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Power blackouts? Censorship? Insurrection Act? Fourth Turning?

Written By | Jan 13, 2021
Insurrection Act, power blackouts, censorship

Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with

WASHINGTON — While Washington’s political chaos continues to accelerate, and while censorship efforts proliferate, persistent counter-rumors continue to surface. They allege that strange things are afoot around the globe. Earlier this week, the buzz mill excitedly noted that either widespread or localized (your choice) power blackouts happened around the same time in Pakistan, Italy, Germany (Frankfurt or Berlin, depending on the story) and Canada (in Québec City according to some.) Is something afoot? Has President Trump secretly put the Insurrection Act into play. Is the Fourth Turning at hand?

Let’s try to cut through the clutter as we try to extract truths from rumors.

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New York’s infamous Boss Tweed keeps an eye on those votes and who counts them. Cartoon by Thomas Nast, now in the public domain.

As with the coordinated vote-counting shutdowns, weird coincidences result in deep suspicions

In matters related or unrelated to the above, US /Canada border crossings are under much tighter scrutiny this week. Ditto flights in and out of several East Coast airports. Recent airline incidents also show that if you wear a MAGA hat on your flight, this “macro-aggression” may get you tossed off the plane. Antifa masks and BLM shirts, however, are still not a problem.

The Coast Guard is also allegedly on high alert for any suspicious yachts or boats hightailing it out of US waters, likely for destinations south. (Problem is, they’re always on high alert due to the sheer mass of drug trafficking that occurs by sea.) Oh, and Airbnb has just announced it won’t be booking any rooms in Washington, D.C. for Inauguration weekend. Wouldn’t want any of those MAGA “rioters” to re-enter the city. Even though “unorganized” Antifa thugs are likely even now bunking in safe houses in the District.

The unifying story swirling around these various anecdotes (many of which have actually occurred) is this: The US and / or local forces are pursuing individuals – particularly in Italy and / or Germany. These individuals are alleged to have materially contributed to the obvious but almost universally denied (by Democrats and the partisan media) theft of Election 2020 for Joe Biden. The numerous, near-simultaneous power blackouts supposedly are secret efforts to obtain critical information on the election issues. Such government and individual targets now allegedly include the Vatican and the Successor to St. Peter.

Et tu, Francis?

The latter story, while seemingly outrageous, at least seems partially credible. After all, the current Pope – Francis – at every opportunity has revealed himself to be either a Marxist and / or a secret Peronista who hates the United States and particularly President Trump. He has publicly emphasized his support for climate change and open borders while frequently neglecting his arguably more important pastoral duties. And whatever happened to the reforms he promised to bring to the scandalously corrupt Vatican Bank? For the most part: crickets.

He also thinks Americans are way too wealthy and would like them (voluntarily, I presume?) to redistribute that wealth to the world’s kleptocrats. Making things worse, his support for antidemocratic and globalist causes has seemed far stronger than his support for the teachings of Jesus Christ throughout his destructive papacy.* Tying the Vatican in to the stolen 2020 election is a great story. But there are two problems with it. First, I can find nearly zero confirmation for the tie-in. And second, it only adds fuel to America’s much-diminished but still living antagonism toward the Catholic Church; and worse, toward the Washington Establishment’s outright hostility to Christianity in general.

What’s real? What’s rumor?

The torrent of news on international power blackouts, border and Vatican news (or rumors) unleashed over the past weekend seems somehow tied in with the largely suppressed US election fraud brouhaha. At least that’s what many  frustrated Patriots think. Upon close examination, I have to provisionally conclude that the various power blackouts did happen. But most of what’s being associated with them is likely either exaggerated or false. Things can always change. But this seems to be the current reality. Drawing hard conclusions from suspicious power blackouts is looking more every day like MAGA confirmation bias. Sometimes power blackouts are due to poor management of local power grids. Most American know all about this.

Another sad reality: Denounced and ridiculed by the big city machine Democrats who likely caused it, the massively fraudulent Election 2020 story came to an official end after Congress, voted to accept the rigged electoral college vote. They chose to ignore even to allow formal debates on the competing slate of electors (reluctantly) forwarded by several swing state legislatures.

Those Georgia elections…

Now, add to this the obviously compromised pair of Georgia Senate elections – both of which went to wildly unsuitable Democrat candidates as I predicted. After all, the same fraudulent election mechanisms and personnel that robbed Trump voters on November 3 remained in place. Not fraudulent, you say? Then show us all the tabulated votes. Prove to us you’re latest elections were on the level, Georgia. After all, if they were, what have you got to hide? Embarrass your opponents. Show us the votes, the machine tabulations. The real ones, not the virtual reality ones. What have you got to hide if you’re telling the truth? (More crickets.)

The provable facts as they currently stand

As Trump supporters wait for hell to freeze over, consider this. Even given all the provable facts, sworn statements, damning videos and mathematical shenanigans, including the instant, magical reversals of Trump votes to Biden votes, we now know one thing with virtually 98% certainty. Both the legislative and executive branches will be under the firm control of increasingly hard-left, Marxist-tainted Democrats on January 20. Week-kneed fake Republicans will help them.

Elsewhere, despite its alleged “conservative” majority, the Supreme Court, under Chief Justice John Roberts has never bothered to read the evidence of this fraud, meaning, as defined by the corrupt media, that the Trump campaign’s attorneys are spreading mere rumors. “Without evidence.” This will remain a constant for at least the next two years.

power blackouts, censorthip

Is Chief Justice John Roberts really a clone of former Justice David Souter? (US government image, in the public domain.)

What’s wrong with Chief Justice Roberts?

Even worse, Roberts, perhaps coerced by some yet unknown threat from the Democrat left, has morphed into a clone of former Associate Justice David Souter. This supposedly conservative Bush I appointee seemed to vote with the liberal-left justices about 105% of the time. Problematically, I suspect that the judicial branch has been terrorized behind the scenes by the now completely open Marxist dictatorship that looms under the Democrats. The Supremes and appellate judges are, for the most part, trying to behave themselves so the court won’t get packed by Pelosi and her fellow crooks. Which I suspect will happen anyway.

Lesson #1 over the past 5 years should be now be obvious. Never give in to these leftist bastards, since it only encourages them to take another bite out of Americans’ freedom. The original Tea Partiers — and indeed, the most recent ones — knew they’d pay the price for this. But they resisted tyranny because it was the right thing to do. Sadly, it looks like it’s our turn now.

The new Twitter logo? (Satirical version of original logo, fair use.)

Here comes the social networking Iron Curtain!

Adding icing to this grimly dystopian Marxian-Gramscian-Alinskyite cake: The rapid, thorough and obviously pre-planned deplatforming –without advance warning – of any and all conservative / libertarian sites, users, channels and platforms by Silicon Valley giants Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter and now Amazon. The accounts of President Trump, along with likely 50% or more of Twitter accounts have been wiped out. Large numbers of Facebook accounts, sadly including all the #WalkAway pages have been unceremoniously 86’d.

Amazon, whose servers have hosted the wildly popular answer to Twitter, Parler, removed that site from its server farm Sunday evening. The Bezos crew gave them less than 24 hours to find somewhere else to live. Which, of course, due to the complexity of such shifts, is impossible, short term. Which, in turn, will put the madly popular alternative social networking site out of business for at least a week, or perhaps more. (UPDATE: Threat now carried out. So we have no viable link to Parler, which is now searching for a safe server farm somewhere.)

Other popular conservative / libertarian sites bounce back, but all should be on guard

We should note that, with only about 3 weeks’ warning, the ownership of another hosting service gave popular conservative site Conservative Treehouse its walking papers in November. This site has been around for at least 10 years. That meant that its enormous amount of material would be tough to move to new servers on a new hosting service. But they were able to accomplish the move without skipping a beat.

The switch largely occurred without glitches, a real tribute to the technical know-how they brought to bear. And to the fact they’d been planning for just such an attack over the past several years, as the tyranny of Big Tech continued to rise without opposition from Congress. Likely due to heavy funding of Democrat campaigns by the mega-wealthy scions of Silicon Valley. (Maybe Pope Francis should ask these guys to tithe their earnings and send them to the Vatican.)

Prior to the failed deplatforming of Conservative Treehouse, another conservative / libertarian refuge, Gab – distrusted by some skeptics over the past few years due to false rumors and its owner’s Christian beliefs – was also dumped by their hosting service. But they were nearly as well prepared as the Treehouse. They managed to rebuild and get back on line by taking the extreme step of hosting this hugely growing service on their own servers. Not a bad idea.

(Note: Gab link may prove dreadfully slow. Conservative social networkers are flocking here and to other friendly sites in massive numbers, and servers on these growing sites are not yet up to handling the traffic.)

Citizen Free Press disappears. And returns…

I noted a couple of days ago that the crudely formatted (à la the late, lamented Drudge Report) but highly useful conservative blog and site aggregation site, Citizen Free Press, had vanished entirely from the internet. Two or three days ago, after doing my daily missing website searches, I found it back up again. Sure enough, they told us they’d been kicked off their servers with scarcely any warning, just like Parler. Again, though, they may have been better prepared. Plus, they’re a fairly recent internet presence and may not have had a lot of data to carry over.

At any rate, they were back, elsewhere, in just under 48 hours. You can read the triumphant executive summary of their return right here, along with a headline graphic suitable for framing.

Are the Silicon Valley Robber Barons moving in for the kill? Do P&L statements matter anymore?

Clearly, the earlier purges of Gab, Conservative Treehouse, and now Parler – whose smartphone apps were also removed by the Apple and Android stores – amount to a dry run for the mass purge still going on by Facebook and Twitter.

In the case of the latter two, you wonder what these people are thinking. The nation is still evenly split between people who love repressing free speech and those who are being repressed. Yet Twitter, in particular, owes much of its business to President Trump’s constant avalanche of provocative tweets, along with the back and forth they cause. These accounts, trolls, and the President himself may have amounted to 50% or even more of Twitter’s user base. So why would you flip the bird at this gigantic user base if you’re trying to build an ever-bigger monopoly in the social networking business?

I can think of only two answers. Either Twitter management figures that their socialist friends will compensate Twitter for its losses, making it part of the left-wing propaganda mill, which it already is. Or they – and Facebook, Apple, et. al., and their government and media friends – all have something very big and very bad to hide.

About that Capitol Hill “riot” and its likely planned followup

Which brings us back to the Capitol Hill “riot,” the left-wing media “narrative,” the Deep State acts of sedition and treason and the war that’s been waged against President Trump since before his campaign. And, of course, those mysterious blackouts that apparently happened, on a virtually coordinated basis, over the past 24 hours.

Is there a unifying story behind all these related or unrelated events? The rumor / fact mill thinks there is. Seemingly good sources claim that President Trump early Sunday did what most in this corrupt city thought was impossible or improbable. He allegedly signed the Insurrection Act and is about to bring a vast horde of miscreants out in the open and subject to prosecution.

Which could only mean that the takedown of America’s greatest threat in 70 years – a totalitarian, one party state to replace our democratic republic – is about to begin.

Or that’s the current story. If true, this would bring joy to the hearts of most if not all real American patriots. Perhaps even old-style liberals.

Unfortunately, it’s increasingly likely that this longed-for MAGA triumph is nothing more than sheer confirmation bias. That’s something not unknown on either side of the aisle during the incessant and contentious multi-year political battle that’s obsessed the nation over the past few years. And actually, well before.

Fourth Turning

Copy of dust jacket from The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe.

What lies ahead? More censorship? The Fourth Turning?

Personally, I still think that the well-funded left wing and international plan to destroy the United States and institute globalism led by the world’s oligarchs – in reality, a New Feudalism – has been building over many years. This relentlessly advancing scheme was and still is unimaginably wide and deep. For that reason, I tend to put my fast-dwindling cash  on these likelihood that these despicable crooks are on the verge of winning the whole game. And the equally greedy but gutless media is manipulating this particular confirmation bias in that direction.

Clearly, the old certain certainties no longer hold in 2021. As Yeats poetically observed, we’re in a situation where “the center cannot hold.” And it won’t. We’re probably in the Fourth Turning, an era with a great potential for violence, upheaval and national unraveling. We’ve previewed this potential before. We’re seeing it again, in miniature, on January 6, 2021. That fake “riot” in Washington was merely a setup for a far more extensive trap being set against the MAGA Majority. We’ll be writing more about this soon. In the meantime, check CDN’s current assessment of this latest left-wing scam here.

Most of us aren’t really players in the upcoming Game of Thrones, which looks like a very serious endgame indeed. The Winter isn’t even coming. It’s here. Fingers crossed that the good guys actually win. But you know how that epic cable TV tale concluded.

As for this week and next: If the upcoming attempted mass erasure of our free speech rights comes to pass, what we’ve been witnessing since November 2020 will prove only to have been an unpleasant appetizer.


Notes, footnotes:

NOTE: See our previous article on these topics here, in order to get a fuller picture of what’s going on, most of which never gets reported. CDN will be posting additional related articles all week by our other great writers.

NOTE 2: If this and my predecessor article seem a bit convoluted, both of them are. Real and fake information has been coming in so fast over the last several days that it’s almost impossible to shape it into more polished prose. Or, at times, to efficiently separate the wheat from the chaff. Events, facts and factoids change radically and constantly while we’re writing and editing. To keep up with it, you just have to post at some point, sometimes posting raw data points. It’s unfortunate.  If we get something wrong, we’ll tell you.

* Sorry Catholics. Nothing personal. I’m a Catholic, too. And I’ve been disgusted with the Church’s largely hypocritical hierarchy for decades. Like the Democrats, they preach a good story to the Church Militant. But they infrequently follow their own spiritual guidance.

– Headline image: Cartoon by Garrison. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with


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