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San Francisco and Los Angeles: A Tale of Two S*itties

Written By | Jun 15, 2019
San Francisco, Los Angeles

Graphic created by Jim Bozeman.

WASHINGTON.  If you are planning a visit to San Francisco or Los Angeles, may we ask why? On a casual walk in downtown San Francisco or Los Angeles, tourists will encounter streets and sidewalks strewn with drug needles, garbage, and feces. Gang activity is high in both cities.

Both cities find themselves saddled with liberal/progressive governmental policies. As one serious result, living conditions for low-income residents of San Francisco and Los Angeles routinely reach toxic levels.

If you insist on touring San Francisco or Los Angeles, AOL offers lists of places to be wary of in both towns.

San Francisco: The City by the Bay
  • San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shit, Poop

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    The Tenderloin on Hyde Street between Turk and O’Farrell Streets. This district is rife with drug dealers, addicts, and the homeless.

  • Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) – Avoid 16th & Mission Station, 24th & Mission Station, Civic Center Station and Lake Merritt Station.
    Potrero Hill is not advised for visitors after businesses have closed for the day.
  • Sunnydale, also known as “Swampy Desert,” is located between McLaren Park and the Cow Palace. It is known for its high crime rate and its run-down housing projects.
  • Bayview was once a thriving shipyard. Today it suffers from unemployment and poverty. It is not an area recommended for tourists.
Los Angeles: City of Angels
  • South Central Los Angeles – Knowledgable locals regard neighborhoods like Watts and Compton as places to seriously avoid. Murders are so common in this area that a study of a 4-mile radius around 108th and Normandie showed 407 murders since 2007.
  • East Los Angeles – Nope, just don’t go there.
  • Venice has a rather robust gang community in the Oakwood area and it is best not to walk alone at night, especially next to a park or the beach.
  • Gang-Plagued Areas – Almost every neighborhood has gang activity, but the worst will show much more graffiti, empty, dilapidated industrial buildings, closed businesses and abandoned cars- all signs of urban blight.
  • Homeless Gathering Points – Skid Row and other sidewalks like it can be some of the most dangerous places in downtown LA. It would be best to avoid walking here at night.
The Wrap

There you have it. Precisely where not to go in San Francisco and Los Angeles. But before leaving, we must repeat the question: Why would you want to go there?

— Headline image: Graphic created by Jim Bozeman.


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