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Seven reasons California Governor Gavin Newsom must be recalled

Written By | Sep 10, 2021
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Failed California Politicians Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris at Recall Campaign Stop

LOS ANGELES, September 10, 2021 — With less than a week to go before Californians vote on whether to recall their governor, Gavin Newsom is going scorched earth. His closing argument is a typical mixture of the arrogance and lack of self-awareness that defines him and his failed leftist ideology.

Newsom tweeted the following:

President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, former President Barack Obama, and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are all campaigning heavily against the recall.

They are also offering the typical leftist nonsense. Everything in life is racist, recall opponents are evil, and stuff about former President Donald Trump. For those wondering what Trump has to do with this recall, the answer is absolutely nothing.

The left is getting desperate, even resorting to physical violence.  A white female Newsom supporter dressed up as a gorilla and threw eggs at Larry Elder, Newsom’s leading recall opponent.

Newsom and his supporters are desperate to make this recall about everything except what it actually is: a referendum on Newsom’s failed leftist policies.

There are seven legitimate reasons for Californians to vote yes on the recall and remove Newsom.

1) California Public Schools —

The California teachers’ unions have spent two years trying to avoid doing an honest day’s work. They have kept the buildings closed and insisted on teaching students remotely. Remote learning has failed. Even when the teachers are dragged kicking and screaming into going to work, they spend their time seeking revenge on the students. Children are forced to wear masks all day indoors and outdoors, in direct contravention of science. Children in the public school system are harmed.

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When the teachers finally get around to actually teaching, the curriculum of reading, mathematics, and science is replaced by anti-American social justice studies. Kids cannot read, but they can protest.

Kids are taught that systemic racism, gender pronouns, and climate change matter. Chinese kids in China grow up learning to love their country. California children in public schools grow up hating America.

Newsom has steered money toward in-state universities that fund, train, and teach students how to riot.

Students spend four years learning how to tear down statues and scream about microaggressions. Students who physically assault anyone not conforming to proper gender pronouns or campus climate justice views are rarely ever punished. Schools have become laboratories for leftist violence, and Newsom is using his office to foment this violence.

Newsom also supports mask mandates in schools. Larry Elder is against this. Newsom supports vaccine mandates for students. Elder is against this. Newsom supports teaching critical race theory. Elder does not. Newsom is against school choice. Elder is in favor of it. Meanwhile, like any liberal hypocrite, Newsom puts his own children in private schools while condemning poorer families to the decrepit California public school system. Newsom is determined to prop up the public school system. It needs to go, and so does he.

2) Crime —

Newsom is pro-criminal and anti-victim. He supports policies that have led to the violent outbreak in crime in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Newsom supports defunding the police, although he calls it by a different name. Weasel words only obfuscate the truth, that Newsom supports gutting police budgets in favor of alternative policing strategies that get innocent people killed. Elder is against defunding the police. Newsom even today supports more gun control. Defunding the police and disarming the citizenry is dangerous. The results have been disastrous. Elder favors letting private law-abiding citizens defend themselves. Newsom has private security. The many murder victims in California did not.

Newsom also supported the Minneapolis Bail Fund set up after leftist rioters burned down cities across America. The money used to bail out these violent criminals led to recidivism. One criminal bailed out even committed another murder. Newsom is against the death penalty. Elder supports capital punishment.

Newsom has allowed leftist district attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco to act as de facto defense attorneys.

Criminals know that stealing less than $950 in California means they will not be prosecuted. Stores are being robbed blind in broad daylight by criminals deliberately walking out with just under $950 of merchandise. Crime victims currently have no advocates. Elder will end the Newsom policies of giving criminals free reign.

Violent leftist criminals in particular know that they can target conservatives with impunity. Newsom has allowed charges to be dropped against any criminal sharing Newsom’s ideology. True justice requires replacing Newsom with someone who will enforce all laws, even ones they disagree with.

3) Homelessness —

Los Angeles and San Francisco in particular have become giant homeless shelters. This problem has exploded under Newsom because he has allowed illegal behavior to become legal. Homeless encampments could be removed if the police were allowed to remove them. The crime, drugs, and filth that accompany increases in homelessness have wrecked property values and threatened public safety.

Newsom lives in a gated community with private security. He does not have homeless people threatening his home, his business, or his family. Elder wants to get homeless people off of the streets and into shelters. Newsom insists that the homeless have the right to live on public streets and engage in bodily functions on those streets. A percentage of these homeless people are violent, and they hang out around public schools.

This is another direct threat to schoolchildren that Newsom refuses to deal with.

4) Illegal Immigration —

Newsom has declared California a sanctuary state. This declaration is unconstitutional. Illegal immigration is illegal. This is definitional. No leader in a constitutional republic is allowed to just declare an illegal activity legal. Newsom has given generous welfare benefits to illegal immigrants. His policies purposely encourage more illegal immigration. The reason for this is simple. Illegals overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Rather than engaging in better policies to make voters happy, Newsom just imports new voters.

Although it is illegal for illegal immigrants to vote, Newsom has deliberately eliminated voter integrity safeguards.

He declares any opposition to illegal immigrants to be based on race. The issue is one of laws. Elder does not support California being a sanctuary state.

Newsom has created a two-tiered system where illegal immigrants are actually treated better than citizens. Illegal immigrants are exempt from many of his Covid mandates. In an attempt to gain more new Democrat voters, Newsom has sacrificed public safety and public health. This is in direct contravention of state and federal law because again, illegal immigration is illegal.

5) $5 Gas prices —

Newsom is a radical environmentalist. His climate change obsession is not based on science. His green agenda is a giant power grab along the lines of his Covid emergency power grab. He seeks to put the oil and coal industries out of business. He has starved Central Valley farmers of water. His anti-controlled burn policies have exacerbated the devastation caused by California wildfires. Yet the most destructive radical green policy is Newsom’s endless increasing taxes on gasoline. Gasoline has topped $5 per gallon in the state, a devastating tax on the middle class and working class. Newsom has vowed to continue these destructive policies at an exponential rate. Newsom has a personal driver. He does not have to suffer the pain at the gas pump.

Larry Elder has vowed to repeal the craziest radical environmental policies.

He understands the balance between having a beautiful environment and a thriving small business middle class. Environmental regulations have gone overboard, driving many small businesses either out of state or out of business. Newsom is utterly indifferent to the suffering his environmental policies have wrought. He believes his cause is righteous rather than destructive. Of all the harmful environmental policies, the various gasoline taxes must go first.

6) Endless Covid lockdowns —

Like many on the left, Newsom’s solution to every problem he creates is to give himself more power. Newsom assumed emergency Covid powers and repeatedly extended them in direct violation of the California Constitution. Newsom’s lockdowns and mandates have been cruel and counter-productive. He has threatened more lockdowns, more mask mandates, and even vaccine mandates. Elder opposes all of these policies. Newsom keeps insisting that his actions are about public safety, but his own behavior belies his actions.

While Californians were under his strict lockdown and mask mandates, he and his liberal friends had dinner at an indoor restaurant where the minimum plate is $350 per person. Newsom and his guests maskless. Newsom declared indoor dining illegal and then dined indoors. He is one of many liberal leaders in California and around the country who have repeatedly been caught privately violating lockdowns and mandates they publicly claim to support.

Newsom’s lockdowns have destroyed small businesses.

Many went out of business permanently. Newsom has threatened Californias with more lockdowns and mandates if they do not comply with his current edicts. Elder has vowed to end all lockdowns and mask mandates statewide. Elder is pro-vaccine but anti-vaccine mandates. He has gotten the Covid vaccine himself but supports the right of individuals to make their own medical choices.

The states with the strictest Covid lockdowns and mandates are doing the worst.

The states that rejected lockdowns and mandates are doing better. Covid is terrible, but taking away the freedoms of 60 million Californians is not the answer. The lockdowns failed. Forcing people to stay indoors.  Children wearing masks for long stretches of time is a direct threat to their health. Forcing people to be vaccinated against their will is a violation of their civil, constitutional, and human rights.

Newsom believes that public safety is an excuse to violate individual liberties. His argument is typical of leftism, that the ends justify the means. The ends have never justified the means. Elder is right to try and balance public safety without stripping individuals of their God-given and constitutional rights.

7) Pitting people against each other —

In a desperate attempt to save his job, Newsom and his supporters have turned into racial arsonists. They have slandered Elder as the “black face of white supremacy.” Elder is a proud black man who has conservative solutions to problems. Rather than admit that the differences are ideological, Newsom has thrown $5 gasoline on a racial fire.

Recent pro-Newsom rallies have featured race-baiting demagogues Kamala Harris and Liz Warren.

Newsom has given preferential treatment to violent leftist movements Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They are allowed to burn cities, businesses, and neighborhoods largely without consequences. They get a free pass because Newsom supports their leftist ideology.

Newsom is now waging war on unvaccinated people.

He and President Joe Biden have both referred to Covid as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Newsom is also attacking Trump supporters, even though Trump has not made one single appearance in California in support of the recall. Newsom has tried to link Trump supporters to “anti-vaxxers” despite evidence that many unvaccinated Californians are black Democrats. These black Democrats are distrustful of government and vaccines going back to the Tuskegee experiment.

Newsom obsessively “otherizes” people.

By marginalizing people he hates, he subjects them to harassment, bullying, and even physical violence. The pro-Newsom zealot who threw eggs at Elder is barely one step removed from the pro-Bernie Sanders zealot who shot Congressman Steve Scalise. Newsom’s incendiary rhetoric demonizing anyone who disagrees with him has led to direct physical violence by leftists against conservatives.

Rather than admit that this ideological bigotry and violence exists, Newsom’s answer is to support policies that increase the violence. Again, restricting private gun ownership and chopping police budgets have the direct effect of emboldening the criminals at the expense of the victims. Newsom perpetuates this system because he likes the attackers and hates those trying to defend themselves. He pits people against each other because it keeps him in power and causes harm to his perceived enemies.

Rich white leftists are determined to keep Newsom in power to continue his destructive policies.

They know the policies are destructive. They simply do not care. If ordinary people die, that is a small price to pay for their leftist revolution that harms others while they stay in their safe-gated communities.

The recall election is between those who want to reverse human suffering and those who are indifferent to it. Newsom has presided over the decline and destruction of the once Golden State. For California to have a chance at revival, Gavin Newsom must be recalled. Otherwise, an emboldened Newsom and his leftist supporters will become even more brazen in their targeting of opponents with political and physical violence.

Recall supporters must be prepared for Newsom to pull out all the stops, legal and illegal.

Expect massive attempts at voter fraud, including the unfortunately legal (in California) tactic of ballot harvesting. Newsom’s unions will show up, with plenty of billy clubs. Newsom has raised $75 million compared to less than $10 million for recall supporters. Big media, big Hollywood, and big tech are solidly behind Newsom.

The recall election is Tuesday, September 14th. Recall supporters have four days to prepare for even more leftist scorched earth tactics ranging from censorship to physical violence. Recall supporters must stay focused. This election is about policy. It is about Newsom’s failed leadership.

Newsom will go kicking and screaming, but if recall proponents do their jobs and make their case, he will go.


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Brooklyn-born, Long Island raised, and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist, and comedian. But he lives for football. Particularly the Raiders.

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Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”