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The Deplorables Strike Back: Episode 2 – Election 2020

Written By | Aug 18, 2019
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Trump as the Destructor. Image by the author, based on screen capture of YouTube video trailer for the original “Ghostbusters.” (© 1984, Columbia Pictures. Fair use of image for satirical purposes.)

WASHINGTON. The hard left never accepted their 2016 defeat. Having also failed thus far to dislodge President Trump in a phony palace coup, seditious leftists continue to wage a hate and terror campaign to ensure that 2016 never happens again. They don’t seem to realize that Election 2020 may very well hit TV screens as Episode 2 of The Deplorables Strike Back.

In our previous article in this two-part series, (Trollery: The Stalinist art and science of pissing people off ) we discussed the Stalinist left’s mass-deployment of online trolls, aka “trollery.” This has become a key tactic used by the radical left to degrade the ability of moderates, conservatives, and libertarians to get their message out. If the radical left succeeds in this and other debate-stifling tactics, we risk an instant replay of Election 2012 when a corrupt, weaponized and highly partisan IRS almost entirely obliterated the ability of conservative organizations to raise funds for their candidate, thus virtually guaranteeing his defeat.

In this article, we further explore the hard left’s vicious, ongoing attack on all who disagree with their utopian dream of creating, at last, a Venezuela-style socialist America. This tactic often focuses on insulting not only the GOP’s likely Election 2020 nominee, President Donald J. Trump. It also draws a bead on the “Deplorables.” That significant American working class and middle-class demographic unexpectedly rose up to defeat the oppression of Democrat elitists and their wealthy donors and elect their polar opposite to the Presidency.

Anti-Trump provocations continue nonstop

When it comes to anti-Trump provocations, the usual line of attack by both the so-called mainstream media and the left’s phalanx of left-wing internet trolls is the rote presumption that only super-dumb people could possibly support such an obvious (insert vile adjective here) clown. The pile-on, bullying support responses meant to shut down genuine political debate on conservative sites nearly always features

  • An astonishing level of sub-literacy; or
  • A puffed-up, condescendingly “educated” response reflecting a complete lack of intellectual depth.

Relying on the media’s frequent description of Trump voters as workers and individuals “without a college degree,” online trolls believe this factoid is universally true of all Trump voters. It is not. It follows, then, that the left’s attack pack knows not what they do.

Indoctrinated leftist trolls know nothing

Today’s Stalinist trolls should understand that their core belief that every pro-Trump Deplorable is sub-normal is almost laughably off the mark. Whatever their educational achievements or lack thereof, those Deplorables who voted for Trump in 2016 knew precisely what they were doing. They knew (and know) full well how the government works at all levels, local, state and Federal. Worse, they knew what Barack Obama did to them. And after they voted for him twice, no less. It doesn’t take an increasingly worthless college degree to know when you’ve been scammed. Or to look for a strong alternative, a champion who’ll set things right. And the Deplorables suddenly found that champion in Donald J. Trump.

Which is why we’re now waiting for the debut of The Deplorables Strike Back. It’s time for the leftist Democrat Empire to go.

Deplorables figured out where all their jobs were going. And why.

This increasing army of voters without college degrees learned the hard way that most of the time the government doesn’t work anymore. Or, when it does work on a rare occasion, it works against them, not for them. And, by extension, against the millions of their fellow everyday workers whose jobs were shipped overseas over roughly the last 2 or 3 decades. Why?  So the nation’s Fat Cats could get even fatter by using cheaper labor wherever they could find it.

Deplorables also know that the care and feeding of America’s fashionable faux leftist billionaires have been further enhanced by bringing in boatloads of uneducated illegal aliens to this country. These new arrivals work for peanuts and never report their employers’ abuses for obvious reasons. This lowers labor costs enormously. And also screws more Americans out of jobs. Worse for the Stalinist, hate-America left: Even their “go-to” black and Hispanic American voters now know this inconvenient truth. And they intend to vote accordingly in 2020.

Trump supporters: Obviously racist and white supremacist?

In addition, the Deplorables are seething at the Stalinist Democrats’ current unjust deployment of the terms “racist” and “white supremacist” to describe Trump and his voters. Given that many white Trump voters voted for the race-baiting Barack Obama — twice — this unearned insult simply steels their resolve. We continue to wonder what left-wing genius thought this line of attack would kill off Trump’s base. To the contrary. Every unfounded attack energizes them anew.

With the Left in charge, Seattle and Los Angeles are dying. Chaos on camera (videos)

No “theories” here. Workers like those who supported Trump in 2016 and still support him figured out they no longer mattered to America’s wealthy, faux-leftist elites and their Democrat political tools. An overconfident Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton actually told them that. Which illustrates how fearlessly arrogant our anti-American party has become.

They might figure this out, finally, when the Deplorables strike back in 2020.

Cartoon by Garrison: Complete Democrat Control.** Used with permission.

A voter surprise in 2016

By-Election 2016, the Deplorables knew beyond doubt that their jobs were gone. Their future was gone. The homes they thought they owned were gone. The government bailed out their creditors and their banks were. But what about the average taxpaying citizen?

They had nothing more to lose. So they voted for someone who convinced them he’d bring a wrecking ball into their corrupt capital city of Washington, D.C. and its close-in suburbs — the locus of the anti-American establishment. I ought to know. This is where I’ve lived for many decades, unfortunately. And it’s where I’ve seen government corruption grow to levels that the Founding Fathers could never have imagined.

After Trump’s astonishing 2016 victory, Trump supporters rejoiced. And when he took office in January 2017 under the Russia-collusion crowd the political elite had concocted to bring him down, the Deplorables learned they had got exactly who – and what – they thought they were getting. A genuine, no holds barred bull in a China closet (no pun intended). Step by step, he’d wreck everything the Deplorables hated. Their faith in Trump had been vindicated. They knew he wouldn’t let them down. That’s what led to the completely unexpected outcome of Election 2016.

Instant replay in Election 2020?

Nothing will change in 2020. Every attack on Trump gains him more voters. Democrats now hope to win by getting as many illegal aliens as possible to vote. Packing the voter rolls with dead people, and, unless stopped, destroying the Electoral College. They know they can no longer win in a fair fight.

No wonder the Establishment here in the Swamp is going crazy. They like everything just the way it was.

Lies, smears and deceit: They always lure us back to the swamp

Their blind and self-centered support for today’s new American Robber Barons made them all rich beyond avarice. In addition, their insincere preaching in favor of Robber Baron-funded faux socialism won them endless converts among the low-information poor, fraudulently buttressing their cause. Worse, much of their core strength came from the inner cities and on college campuses where students are no longer educated but indoctrinated in the atheistic faith system of the left. Now controlled by the Stalinist left, the Democrats effectively ignored the rest of normal Americans they’d curtly dismissed as irrelevant. Otherwise, why would they have insulted their once faithful constituents so consistently?

They’ll find out how effective these constant attacks are when the Deplorables strike back in November 2020.

The Empire’s left-wing army of trolls has redoubled its efforts for Election 2020

America’s “yahoos” finally got fed up, rose up and picked someone who would fight for them in 2016. They have not been disappointed by the last three years of the Trump presidency. Trump is calling his opponents out at every opportunity and dishing out to them the same disrespect they’ve routinely dished out to half of all American citizens and more.

Call Trump crude. No arguments here. But at some point, the GOP needed a blunt weapon for its very survival as a party. One that would finally fight to overcome our growing left-wing thugocracy. Working-class and middle class American finally found their anti-Elitist champion. They won’t abandon him in 2020. He trolls the enemy back worse than they can ever troll him. And evidence mounts that they’re finding increasing support among two more “traditional” Democrat constituencies: black and Hispanic American voters.

No one expected this in 2016. Democrats don’t want an instant replay in 2020. That’s why the trolls are back in force this year. If the left gets four more years of Donald Trump, their arteries will explode. On the verge of complete triumph in 2016, the Democrats may find themselves obliterated in 2020 and they know it. So they’ll try every legal and illegal trick in the book to make sure another 2016 doesn’t happen.

Let’s hope the Stalinists keep doing what they’re doing

Note to all those who still indulge in vicious, Stalinist, anti-Trump and now racialist trollery. It’s easy and fun to dehumanize your opponents. It saves you the time and effort involved in questioning the validity of your own beliefs. Deplorables know this. You think they don’t. You are sowing the seeds of your own destruction. Your opponents re-energize each and every time you launch another endless troll war. Ditto each and every time House Democrats and their MSNBC and CNN lackeys come up with the latest insults and baseless accusations to support them.

We’ll enjoy watching their sunken faces — again — when the Deplorables strike back. Again.

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Correct.*

Ongoing idiocy? Or battlefield prep for Election 2020?

Unfortunately, new bits of idiocy are regularly ginned up and promoted by a few crazed Capitol Hill Democrats and media blow-dried goons every day. They need to persist. They must keep their dwindling subset of gullible viewers freaking out so they’ll keep watching fact-free cable news shows every night. (And watch all those commercials they run to pay for the nonsense.)

So, trolls, just keep it up. The bolder and more arrogant you get, the more disgusted the average voter will get as Election 2020 nears. The attempted Russiagate coup has already failed to remove Trump from office. If you try the impeachment move you threaten 24/7, you’ll fail again.

Your tactics are also serving to destroy any remaining credibility that execrable nonentities like Rachel Maddow might still have, at least among their few remaining fans. Initiating the impeachment game, well, look what happened to the GOP when they pulled this on Bill Clinton. Remember?

Speaking of tactics, we duly point out the latest “racist” and “white supremacy” memes currently so favored by hard-left, Democrat, and “Democratic-Socialist” hypocrites to describe Trump and his supporters. The left seems to think this one’s a winner. Problem is, you don’t win a national election by pissing 50 percent of all Americans off. And you’re doing it. Trust me on this. You’ll see how you’re rewarded in Election 2020 when the Deplorables strike back.

Leftist desperation: Trollery is the evidence

The only way the left can win in 2020 is to simultaneously game the electorate by allowing illegals to vote (something that’s already destroyed California) and by shutting off the messaging of legitimate GOP, libertarian and conservative voters, candidates and fundraisers. Similar to the way the Obama Administration’s IRS shut them down in 2012. (Which is why Facebook, Twitter, Google et. al. are changing their algorithms to accomplish the same aim in a different way for Election 2020.)

We all need to be on the lookout for down-and-dirty behind-the-scenes Democrat tricks in Election 2020. Why? Because that contest is already underway. Social network censorship, constant impeachment threats, Second Amendment attacks, electoral vote-fiddling state legislation, open borders promotion and endless online trollery are the primary tools of the Stalinist left in this contest.

For America to live on as a beacon of freedom for the world, we all need to reject left-wing trollery online, in the media, in the government, and wherever else we find it.

In the meantime, whenever they show up in discussion or comment threads, let’s all resolve to call out those always obvious trolls. And then ignore their provocations. It will drive them nuts.

And one final thing: If you’re ever asked, be sure to always lie to pollsters, media interviewers, and reporters. Even conservative ones. If pressed, always tell them you hate Trump and will vote for the Democrat.

It worked in 2016.

— Headline image: Screen capture from the official trailer for “Trollhunter” (original Norwegian: Trolljegeren ), a 2010 film.
Fair use to illustrate topic. Inset images: See captions.
**Garrison link via grrr graphics.
*Branco link is via Comically Incorrect.


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