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Robot pooch patrols? Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

Written By | Sep 27, 2020
Robot, Robot Pooch, Robot Canine, China, Iran, Terrorism, Democratic Socialsim, Conan

Boston Dynamics robot. Twitter screen capture.

WASHINGTON. A Canadian Twitter user recently posted a video of what appears to be a Boston Dynamics Spot robot out for an evening stroll down a quiet street. It has all the qualities of a feral dog… and a very creepy one at that. “Hello, friend,” the female driver cheerfully tells the four-legged automaton as she brings her car to a stop. The metal beast turns, appears to snap a photo of her, and continues on its mission.

Like a dog with a bone

Needless to say, the post caused quite a stir in the Twitterverse.

A user calling herself Comrade Star predicts the giddy driver and her friends won’t be so happy when these robots…

“… are walking around with machine guns on their backs… As long as capitalism exists these things will be used to keep us in line.”

Another chimed,

“I don’t think a lot of people understand Boston Dynamics is a military contractor.”

And yet another said,

“We already live in a world where we use drones for airstrikes. I can totally see a future where we use these instead of a SWAT team.”

But the robot set Holly Hein Parker to wondering if the metal beasts might be used to quell America’s current social unrest. And for that eventuality, she offered a solution:

“Defund/cancel robo-k-9-police-scanner-bots and their handlers (cops) and their handler’s handlers (police unions) and big brother and so on and so forth… because it’s going to all keep getting worse and I don’t like the future.”

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Terrorizing a terrorist

It’s clear the youngsters above are getting the same heart-racing, tunnel vision experienced by the late leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

al-Baghdadi, Robot Canine, China, Iran, Terrorism, Democrat Socialism

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. CBS News screen capture.

He surely felt the same shortness of breath and heart palpitations when finding himself cornered at the dark end of a tunnel. Blocking his path to freedom was Conan – a US Military war dog. A proud Belgian Malinois.

Thus trapped, the terrified Baghdadi detonated his explosive vest rather than feel the sharp sting of the canine’s powerful bite. Dogs, you see, are considered impure in Islamic tradition.

Robot, Robot Pooch, Robot Canine, China, Iran, Terrorism, Democratic Socialsim, Conan

Conan the US military dog. Photo: Pentagon.

Rollcall’s John T. Bennett claimed that by announcing al-Baghdadi had “died like a dog,” President Trump showed he wasn’t “all that immersed in the Muslim world’s centuries-old skepticism of the species.”

Bennet then quoted Alan Mikhail, a Yale University professor of history, as saying the mere sight of a dog during prayer has “the power to nullify a pious Muslim’s supplications.”

That suggests Conan did more than strike terror in the heart of al-Baghdadi. He also ate the terrorist’s final heavenly appeal like a juicy, well-marbled chunk of filet mignon. And this just before Baghdadi blew himself to, well, high heaven.

A bite that’s worse than its bark

Imagine the kind of fear generated by the sight of Conan’s metallic facsimile. One containing yards of wiring attached to computer circuit boards, sensors, and cameras. One whose gait gives it an eerie, organic appearance as it walks on all fours.

Now, millennial nincompoops fear robot dogs, bristling with machine guns, will bring order to American cities burning thanks to the likes of radical leftist groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

But it’s likely there’s another, far deeper reason undergirding their fears. According to a survey conducted by Paul McClure of Baylor University:

  • “Technophobes are three times more likely to be fearful of unemployment when compared to others, and nearly three times more likely to fear not having enough money in the future.”
  • “Technophobes have 95 percent greater odds of not being able to stop or control worrying when compared to others, and 76 percent greater odds of feeling as if something awful might happen.”

Such job anxiety will only increase if Sinophile Joe Biden becomes president, returning America to the pre-Trump, bipartisan policy of exporting American jobs to China. With the added benefit of enriching his son Hunter in the bargain. (‘Riding the Dragon’ documentary alleges Biden family self-enrichment from China)

Biden, Mao, China, Communism, Democrats

Speaking of Hunter Biden, his financial benefactor, China, unveiled a robot dog of its own. And this one IS armed with a machine gun.

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According to

“The thigh-high robot… looks like a small assault vehicle, can move quickly and even climb stairs. It is equipped with night vision devices and other observation and detection equipment.”
Robot, Robot Pooch, Robot Canine, China, Iran, Terrorism, Democratic Socialsim, Conan

China’s battle robot the Sharp Claw. Chinese state television screen capture.

The People’s Liberation Army calls its new robot warrior the “Sharp Claw.” Perhaps anxiety-ridden millennials should drop their hatred of capitalism and America long enough to contemplate the calamity that awaits them should a totalitarian capitalist China surpass a democratic socialist, Venezuela-like America.

Then, they’ll have to contemplate the power that comes, as Chairman Mao famously said, from the barrel of a gun. One carried on the backs of Chinese robot dogs.

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