertarian, liberal, independent, or anything less than all out socialist, we are now forced to fend for ourselves.

The incident in Waukesha, Wisconsin, was an obvious act of domestic terrorism.

Despite this fact, every socialist Democrat from sleepy Joe down to the lowest mainstream media cub reporter has bent backwards to frame the Waukesha terror attack as anything but what it was: domestic terrorism perpetrated by a black man who openly hates white people. This act of racial hatred caused the death of six white people and the maiming of 62 others by a Black Lives Matter socialist who is considered very much among the chosen people of the present administration.

This horrible tragedy may explain the continued rush to buy guns and ammunition in this country. Merchants have already sold 9.2 million guns so far this year. That’s up from 8.7 million at this point in 2020, according to Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting. Ammunition remains in short supply because as soon as it reaches gun shop shelves it immediately flies off the shelves. That holds true even though it costs three to four times as much as it did in 2019.

Americans have become increasingly frightened with the lawlessness and anarchy in this country, and with good reason. Their government, especially state and local governments in blue areas, has clearly abandoned them to their own devices. The Federal government itself now chooses to abandon everyone except itself and its chosen elites. As a result, no matter how the spin masters in the mainstream media try to alter the narrative, everyone possessing any intelligence understands that America has been intentionally divided into separate camps. That leaves those on the outside of this government on their own at best, and persecuted at worst.

In some ways, the Rittenhouse trial stopped just short of legal terrorism

The outcome of the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse became extremely important to the present Federal government. They needed a conviction to send Rittenhouse to jail so that others would not dare defend themselves against the left’s Marxist and anarchist warriors. Until that trial concluded, Antifa and BLM had enjoyed an unfettered run of fear against non-believers in socialist tyranny. They leftists in government increasingly need those criminal warriors to cause mayhem in the streets. This proxy army allows their Marxist overlords s to put enough fear into everyone else that they’ll stand by helplessly during the eventual collapse of our freedom and our Constitution. For their endgame, these seditionists can then install their socialist governmental dictatorship over the rest of us.

Finding Rittenhouse not guilty gives hope to the rest of us that we still have an ability to defend ourselves against them. That is why they are still trying to reverse the results of the Rittenhouse trial, through outright lies, or through some federal kangaroo court.

They are also working as hard and as fast as they can to outlaw guns for self-defense and putting those who use them to fend off those criminals supported by socialist Democrats on trial, and in prison when they can. The results of the Rittenhouse trial give hope to others who might fight back, and the socialist cannot allow anyone to have any hope of success fighting them.

And that is exactly what is happening today.

The Rittenhouse trial and the Waukesha terror attack: Game changers for real Americans?

After successfully transforming the story of a mostly peaceful protest on January 6th into an insurrection — the worst in American history according to the fake news — America’s Federal government Marxists extended their hoax to include their unconstitutional treatment of those arrested. Some of these hapless and innocent Americans have been held, illegally and without bail, for over eight months. But recently, the Rittenhouse trial and its positive outcome, followed by the results of the elections in New Jersey and Virginia, have given a renewed hope to America’s non-socialists, a likely majority of US citizens.

But America’s Marxist cannot allow that to happen. Enter Darrell E. Brooks Jr., 39. In Waukesha, Wisconsin he used his car as an assault weapon against innocent white citizens he frequently professed to hate. As if to prove the point, he intentionally drove his SUV into a Christmas Parade. His Waukesha terror attack has killed six innocent Americans, so far. The attack was responsible for maiming 62 more. To reiterate: that attack was an intentional attack on white people by an angry black man who was constantly fired up by the MSM reports falsely informing him that he was, is and always will be a victim of white people.

That, apparently, is why he drove his car into that Christmas Parade of white people. Worse, he purposely drove in a zig-zag pattern to hit as many people as he could to cause as much death and pain as possible. Yet according to the legacy media, this black mass murderer was not a domestic terrorist, driven by racism fueled by BLM and its socialist Democratic supporters. Oh, no. It was the fault of the police. The media claimed he was fleeing from the police, speeding away from them due a violent domestic dispute.

The media version of the Waukesha terror: Another media hoax in the making

Of course that falsely reported “news” proved as true as when the media claimed that Kyle Rittenhouse brought a rifle across state lines to kill black protesters. On the other hand, Brooks clearly went to Waukesha to kill white people. And our government and their propaganda ministry, the MSM, continues doing everything within their power to claim those facts are not the facts. Better yet, they now have the new Covid variant. Deploying essentially the same story arc they used for the dreaded Delta variant, they’re already using this latest Covid scare story to drive the inconvenient truth of the Waukesha massacre off the front pages and down the memory hole.

We are clearly at war with America’s Marxists, socialists and “progressives.” Yet even today, most Americans do not yet understand this simple fact. Hardcore Marxists are the ones initiating and cheerleading all of the violent attacks. Yet we, as law abiding people, continue to wait for our government and courts to protect us as they have in the past.

But the past is the past. That time is over, at least in those areas where Marxist Democrats control the government. During the next wave of “mostly peaceful” riots in America’s true Blue cities, no one will be coming to help.

The left’s reign of terror continues

This the reign of terror is endless, and takes place on many different levels. It happens during organized looting in Deep Blue cities like San Francisco. In recent weeks, Wal-Mart, CVS, and countless private businesses were ultimately forced to shut down their stores. Largely due to an absurd recent city law, thieves and looters are no longer charged with felonies by Soros-installed Marxist prosecutor Chesa Boudin. The new daily felony theft redefinition of $950 has helped encourage open, daily thievery here. 

The same general reign of terror also led to last week’s tragic act of mass terrorism in tiny Waukesha, Wisconsin. A career criminal our on bail attacked innocent people celebrating a national holiday on that city’s streets.

These and other ongoing acts of terrorism clearly indicates that the rest of us on now our own. Today, we must rely on our own resources to protect our homes, families and businesses. Blue State cities and politicians have essentially rendered local police forces impotent. That goes a long way toward explaining recent shortages of guns and ammunition across America.

A new solidarity among America’s patriots? Still possible?

Small communities can band together in the face of socialist rioters. However, most do not. Large cities are in real trouble unless run by non-socialists. Now, most are choosing to wait and bide their time. They hope the results of the 2022 elections can bring relief from this leftist-instigated national disaster in early 2023. But waiting another year under essentially Marxist rule may allow many catastrophic changes in our system to become law. Our freedom, as we knew it on January 20, 2021, could be “fundamentally transformed” into something unrecognizable. No less than Barack Obama promised this “fundamental transformation” during his first electoral campaign in 2008. The current administration intends to complete it, and soon.

The results of the upcoming 2022 elections may prove extremely important. But what happens between now and then becomes even more important. Freedom loving Americans must resist the takeover of our liberty, from those who would usurp it. And we must accomplish this goal through every possible legal means. The exoneration of Kyle Rittenhouse proved that such legal means include protecting our property our lives by every legal avenue.

Despite the media revisionism of the Waukesha terror attack, Americans can still answer the call of freedom.

The results of the Rittenhouse trial may have given a large segment of Americans at least some measure of hope. But the positive outcome of this jury trial really informed a much larger segment of Americans. That includes those who enjoyed free reign to bully and damage the rest of us through violence and criminal acts. They just learned that consequences still exist to call them to account for their violent and destructive actions.

And that scares the hell out of them.

Always remember: Freedom isn’t free. And patriots stand up for freedom.


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Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.