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The day Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats re-elected Donald Trump

Written By | Dec 26, 2019
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CHARLOTTE, NC: Not only will December 19, 2019, go down in history as the day Donald Trump was impeached. It also represents the first time a president was ever re-elected in an off-off voting year while running unopposed and receiving not a single vote from a non-congressional citizen or the Electoral College. For three years Impeachment has been the sole focus of Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic party. (Former Bush adviser says Nancy Pelosi is “Venturing into treacherous constitutional territory” with impeachment articles)

It will likely go on record as one of the worst cases of loser’s remorse in history. Modern media certainly played a significant role in the outcome, but, in the end, much of journalism’s own agenda backfired as well.

Pelosi House Carnival query: No, Donald Trump has not been impeached

Anyone watching the House “debate” last week would have believed that Armageddon was at hand if a vote was not scheduled to be taken immediately, if not sooner.

Once concluded, however, in the early evening, most observers expected the Articles of Impeachment to quickly make their way to the Senate.

Democrats Impeachment Holiday Glee and Glitter

In a truly weak moment of uncontrollable delight at their “achievement”, Democrats did their best to disguise their glee, but had they been an NFL team they would have been penalized the entire length of the field for “overly celebrating.”

Ask any athlete in any sport, when you beat your opponent, it will inevitably come back to haunt you. “Payback is a mother,” is an unwritten rule in sports. Everyone knows exactly what it means and it rarely occurs without some form of retaliation.

The Old Testament “eye-for-an-eye” method of settling disputes still exists in sports. However, it’s a method of justice for which the Democrats honestly believe they are immune or have apparently entirely forgotten.

Mark your calendar, December 19, 2019 is a day that will come back to haunt America’s Democrats, if not all Americans.

The Articles of Impeachment have been signed and sealed, but even with Armageddon looming (according to their dire debate warnings), they remain undelivered.

Suddenly the urgency of impeachment became far less urgent than it had been just a few hours earlier.

The pundits, of course, had a field day speculating about any number of reasons for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s delay. Even some members of her own party were confused.

Attempting to decode Speaker Pelosi Modus Operandi

According to most of the pontificating talking head analysts of broadcasting, Nancy Pelosi is an intelligent person. Being conniving, deceitful, hypocritical, disingenuous and dishonest does not necessarily translate to being smart, however.

What Pelosi really is is a power-hungry party wonk who cannot tolerate the fact that the Democrats lost to Donald Trump in 2016.

Wall Street traders Christmas break – 2020 forecast

If Ms. Pelosi and her sore loser colleagues were upset three years ago, that Impeachment Armageddon they were so concerned about last week is going devastate them in a little more than 350 days.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans

The biggest difference between Republicans and Democrats is that, for the most part, Democrats remain loyal to their party, even when they know they are wrong. Republicans, on the other hand, will sometimes swing another way, provided they believe there is a better choice.

Does that mean Republicans are guiltless? Far from it. They are just as culpable as Democrats. They just don’t play the game as well, and with considerably less viciousness.

Who can even begin to guess Nancy Pelosi’s motivations for delaying the submission of the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate? Of this you can be sure, there’s a strategy behind it and the intent is, first and foremost, political.

Speaker Pelosi knows all to well that her party base will stick with her.

Which is why Senator Diane Feinstein played a similar dirty trick in the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing. That little maneuver will cost them as well.

For whatever reason, Democrats continue to misunderstand and misread the fact that the American people do not appreciate being told they are stupid.

The cliff that Democrats impeachment fraud will drive America over

By impeaching Donald Trump, that is precisely what Pelosi and her vigilantes told the millions of voters who elected Trump in November 2016. That they did not have enough sense to know they were doing.

The second part of that equation is that Americans have a keen sense of fair play. Given a choice between supporting someone they disagree with who has been wrongly accused and someone they like who has taken advantage of a situation, most Americans will side with the former out of nothing more than an inherent belief in fair play.

Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats have always been in charge of making the rules

Because of that, losing is anathema to them. And it runs deeper than anyone can imagine. Republicans have let them, which needs to change.

Once the dust clears in the aftermath of their 2016 defeat, impeachment became the Democrats avenue of strategy much the same as terrorism is the tactic of choice by Islamists.

In the long run, neither method will ultimately succeed.

So while the Democrats do their gleeful impeachment jiggity-jig for now, mark your calendar, because December 19, 2019, will go down as the day Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats handed the person they most despise, the keys to the White House for another four years.


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