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Political Science Fiction: Choosing Star Trek over Star Wars

Written By | Jul 31, 2021
Star Trek, Star Wars, Democrats, Republicans

The multi-racial, multi-species, sexually diverse bridge crew of the Star Trek Discovery

In George Lucas’s Star Wars saga the battle is for power and control. Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, however, is the story of seeking peace and humanity in the universe. Star Wars is a story of a never-ending battle for supremacy, and the goal of turning all denizens of the galaxy to the Dark Side – slaves to a government order.

We are now living in a Star Wars universe

And the fight is The (good) Rebel Forces vs The (evil) Republic Order.

The saga of a young boy filled with promise who rises to lust for power and control is not new. Think of all the politicians in Washington DC who are elected with promise, but then dive into the swamps?

In Star Wars the angelic Annakin becomes Darth Vadar, due to the lies of the Sith Dark Lord Sidious. Sidious, aka Emperor Palpatine, knows how to control information and manipulate the populace.  And what he can’t do alone, he has the Storm Troopers and Red Guard willing to finish the job, or you.

In order to reach his goals of domination, Sidious promises the young Jedi, Annakin, the knowledge to prevent the death of one he loves. That desire to protect his young wife, Padme, has Annakin turning to the dark side, killing his Jedi mentor Mace Windu and pledging himself to the service of Darth Sidious. Like a RINO turning its back on the Constitution and their oaths to it all due to their hate for Donald Trump.

It is in doing the bidding of the evil Dark Lord that the once Jedi Annakin, the hope of the Rebel Forces, fights Rebel leader Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Annakin being left for dead on the fiery shores of Mustafar. Where he is reborn as Darth Vader through the medical wizardry of Darth Sidious.

Star Wars, Star Trek, Democrats, Republicans

Darth Sidious – Darth Vader – Free Images available at

Star Wars is about the fight, the loss, the quest for power, for good over evil

Comparing politics to Star Wars is easy.  We have the coastal elites fighting to destroy the alien ways of Middle America. The monolithic liberal storm troopers in the media repeating the Democrats talking points as truth.

All to program America into accepting a tyrannical Marxist master. ( We have nothing to fear, but Democrats: Progressives using fear to turn America Marxist)

Just as the Republic Order attempted to destroy the Force that is the Jedi religion during the Great Jedi Purge. Which eerily mirrors the left’s attempt to “deprogram” Trump supporters.

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek exhibits the inclusiveness that normal people want

From the very first ship that sought to go where no man has gone before, the Enterprise, to today’s Discovery, a hallmark of the story is that ships are run by humans, the disabled, Cyborgs, Vulcans, and Klingons living in peace aboard a giant, warp-capable ship.

Star Trek, Star Wars, Democrats, Republicans

The crew Star Trek, The Next Generations under Jean Luc Piccard features Worf, a Klingon, Beverly Crusher, mother and ship’s primary doctor, Number One, Empath Deanna Troy, Geordi, who is blind, Capt. Picard and Data, a cybernetic life form.

Star Trek crews are bursting sentient beings that celebrate the differences in race, religion, and appearance, recognizing the skill of the individual, not the appearance.

Differences are accepted without thought. It is the individual contribution to the mission of peace that matters.

Star Trek, Star Wars, Democrats, Republicans

Star Trek Captains from the first, James T. Kirk to the latest, Saru. In between have been an inclusive mix of leaders including women, and aliens.

The mission of the ships, whether the original Enterprise, with Captain Kirk or the latest, Discovery, with Captain Saru, being scientific exploration and the survival of species and their homelands.

Star Trek has had its villains – The Borg, Romulans, and the psychotic and violent war criminal Khan.  To name but a few. But at the end of every story is hope.  Hope for a better world, a more equitable world where people work to end misery, hunger, and loss.

Two very different groups of space aliens and humans buzzing around the galaxy. 

Sort of like the Democrats vs. the Republicans.  Democrats, while claiming to be of the higher intelligence and power, like Palpatine, are actually seeking to destroy everything that is good in their quest for power.

Their desire to destroy every bit of light and joy in the universe.

MAGA Republicans are like Star Trek

They are trying hard to find ways to save the people and the planet they inhabit. They are inclusive, comfortable with their mixed-race neighbor family next door. Well most of them, at least. We have our Khans, psychopathic and violent war criminals who will risk everything to gain revenge on their enemies.  Folks like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger come to mind for those roles.

But the goal of the MAGA movement among Republicans is to make this universe we inhabit, America, great.

To keep America great and return the power of the government to the states and the people.  To allow the Enterprise that is America to flourish. And for the individual the ability to seek out the American dream, not squash it like a Tribble.

All things that Democrats stand against.

Democrats stand against protecting our homeland by not only opening our border to Mexican, Central, and South American immigrants (illegal). But also allowing those same immigrants (illegal) to infiltrate our communities and schools while spreading the deadly COVID among our citizenry.  (Three in 10 illegal immigrants in ICE custody decline COVID vaccine:)

According to the New York Post, by Samuel Chamberlain

“Almost a third of illegal immigrants in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have refused the opportunity to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

Fox News, citing an ICE official, confirmed an Axios report from last week that the vaccine declination rate in all detention centers is 30 percent.

ICE reported 1,376 COVID-19 cases among inmates currently in custody as of Wednesday. The total number of inmates held by ICE stood at 27,067 as of the week ending July 16.

According to the ICE data, 1,095 COVID-19 cases (79.5 percent of the total) were recorded in facilities overseen by field offices in San Antonio, El Paso, Houston, Phoenix and San Diego. Another 69 cases have been recorded at six hotels that are being used as temporary migrant facilities.”

And lest we forget, the number of cartel members and terrorists that are sneaking across the border, not just from the south but also persons from around the world.  Including China, Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen, and Somalia, to name but a few. (Immigrants From Over 75 Countries Illegally Crossing U.S. Border)

And as we know, the Biden administration is flying these illegal immigrants to a neighborhood near you as though they are Democrat legislatures fleeing the Texas legislative sessions. The largest super spreader events leading to COVID infections – moving the elderly into blue state nursing homes by Governors Cuomo and Whitmer, allowing mass illegal immigration into the United States and the Texas legislatures – all Democrat enabled.

And because the Democrats care little for the people of this world, Biden opens our southern border, not to those seeking amnesty from a religious or political prosecution, but those seeking to live in America and take advantage of American largess.

And Biden slams the door shut on 27 Cuban refugees seeking to escape communism, returning them back to Cuba where they will be detained, and probably killed by Castro Communists.

You might as well execute those poor people. When you’re sending them back to the island, they’ll be executed anyway. Why not bring them back to US shores? Oh, wait, Cubans vote against communism, and the current administration can’t have that interference.

— John Lupusor (@JohnLupusor) July 29, 2021

Our very own Darth Sidious, Joe Biden, and his minions including Nancy Pelosi are demanding a return to mask mandates and “mitigation efforts”

Biden et al are now threatening a return to our loss of liberty despite the fact that they have still not given the American people any transparency as to the COVID origin. Democrats actively fought to not allow President Trump full disclosure and to protect Dr. Fauci. They are keeping Americans ignorant of the origin and the “gain of function” research that created COVID.

Democrats and the mainstream media and Big Tech social media fought against any information that was counter to their narrative.  Including the use of Hydroxychloroquine as an effective therapeutic.

Despite the fact it would at the least reduce the severity of the infection, and at best save lives.

Recently results of a 2,500-person study published by the Henry Ford COVID-19 Task Force found among those who received hydroxychloroquine, the mortality was 13.5%. This compares to those who received none of the studied drugs, among whom the mortality was 26.4%.

And yet, the Biden Administration, along with empress Pelosi feels that they can once again shove mask mandates down the throats of American citizens and our at-risk children. (Big Tech and the MSM: Furthering the side effects of COVID confusion)

America needs to return to the vision of Start Trek

Gene Rodenberry introduced us to the Star Trek universe in 1966.  Roddenberry was a veteran of World War II, a B-17 bomber pilot. The 1966 television show pilot introduced us to a multi-cultural, multiracial cast, presenting a positive image of people and aliens working together. In their first season the show’s episode “Taste for Armageddon” was allegorical to the Vietnam War. Rodenberry also wrote shows that touched on the Cold War with Russia and the Civil Rights movement.

With Star Trek featuring the first interracial kiss, between Captain Kirk and Uhura, the communications officer.

In this video, historians and writers discuss the landmark decision.

While both Star Wars and Star Trek have their passionate followings, it is Star Trek that envisioned a better world based on explorations and the gathering of knowledge. This is what we should be concentrating on in America today.

But we are a long way off it seems.  Democrats continue to foster division between Americans based on race, religion, and socio-economic status.  Liberals take the power from the states and become a lording Darth Sidious. They imprison people for protesting the January 6 election, elevating the crime of trespassing to that of felony internet.  The Democrat-run Capitol Police kill an unarmed woman without warning and then bury the name of the shooter and then begin opening Gestapo offices across the country.  (The USCP and the rise of America’s Secret State Police)

Biden and Harris show their disdain for the people of America, and those crossing the borders, as they ignore the humanitarian disaster wreaking havoc on us today.

As Gene Roddenberry might say, “Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life here anymore.”


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