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Project Veritas exposes vaccine dangers with HHS Whistleblower video

Written By | Sep 21, 2021
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Oh what a tangled web we weave…Photo by Chris F from Pexels –

PHOENIX – Project Veritas released the first video of its Covid-19 vaccine investigation. In the video, they interview a Jodi O’Malley, who is a US Health and Human Services Masters prepared Registered Nurse at the local Indian Medical Center. She recently came forward as a whistleblower with both testimony and hidden video evidence exposing side-effects of the Covid-19 vaccine in some of her patients.Many of us had a deep-down feeling that when Joe Biden announced his mandatory vaccine regulations on much of the workers of our nation, all hell was going to break loose.

Now it is. There is an old expression,

“‘Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive.” – Sir Walter Scott
Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field.

Tony Fauci’s web is becoming unraveled!

“A whistleblower is a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within an organization that is either private or public. The Whistleblower Protection Act was made into federal law in the United States in 1989.”

Project Veritas Video: Part One; Part Two – What FDA employee says to Project Veritas is so racist, it has to be a punk

When asked why she came forward, she got emotional as she talked about a coworker that became ill after getting the vaccination. That coworker later died:

“What prompted me to do this was when I was House Supervisor one night, and one of my coworkers had taken the (COVID) vaccine two weeks ago, and she didn’t want to. She went throughout this entire pandemic working in the intensive care unit, which pretty much was a COVID unit,” O’Malley says.

“She didn’t want to take (the COVID vaccine) because of her religious beliefs, and she was coerced into taking it. It’s like nobody — nobody should have to decide between their livelihood, being a part of the team in the hospital,’ or take the [COVID] vaccine,”

O’Malley continues

“I’m not afraid of blowing the whistle because my faith lies in God and not man… You know, like what kind of person would I be if I knew all of this — this is evil at the highest level. You have the FDA, you have the CDC, that are both supposed to be protecting us, but they are under the government, and everything that we’ve done so far is unscientific.”

Transcript of the first video of Project Veritas opening:

Dr. Maria Gonzales, ER Doctor, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

“The government doesn’t want to show the darn vaccine is full of sh*t!”

Jodi O’Malley, RN, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

“And now you got this guy in room four who got his second dose of vaccine on Tuesday who has been short of breath.” (Referring to a 30-something-year-old patient experiencing congestive heart failure after receiving one Covid-19 vaccine.)


“He’s got probably myocarditis!”




“All of this is bullshit.”


“Now probably myocarditis due to the vaccine… But now, they’re not going to blame the vaccine.”


“Well, and you know what, but he has an obligation to report that, doesn’t he?”


“They are not reporting.”




“Because they want to shove it under the mat (rug).”


“The problem in here is they are not doing the studies. People that had it and the people that have been vaccinated, they’re not doing any antibody testing.”


“It’s super fishy.”

Dr. Dale McGee, ER Doctor, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

“It is not that it hasn’t been done. It hasn’t been published, that’s why.”


“It hasn’t probably been done because the government doesn’t want to show that darn vaccine is full of sh*t.”

In another later part of the video, we see and hear this exchange:

James O’Keefe, Project Veritas:

“Were there other instances that they didn’t report?”


“Oh, I’ve seen dozens of people come in with adverse reactions.”


“Was one of the ones you saw a fifteen-year-old with blood clots?”


“Yes. So, I was, um, just covering a nurse. Um, he was in here with bilateral PE’s, but he’s fine. And I am like, okay. So he wasn’t on oxygen or anything like that. ‘Was he vaccinated?’ And she was like, ‘I don’t know.’ So then I looked in the chart, and he was. He had the Pfizer vaccine at the end of July, and he was due for his second dose. So this is essentially two to three weeks later. (Reading Patient Chart) ‘Most likely cause hypoxia. Unusual PE at this age, unclear etiology PE.’ They don’t know why he got it.”


“So how do we know, or how do you know, the blood clots are the result of the Covid vaccine?”


“Because this is a fifteen-year-old, average weight, healthy, child. No reason for him to have a blood clot.

The four thoughts that come to mind after watching this video:

1. All the lawyers suing Biden’s Administration over vaccine mandates for millions of employees impacted who do not want to take the vaccine have received a blessing from God by Jodi O’Malley coming forward.
2. Congress now has a duty and obligation to open up a Congressional Investigation into the entire matter of the Covid-19 pandemic and related vaccines and Tony Fauci’s involvement in both of them.
3. Perhaps this video will get more whistleblowers to come forward and let Americans know the truth of what is going on in this matter.
4. Any parents thinking of getting their young children vaccinated for Covid-19 will, hopefully, now think twice.

Project Veritas is asking for more whistleblowers like Jodi O’Malley to come forward with information on the Covid-19 vaccine side effects. Contact Project Veritas by email.

Additional videos exposing government health agencies and Big Pharma crimes against humanity will be released by Project Veritas imminently.

Who is Project Veritas:

Mr. James O’Keefe established project Veritas in 2010. It is a non-profit journalism enterprise to continue its undercover reporting work. Project Veritas has a mission to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in public and private institutions. Their goal is to achieve a more ethical and transparent society and to engage in litigation to protect, defend and expand human and civil rights secured by law. Project Veritas is explicitly interested in First Amendment rights, including promoting the free exchange of ideas in a digital world. They will combat and defeat censorship of any ideology, promote truthful reporting, and defend freedom of speech and association issues, including the right to anonymity. Mr. O’Keefe serves as the CEO and Chairman of the Board. He leads fellow journalists as he protects and nurtures the Project Veritas culture.

Project Veritas is a registered 501(c)3 organization always in need of donations.

And, as they say per their website, “Project Veritas does not advocate specific resolutions to the issues raised through its investigations.”




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Mark Schwendau

Mark Schwendau is a Christian conservative patriot and retired technology professor (CAD-CAM and web development) who prides himself on his critical thinking ability. Schwendau has had a long sideline of newspaper editorial writing where he used the byline, “- bringing little known facts to people who simply want to know the truth.” Mark is on alternative free speech social media platforms after lifetime bans from Facebook and Twitter and shadow bans from Instagram and Fox News commenting. His website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech