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Perfect storm brews in Portland Maine, as Mayor, Council welcome illegals

Written By | Jun 3, 2019
illegal immigrants, perfect storm, maine, portland

Lighthouse, storm coming. Public domain image via Pixabay, CC license 0.0.

PORTLAND, Me.  It appears that storm clouds are gathering over Portland Maine. Perfect storm clouds of illegal immigrants.

One definition of a perfect storm: A particularly bad or critical state of affairs, arising from a number of negative and unpredictable events.

Currently, there are three major factors leading up to the storm in Portland. All three involve illegal immigration:

  1. Portland has had an incredible influx of illegal immigrants over the last few years.
  2. Immigrants are supported by a heavily strained, taxpayer-funded city welfare system.
  3. City officials are encouraging the situation while being unable to provide satisfactory solutions to the problems they have created.
Evidence for the perfect storm clouds gathering in Portland

Some recent headlines tell the story:

State representative calls Portland ‘a magnet for illegal immigrants’ at GOP convention
Asylum seekers travel to Portland in droves, overwhelming city services Portland Press Herald
Portland mayor: ‘If Trump wants to send more immigrants our way, bring them on’
Bangor Daily News
Strimling calls for more illegal immigrants to Portland in response to President Trump’s tweets
The Maine Examiner
Mayor and councilor pushing to give non-citizens the right to vote in Portland
Portland Press Herald
Portland to continue providing General Assistance to most immigrantsPortland Press Herald

As a result, the current successive waves of illegals are creating serious problems for Portland. To clarify the issue, a Portland Press Herald reporter provided details in a late 2018 article.

“Portland is attracting the newcomers in part, at least, because the city and state are among the few that offer shelter and financial assistance to the immigrants while their asylum cases are being processed.

“The arrival of so many asylum seekers in need of support and basic necessities has overwhelmed local services, including the city’s emergency shelter for homeless families. Families are now filling overflow spaces, sleeping on floor mats in a converted gymnasium and cafeteria. Those arriving through the southern border have added to an increased number of other asylum seekers, forcing the city to add staffing and using up funds set aside for basic assistance.

“Immigration advocates say there are not enough volunteer attorneys to keep up with the swelling caseload, causing some desperate asylum seekers to jeopardize their applications by relying on other immigrants to help with the complicated legal process.”

Consequently, it’s hard to predict what will happen in Portland’s perfect storm. However,  it’s easy to predict that there will be one. Let’s think this one through.

Like our friends do below.

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illegal immigrants, perfect storm, maine, portland

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Lede Image: Lighthouse, storm coming. Public domain image via Pixabay, CC license 0.0.  Photographer Molly Rose Lee


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