The beheading in OK was not a Rosh Hashanah killing


LOS ANGELES, September 27, 2014 — While Jews were celebrating Rosh Hashanah, an Oklahoma woman was beheaded. The event was described as “workplace violence,” a term more apt for a selfie-taking metrosexual president injuring himself playing basketball. The Oklahoma woman, like Humpty Dumpty, cannot be stitched back together again. Neither she nor the Sleepy Hollow horseman will have their heads restored.

To ensure that this never happens again, let’s try to understand the motive behind the killing of an innocent woman who was minding her own business.

Thirty to 40 people came to a press conference after the grisly crime. After the police described the events, they shouted in some unknown language, “praise Allah.” Was this a ritual Jewish way to greet the new year and good news? Was the killer Jewish? Was this a Rosh Hashanah honor killing? Was the killer angry that he did not get his desired Jewish New Year’s present?

A look at 5,775 years of Jewish history shows that the entire number of murders by Jews in the name of Rosh Hashanah is precisely zero. The main ritual on Rosh Hashanah is something called Tashlich, where Jews throw bread into a body of water and feed fish and ducks. The tossing of the bread is a metaphor for casting away sins. The only people who could possibly object to this ritual are animal rights and environmental activists; the bread might not be organic or gluten-free. However, no fish or ducks are known to have been harmed in this ritual and none have died from poisoned challah.

The killer who beheaded the Oklahoma woman was not affiliated with any synagogue. Since many Jews are unaffiliated as well, he still could be Jewish. Yet this still would make him the very first Jew known to have engaged in such seventh-century barbarism since at least the seventh century. And even then we have no record of Jews celebrating Rosh Hashanah with decapitations.

Was the killer a Christian supporter of Israel? The people at Christians United For Israel have also been responsible for zero killings. CUFI believes in spreading the ethos of “love thy neighbor,” making them unlikely suspects .

Since a large cadre of crackpots scattered around the globe still believe Jews control everything, we should consider the Bilderbergers, the Tri-Lateral Commission, and the Illuminati as Jewish proxies in this crime. But their known stomping grounds are in Switzerland and Yale, not Oklahoma. Close cousins of the Illuminati do not appear to be involved, eliminating the glitterati, relatives of John Gotti, and processors of manicotti.

The real problem is their illiterate defective distant cousins, the “illiterati,” also known as the “Tolerati.” The Tolerati are the liberals who make excuses for only one religion. Bad behavior by other religions is either augmented or invented from thin air. The Tolerati accuse Christians practicing love-thy-neighbor of radical Christianity. The Tolerati accuse Israeli Jews trying to defend themselves from Palestinian murderers of everything from eating puppies and kittens stewed in the blood of Christian children to causing restless leg syndrome.

The Tolerati accuse Jews praying for peace on Rosh Hashanah of attacks on their very being, while those killing in the name of one other religion can have that religion described as a religion of peace.

(Some Tolerati are actually born Jewish, but their parents quickly perform a baptism, converting these children to the religion of liberalism.)

Outside of the White House, universities, and Hollywood exists large swaths of land, sea and air known to contain the oxygen required for breathing, thinking, coherence and lucidity. This area, which the Tolerati have yet to inhabit and infect is known as the “real world.”

In the real world, radical Islam is the greatest threat to civilization the world has seen in decades. Think of radical Islam as like climate change and the name, “Washington Redskins,” except that radical Islam matters.

People living in the real world can see clearly because their heads are located above their necks and not between their legs. People living in the real world are more likely to resemble Homo sapiens than ostriches.

People living in the real world understand the threat of radical Islam and want their leaders to stop it. They understand that radical Islam is pure, unadulterated evil. Most importantly, people living in the real world understand that it is impossible to effectively deal with evil when those trying to fight it are banned from honestly identifying its source. Try returning a child to its home without being told the names of the parents. Now give that child guns, bombs, swords and the occasional scythe, and an Islamist is born.

Meanwhile, a bunch of children living in fantasyland, from movie studios to ivory towers to the White House, will coddle these other children until they become full-blown Islamist adults beheading innocent civilians trying to live in the real world.

To defeat the Islamists, the Tolerati need to be replaced with real world adults. At this point, anything less means that Oklahoma was the tip of the iceberg. Tolerati speak often, but they never listen and never learn.

After all, the Tolerati have no reason to care. Their heads may be empty, but no one has come to remove them. Yet.

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  • Paul Vincent

    “The Oklahoma woman, like Humpty Dumpty, cannot be stitched back together again. Neither she nor the Sleepy Hollow horseman will have their heads restored.”

    I mean honestly you make some good points in the article, but as long as every paragraph is trying to end with a snarky insensitive comment like the one above it’s hard to appreciate any of the points you do make. While your message is right, the delivery takes so long to get to the point and is so laced with ill advised humor that it’s hard to endorse.

  • momtothreebeagles

    Plenty of Christians and Jews run around lopping people’s heads off every day, it’s just not widely reported. 😉

  • Ausador

    “they shouted in some unknown language, “praise Allah.””

    If they were shouting in an “unknown language” then how do you know what they were saying? :p

    • blacktygrrrr

      My editors put that line in. Since my editors get much more right than they get wrong, I let things go, especially if I fail to notice (a frequent occurrence).

      So the answer to your question is “I have no idea” said in a language even I do not understand.

      eric 🙂 @ the Tygrrrr Express