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The Biden policy of abstract-distract lies as Ukraine is dying

Written By | Mar 3, 2022
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Listening to President Zelensky speak, it is hard not to remember when Bush invaded Iraq in 2003—laying in bed watching the overnight reporting—crying while watching bombs and explosions decimating a cosmopolitan city filled with restaurants, hotels, banks, businesses, and people. It was a mission of abstract-distract then as it is now. (From Durbin to Schumer, Democrats dangerous game of abstract-distract (2018)

Our leaders lied then, just as Joe Biden is lying to the American people again. And we are watching it all over again in Ukraine. And the people are dying.

Ukraine is a beautiful city, filled with beautiful people now dead, beautiful buildings that are now rubble.

Businesses and an economy are in ruins. A President who loves his people saying he is making 30 international calls seeking help for his people and country.

President Zelensky is begging Biden to close the skies over Ukraine. And there are just excuses about why we can’t, not how we can.

And I wonder just what the Russians have over Biden? 

A former Russian stooge, Petro Poroshenko, served as President of Ukraine (2014-2019) and probably collected the goods on Hunter’s dealings in both Russia and Ukraine. There is no proof of this. However, watching Hunter’s action – via his laptop – it is more than likely they have “something” damaging.

And then there is this.

Biden, with his hypocritical Ash Wednesday mark, cares little for people. He honors his Biden Crime Family’s financial relationships with China and Russia more than people who matter little to him. What is yet another dead child to the Democrats?

So Biden comes out attempting to blame the actions of tyrant Putin on the January 6 Capitol (False Flag) incursion. (The mysterious Ray Epps: Is he the proof that January 6 was a Democrat False Flag?)

And Biden lies.

Saying six people died during the incursion, prompted by President Trump’s relationship with Putin. The purpose of which was to divide the American people further. A lie, repeated often enough, seeking to become truth.

However, the only person killed due to the January 6 incursion was Ashley Babbit. Babbitt was killed in cold blood by a Capitol Police officer who was not under any direct threat. A police officer who failed to follow protocol in his actions. (A tale of two deaths: Ashli Babbitt a homicide, what about Officer Sicknick?)

Officer Black is the only person involved in the incursion that should be sitting in jail, awaiting his murder trial. (Ashli Babbitt’s tragic death at the Capitol: A shot heard round the world) And yet they continue to lie.

In March of 2022, we know that no police officer, including Brian Sicknick, was killed due to the events. 

And yet Biden lies and keeps lying about it. The January 6commission lies. Democrats lie. It’s what they do. (Liberal lies and Democrat obfuscation create January 6 conspiracy theories)

Democrats continue to go after Trump as a co-conspirator in the incursion.

It seems true that Trump hoped to have a full airing of the election fraud by the Senators. The hole in the January 6 lies about Trump is that the incursion stopped that from happening.

The incursion stopped Senators, such as Ted Cruz (TX), from testifying. So why would that be Trump’s goal? But according to the lying Democrats, even a lie that makes no sense is better than truth.

I believe Trump wanted his supporters to disrupt the proceedings. 

But he only wanted them to make their presence known, not become a mob – something he had never seen his supporters do in the past, even when BLM was attacking them in the streets of the Capitol.

In charge of the Capitol Police, Pelosi had them open the gates, the doors, and that planted the likes of BLM’s John Sullivan and Ray Epps, who were paid to create chaos. (John Sullivan, BLM organizer and ANTIFA activist loses Ashli Babbitt blood money)

And personally, though I do not own a MAGA hat, I am sick and tired of these fools thinking they can lie and lie and lie about the MAGA movement.

Because unlike Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, who were tools of the Democrat party as they have ceased burning down American cities after Biden’s election. Yet thousands of Trump supporters have been gathering at protests and rallies, and never has there been an incident.

Except those, the Democrat party thugs propelled – such as happened during the January 6 incursion. Have you asked yourself why the outrageous, over-the-top, fenced, and National Guard occupying force response to the incursion?

It is nothing more than an exercise in abstract-distract –  the repeating of a lie over and over until it distracts from the truth.

Putin, dictators, and tyrants are masters at abstract distract.

From the blog Shmaltz and Menudo, the origins of the saying “Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth” is well researched. The saying’s origin is not known, however, the blog reports.

In The Crown of a Life (1869), author Isa Blagden writes:

“There” is one thing, he said, “and I can take an oath on it if you like, not one farthing of that money will minister to me personally—it goes into the funds of our cause. There is a newspaper to be established in Germany—writers to be sought for and paid—and an establishment to be maintained, and it is on that business I am going abroad; despots gag the press, we more wisely make it out a weapon. If a lie is only printed often enough, it becomes a quasi-truth, and if such a truth is repeated often enough, it becomes an article of belief, a dogma, and men will die for it. We, who are of neither extreme in politics, neither pure red not pure black …”

A form of the statement has been attributed to Russian dictator Vladimir Lenin and Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels among others.

In A psychological analysis of Adolph Hitler: His Life and Legend,  as prepared for the United States Office of Strategic Services, the report states:

Hitler’s “primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

Some, but by far not all, of the Democrat’s lies include:

And now I believe Biden is lying to Zelensky. Because why would I not.

He gave China an intel report, who then gave it to Putin. (Biden Shared Intel with China — and China, Naturally, Shared That Intel with Russia) Not unlike the Clinton sycophants giving the fake Russian Dossier to John McCain so that he could disseminate it to the media and others.

Perpetrating one of the biggest lies against a sitting President and the American people in all of history.

And somehow, millions of Americans chose to believe it. (‘They deliberately lied’: Glenn Greenwald torches top liberal media outlets over ‘Russiagate’ and ‘collusion‘”

Greenwald tweeting in November 2021:

Another old saying is, how do you know if some people are lying? Their mouths are moving.

Biden, State of the Union

Biden, Truth, Tyrant, Scheller, Demon, Dictator, Eyes

Last year the US spent 17 billion dollars on oil from Russia, which must stop now. Biden needs to stand up to his party’s green activists and return America to energy independence. Thus allowing America to provide energy resources to our partners in Europe and Ukraine.

In the White House conference,  spox Psaki was asked if the Administration is moving toward reducing America’s reliance on Russian oil. A master at the art of abstract-distract information, Psaki chattered that she does not have any assessment of that, “but I want to know there are several different … blah, blah, blah.. a range of factors that need to be discussed…”

In the meantime, Ukrainians are dying, and a country is being turned to rubble.

Why can’t Biden stand up to Putin?

Because if a Russian grandmother can stand up to a tank, and Putin, Biden should be able to stand up against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. His answer is sanctions will economically cripple Putin. But they won’t. He will not sanction Russian banks, process energy transactions, or ban Russian oil imports into the US. (House Democrats Block Bill to Approve Keystone XL Pipeline, Promote ‘American Energy Independence From Russia’)

However, the war is economically crippling the Ukrainian people, who have lost 90% of the value of their money. As well as their homes, possessions, and family. The woman does not know if they will ever see their husbands, fathers, or brothers again.

In the Analysis of the Personality of Adolph Hitler: With Predictions of His Future Behaviour and Suggestions for Dealing with Him Now and After Germany’s Surrender by Henry A. Murray (October 1943):

Never to admit a fault or wrong; never to accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time; blame that enemy for everything that goes wrong; take advantage of every opportunity to raise a political whirlwind.

You have to admit; it sounds a lot like the Biden administration’s playbook that Psaki lies from every day. That is allowing Ukrainians to die.

And if you continue to believe those lies, you may have to decide to fight or run, as your town and home become rubble. Because power-mad globalists, like Putin and Biden, have no boundaries.


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